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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Spacecraft Formation Flying

Author(s): Jinjun Shan | Piotr Wenderski
Huff-type competitive facility location model with foresight in a discrete space

Author(s): Milad Gorji Ashtiani | Ahmad Makui | Reza Ramezanian
Distributed Formation Planning and Navigation Framework for Wheeled Mobile Robots

Author(s): R.M. Kuppan Chetty | M. Singaperumal | T. Nagarajan
A Note on Stackelberg Games and Nash Games

Author(s): Xiaoyan Zhang | Puyan Nie
An Empirical Work on Catch up by the Diffusion of Technology

Author(s): Kahraman Kalyoncu | Huseyin Kalyoncu
A model of relative translation and rotation in leader-follower spacecraft formations

Author(s): Raymond Kristiansen | Esten I. Grøtli | Per J. Nicklasson | Jan T. Gravdahl
Optimized Neuro-fuzzy Coordination for Multiple Four Wheeled Mobile Robots

Author(s): H. Mehrjerdi | M. Saad | J. Ghommam | A. Zerigui
Cooperation of Humanoid Robots using Teleoperation for Transferring an Object

Author(s): Muhammad Usman Keerio | Weimin Zhang | Ali Raza Jafri
Spatial competition and the duration of managerial incentive contracts

Author(s): F. Javier Casado-Izaga | Juan Carlos Bárcena Ruiz
Supply chain coordination under retail competition and advertising dependent demand

Author(s): Mehdi Mirzaee | Ahmad Makui | Ebrahim Manzari Tavakoli

Author(s): Jin-Li Hu | Tsung-Fu Han | Fang-Tai Tseng
Análisis de la integración y dependencia de las políticas monetarias de la Unión Europea

Author(s): González Velasco, María del Carmen | Brinckmann, Roque
A MPCC-NLP Approach for an Electric Power Market Problem

Author(s): Helena Sofia Rodrigues | Maria Teresa Torres Monteiro | António Ismael Freitas Vaz
Game Theory Based Network Security

Author(s): Yi Luo | Ferenc Szidarovszky | Youssif Al-Nashif | Salim Hariri
A Novel Method for Controlling Multi-agent Robot

Author(s): Shadi Montazer Rahmati | Farshad Farhadnia
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