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Modeling iodide – iodate speciation in atmospheric aerosol

Author(s): S. Pechtl | G. Schmitz | R. von Glasow
Growth and characterization of HgI2, PbI2 and PbI2:HgI2 layered semiconductors

Author(s): Manoel E.R. | Custódio M.C.C. | Guimarães F.E.G. | Bianchi R.F. | Hernandes A.C.
Temperature Behavior of Exciton Absorption Bands in PbI2 Layer Crystals

Author(s): V. Kramar | N. Kramar | B. Nitsowich
Optical Spectra Calculations in Layer Semiconductor 2H-PbI2

Author(s): N. Kramar | V. Kramar | B. Nitsovich
The small molecule curcumin analog FLLL32 induces apoptosis in melanoma cells via STAT3 inhibition and retains the cellular response to cytokines with anti-tumor activity

Author(s): Bill Matthew | Fuchs James | Li Chenglong | Yui Jennifer | Bakan Courtney | Benson Don | Schwartz Eric | Abdelhamid Dalia | Lin Jiayuh | Hoyt Dale | Fossey Stacey | Young Gregory | Carson William | Li Pui-Kai | Lesinski Gregory
Implications of TNF, sFas and Apoptosis in Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus

Author(s): M. Hafez | M. EL-Ziny | S. Hawas | Z. EL-Morsy | A. Settin | M. Shokeir | A. R. EL-Hadidy | M. M. Hafez | R. EL-Baz | B. EL-Deek
Radiation-induced effects in PC-3 and DU-145 human prostate cancer cells

Author(s): Vučić Vesna | Nićiforović Ana | Adžić Miroslav | Tišma Nevena | Janković Dragana | Ruždijić Sabera D. | Radojčić Marija B.
An Experimental Evidence of some Lead Iodide Polytypes Compatible with the Dielectric Functions Model

Author(s): Mahmoud A. Hassan | Mousa M. Jafar | Marie Matuchova | Basim N. Bulos
Cellular stress-induced up-regulation of FMRP promotes cell survival by modulating PI3K-Akt phosphorylation cascades

Author(s): Jeon Se | Seo Jung | Yang Sung-Il | Choi Ji | Wells David | Shin Chan | Ko Kwang
8-bromo-7-methoxychrysin-induced apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells involves ROS and JNK

Author(s): Xiao-Hong Yang, Xing Zheng, Jian-Guo Cao, Hong-Lin Xiang, Fei Liu, Yuan Lv
Antistaphylococcal and biofilm inhibitory activities of acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid from Boswellia serrata

Author(s): Raja Alsaba | Ali Furqan | Khan Inshad | Shawl Abdul | Arora Daljit | Shah Bhahwal | Taneja Subhash
Gap energy studied by optical transmittance in lead iodide monocrystals grown by Bridgman's Method

Author(s): Veissid N. | An C.Y. | Silva A. Ferreira da | Souza J.I. Pinto de
Synthesis of two potential NK1-receptor ligands using [1-11C]ethyl iodide and [1-11C]propyl iodide and initial PET-imaging

Author(s): Syvänen Stina | Eriksson Jonas | Genchel Tove | Lindhe Örjan | Antoni Gunnar | Långström Bengt
Prostasome-like vesicles stimulate acrosome reaction of pig spermatozoa

Author(s): Siciliano Laura | Marcianò Vito | Carpino Amalia
Spontaneous apoptosis of melanotic and amelanotic melanoma cells in different phases of cell cycle: relation to tumor growth.

Author(s): Mirosława Cichorek | Krystyna Kozłowska | Małgorzata Wachulska | Katarzyna Zielińska
CdSxSey/TiO2 Solar Cell Prepared with Sintered

Author(s): Karl Kleinermanns | Thorsten Wilke | Daniel Ogermann
CdSxSey/TiO2 Solar Cell Prepared with Sintered

Author(s): Karl Kleinermanns | Thorsten Wilke | Daniel Ogermann
N,N′,N′′-Tricyclohexylguanidinium iodide

Author(s): Farouq F. Said | Basem F. Ali | Darrin Richeson
Microarray analysis of genes associated with cell surface NIS protein levels in breast cancer

Author(s): Beyer Sasha | Zhang Xiaoli | Jimenez Rafael | Lee Mei-Ling | Richardson Andrea | Huang Kun | Jhiang Sissy
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