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Focusing on outcomes: Making the most of COPD interventions

Author(s): Noreen M Clark | Julia A Dodge | Martyn R Partridge | Fernando J Martinez
Single-incision total laparoscopic hysterectomy

Author(s): Sinha Rakesh | Sundaram Meenakshi | Mahajan Chaitali | Raje Shweta | Kadam Pratima | Rao Gayatri | Shitut Prachi
The Golden Middle: Aligning Technology, Professional Development, and Learning

Author(s): Allison Goedde | Cynthia D. Bertelsen | John M. Fischer

Author(s): Monica Vladoiu | Zoran Constantinescu
Renal abscess after the Fontan procedure: a case report

Author(s): Mehrotra Anurag | Khanna Pallavi | Kumar Suresh | Abraham Georgi
Six Sigma Methodology Utilization in Telecom Sector for Quality Improvement- A DMAIC Process

Success Results of High Performance and Potential System (HiPPS) Administration of Thai Government Departments

Author(s): ungsinun intarakamhang | Wirin Kittipichai | Chutima Hanpachern | Piyasurang Kuljittiprasit
Effects of erythropoietin on depressive symptoms and neurocognitive deficits in depression and bipolar disorder

Author(s): Miskowiak Kamilla | Vinberg Maj | Harmer Catherine | Ehrenreich Hannelore | Knudsen Gitte | Macoveanu Julian | Hansen Allan | Paulson Olaf | Siebner Hartwig | Kessing Lars
Preventing disease through opportunistic, rapid engagement by primary care teams using behaviour change counselling (PRE-EMPT): protocol for a general practice-based cluster randomised trial

Author(s): Spanou Clio | Simpson Sharon | Hood Kerry | Edwards Adrian | Cohen David | Rollnick Stephen | Carter Ben | McCambridge Jim | Moore Laurence | Randell Elizabeth | Pickles Timothy | Smith Christine | Lane Claire | Wood Fiona | Thornton Hazel | Butler Chris
Measuring Cognition of Students with Disabilities Using Technology-Enabled Assessments: Recommendations for a National Research Agenda

Author(s): Sue Bechard | Jan Sheinker | Rosemary Abell | Karen Barton | Kelly Burling | Christopher Camacho | Renée Cameto | Geneva Haertel | Eric Hansen | Chris Johnstone | Neal Kingston | Elizabeth (Boo) Murray | Caroline E. Parker | Doris Redfield | Bill Tucker
Technology-Enabled and Universally Designed Assessment: Considering Access in Measuring the Achievement of Students with Disabilities—A Foundation for Research

Author(s): Patricia Almond | Phoebe Winter | Renée Cameto | Michael Russell | Edynn Sato | Jody Clarke-Midura | Chloe Torres | Geneva Haertel | Robert Dolan | Peter Beddow | Sheryl Lazarus

Author(s): N. Gheţu | Venera Mihaela Iliescu | Daniela-Emanuela Gheţu | V.I. Ilie | V.G. Ilie | M. Ionac | G. Mihalache | D. Pieptu
Employee performance in the knowledge economy: Capturing the keys to success

Author(s): Rebecca Fauth | Stephen Bevan | Peter Mills
High-Stakes Testing & Student Learning

Author(s): Audrey L. Amrein | David C. Berliner
Introduction of virtual patients onto a final year anesthesia course: Hong Kong experience

Author(s): Joseph YC Leung | Lester AH Critchley | Alex LK Yung | et al
A randomised trial of a psychosocial intervention for cancer patients integrated into routine care: the PROMPT study (promoting optimal outcomes in mood through tailored psychosocial therapies)

Author(s): Turner Jane | Kelly Brian | Clarke David | Yates Patsy | Aranda Sanchia | Jolley Damien | Chambers Suzanne | Hargraves Maryanne | McFadyen Lisa
Back pain outcomes in primary care following a practice improvement intervention:- a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Breen Alan | Carr Eloise | Langworthy Jennifer | Osmond Clive | Worswick Louise
Multifamily Group Psychoeducation and Cognitive Remediation for First-Episode Psychosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Author(s): Breitborde Nicholas | Moreno Francisco | Mai-Dixon Natalie | Peterson Rachele | Durst Linda | Bernstein Beth | Byreddy Seenaiah | McFarlane William
Laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer: The state of the art

Author(s): Carlo Staudacher | Andrea Vignali
Cultural Challenges in Developing E-Learning Content

Author(s): Marianne Amir Azer | Ahmed Mostafa El-Sherbini
Comparing Online Learning with Blended Learning in a Teacher Training Program

Author(s): Susan Kirwin | Julie Swan | Nicholas Breakwell
Market Entry Prediction Competition 2010

Author(s): Wasilios Hariskos | Johannes Leder | Kinneret Teodorescu
The organization and implementation of community-based education programs for health worker training institutions in Uganda

Author(s): Kaye Dan | Mwanika Andrew | Burnham Gilbert | Chang Larry | Mbalinda Scovia | Okullo Isaac | Nabirye Rose | Muhwezi Wilson | Oria Hussein | Kijjambu Stephen | Atuyambe Lynn | Aryeija Warren
Engineering Multiphysics Research

Author(s): Ivana Milanovic | Tom Eppes | Ingrid Russell
A Model for Using Reflection to Enhance Interprofessional Education

Author(s): Yadolah Zarezadeh | Pauline Pearson | Clair Dickinson
Exploring the Potential of Silviculture Agroforestry Regime as a Compatible Management in Southern Gunung Merapi National Park, Java, Indonesia

Author(s): Priyono Suryanto | Mohd.Zaki Hamzah | Azmy Mohamed | Moh.Azani Alias | Nawari Nawari | Wiratno Wiratno
Effectiveness of pharmaceutical therapy of ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in adults – health technology assessment

Author(s): Benkert, Diana | Krause, Klaus-Henning | Wasem, Jürgen | Aidelsburger, Pamela

Author(s): Lili-Gabriela Lozneanu | G. Dimofte | Simona Nicolescu | V. Boboc | E. Tarcoveanu
Haptic Positioning Environment for the Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Author(s): Pedro Santos Pires | Pedro Teodoro | Jorge Martins | José Sá da Costa
OpenBologna: a strategic instrument for integrating students in curriculum development

Author(s): Katharina Schuster | Ursula Bach | Anja Richert | Sabina Jeschke
Perinatal Asphyxia

Author(s): Shajari H
Internal evaluation in Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): A Rabbani | F Farzianpour | Gh Zamani | A Zeinaloo | H Shajari
Psychosocial determinants of irritable bowel syndrome

Author(s): Teodora Surdea-Blaga | Adriana Băban | Dan L Dumitrascu

Social Context as an Indirect Trigger in EFL Contexts: Issues and Solutions

Author(s): Reza Gholami | Sharifah Zainab Abd Rahman | Ghazali Mustapha
Short Answer Questions or Modified Essay questions – More Than a Technical Issue

Author(s): Susanna M. Wallerstedt | Gudrun Erickson | Sven Wallerstedt
Modelling Influenza Vaccination Outcomes

Author(s): Branko Vitale | Natasa Sarlija | Ljiljana Trtica-Majnaric
Modelling Influenza Vaccination Outcomes

Author(s): Branko Vitale | Natasa Sarlija | Ljiljana Trtica-Majnaric
Learning the Related Mathematics to Cryptography by Interactive Way

Author(s): Mohamed Salim Trigui | Daniyal M. Alghazzawi
Assessment of outcome of an ADHD treatment program using parent feedback

Author(s): Hemamali Perera | Kamal Chandima Jeewandara | Sudharshi Seneviratne | Chandima Guruge
ICT Tools for Implementation the European Qualification Framework in the Agricultural Sector

Author(s): Miklós Herdon | Róbert Szilágyi | László Várallyai
Cognition, behaviour and academic skills after cognitive rehabilitation in Ugandan children surviving severe malaria: a randomised trial

Author(s): Bangirana Paul | Allebeck Peter | Boivin Michael | John Chandy | Page Connie | Ehnvall Anna | Musisi Seggane
Implementing knowledge into practice for improved neonatal survival; a cluster-randomised, community-based trial in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam

Author(s): Wallin Lars | Målqvist Mats | Nga Nguyen | Eriksson Leif | Persson Lars-Åke | Hoa Dinh | Huy Tran | Duc Duong | Ewald Uwe
Paying health workers for performance in Battagram district, Pakistan

Author(s): Witter Sophie | Zulfiqur Tehzeeb | Javeed Sarah | Khan Amanullah | Bari Abdul
The ACCOMPLISH study. A cluster randomised trial on the cost-effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce healthcare associated infections

Author(s): Erasmus Vicki | Huis Anita | Oenema Anke | van Empelen Pepijn | Boog Matthijs | van Beeck Elise | Polinder Suzanne | Steyerberg Ewout | Richardus Jan | Vos Margreet | van Beeck Ed
Innovation in mental health services: what are the key components of success?

Author(s): Brooks Helen | Pilgrim David | Rogers Anne
A controlled study of team-based learning for undergraduate clinical neurology education

Author(s): Tan Nigel | Kandiah Nagaendran | Chan Yiong | Umapathi Thirugnanam | Lee Sze | Tan Kevin

Management of Group Work as a Classroom Activity

Author(s): Eva Hammar Chiriac | Karin Forslund Frykedal
Consistency of students’ conceptions of wave propagation: Findings from a conceptual survey in mechanical waves

Author(s): Apisit Tongchai | Manjula Devi Sharma | Ian D. Johnston | Kwan Arayathanitkul | Chernchok Soankwan
Internal evaluation in Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): Parsa Yekta Z | Salmaani Barough N | Monjamed Z | Farzianpour F | Eshraghian M
Staying essential

Author(s): Helen Chatterjee
English for Academic Purposes at Swedish universities: Teachers’ objectives and practices

Author(s): Diane Pecorari | Philip Shaw | Aileen Irvine | Hans Malmström
Learning Outcomes in Two Different Teaching Approach in Nursing Education in Iran: E-Learning versus Lecture

Author(s): Neda Mehrdad | Mitra Zolfaghari | Naser Bahrani | Sana Eybpoosh
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Yan Li
A Profile of an Effective EFL Grammar Teacher

Author(s): Sasan Baleghizadeh | Mohammad Amin Mozaheb
Locus of control, interest in schooling, self-efficacy and academic achievement

Author(s): Adedeji Tella | Adeyinka Tella | Olufemi Adeniyi
Predicting National Team Rank in Asian Game Using Model Tree

Author(s): Hematinezhad, M. | Ramezaniyan, M.R. | Gholizadeh, M.H. | Shafiee, S.H. | Ghazi Zahedi
Physical activity and body composition outcomes of the GreatFun2Run intervention at 20 month follow-up

Author(s): Gorely Trish | Morris John | Musson Hayley | Brown Susie | Nevill Alan | Nevill Mary
E-learning interventions are comparable to user's manual in a randomized trial of training strategies for the AGREE II

Author(s): Brouwers Melissa | Makarski Julie | Durocher Lisa | Levinson Anthony
Developing a curriculum framework for global health in family medicine: emerging principles, competencies, and educational approaches

Author(s): Redwood-Campbell Lynda | Pakes Barry | Rouleau Katherine | MacDonald Colla | Arya Neil | Purkey Eva | Schultz Karen | Dhatt Reena | Wilson Briana | Hadi Abdullahel | Pottie Kevin
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Associative learning in ADHD: improved expression under methylphenidate

Author(s): Ebrahim Kantini | Helen Joan Cassaday | Martin Joseph Batty | Chris Hollis | Georgina Margaret Jackson
The Effect of Kindergarten on Academic Achievement

Author(s): Tina Haghighat | Azizi Bahauddin
Disseminating quality improvement: study protocol for a large cluster-randomized trial

Author(s): Quanbeck Andrew | Gustafson David | Ford James | Pulvermacher Alice | French Michael | McConnell K | McCarty Dennis
Pontine tegmental cap dysplasia: developmental and cognitive outcome in three adolescent patients

Author(s): Briguglio Marilena | Pinelli Lorenzo | Giordano Lucio | Ferraris Alessandro | Germanò Eva | Micheletti Serena | Severino Mariasavina | Bernardini Laura | Loddo Sara | Tortorella Gaetano | Ormitti Francesca | Gasparotti Roberto | Rossi Andrea | Valente Enza
Is simulation training effective in increasing podiatrists' confidence in foot ulcer management?

Author(s): Lazzarini Peter | Mackenroth Elizabeth | Régo Patricia | Boyle Frances | Jen Scott | Kinnear Ewan | PerryHaines Graham | Kamp Maarten
Applying psychological theories to evidence-based clinical practice: identifying factors predictive of lumbar spine x-ray for low back pain in UK primary care practice

Author(s): Grimshaw Jeremy | Eccles Martin | Steen Nick | Johnston Marie | Pitts Nigel | Glidewell Liz | Maclennan Graeme | Thomas Ruth | Bonetti Debbie | Walker Anne
Academic detailing to increase colorectal cancer screening by primary care practices in Appalachian Pennsylvania

Author(s): Curry William | Lengerich Eugene | Kluhsman Brenda | Graybill Marie | Liao Jason | Schaefer Eric | Spleen Angela | Dignan Mark
Evaluation of an online interactive Diabetes Needs Assessment Tool (DNAT) versus online self-directed learning: a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Schroter Sara | Jenkins Richard | Playle Rebecca | Walsh Kieran | Probert Courtenay | Kellner Thomas | Arnhofer Gerhard | Owens David
A Comparison of Online versus On-site Training in Health Research Methodology: A Randomized Study

Author(s): Aggarwal Rakesh | Gupte Nikhil | Kass Nancy | Taylor Holly | Ali Joseph | Bhan Anant | Aggarwal Amita | Sisson Stephen | Kanchanaraksa Sukon | McKenzie-White Jane | McGready John | Miotti Paolo | Bollinger Robert
Can improving working memory prevent academic difficulties? a school based randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Roberts Gehan | Quach Jon | Gold Lisa | Anderson Peter | Rickards Field | Mensah Fiona | Ainley John | Gathercole Susan | Wake Melissa
Learning curves and long-term outcome of simulation-based thoracentesis training for medical students

Author(s): Jiang Guanchao | Chen Hong | Wang Shan | Zhou Qinghuan | Li Xiao | Chen Kezhong | Sui Xizhao
Genome Wide Association Study to predict severe asthma exacerbations in children using random forests classifiers

Author(s): Xu Mousheng | Tantisira Kelan | Wu Ann | Litonjua Augusto | Chu Jen-hwa | Himes Blanca | Damask Amy | Weiss Scott
Preliminary studies of adaptation of Self- efficacy Scale for Sources of Mathematics

Author(s): Zalazar Jaime, Mauricio Federico | Aparicio, Martín Matías Daniel | Ramírez Flores, Celia María | Garrido, Sebastián Jesus
Medical students-as-teachers: a systematic review of peer-assisted teaching during medical school

Author(s): Yu TC | Wilson NC | Singh PP | Lemanu DP | Hawken SJ | Hill AG
Inquiry Instructional Method and the School Science Currículum

Author(s): Jacinta Agbarachi Opara | Nkasiobi Silas Oguzor

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