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The subterranean fauna of a biodiversity hotspot region - Portugal: an overview and its conservation

Author(s): Reboleira Ana Sofia P.S. | Borges Paolo A.V. | Gonçalves Fernando | Serrano Artur R.M. | Oromi Pedro
Minerogenesis of volcanic caves of Kenya.

Author(s): Forti Paolo | Galli Ermanno | Rossi Antonio
The origin of tubular lava stalactites and other related forms

Author(s): Kevin Allred | Carlene Allred
Volcanic caves: priorities for conserving the Azorean endemic troglobiont species

Author(s): Borges Paulo A.V. | Cardoso Pedro | Amorim Isabel R. | Pereira Fernando | Constância João P. | Nunes João C. | Barcelos Paulo | Costa Paulino | Gabriel Rosalina | Dapkevicius Maria de Lurdes

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