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E-transfer of materials surface engineering e-foresight results

Author(s): A.D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz | L.A. Dobrzański | J. Mazurkiewicz | B. Tomiczek | Ł. Reimann
Hybrid Model for e-Learning Quality Evaluation

Author(s): Suzana M. Savic | Miomir S. Stankovic | Goran Lj. Janackovic
Self–Evaluation of Distance Learning Study Program as a Part of Internal Quality Assurance

Author(s): Radojka Krneta | Danijela Milosevic | Maja Bozovic | Andjelija Mitrovic
Using Online Presence to Improve Online Collaborative Learning

Author(s): Zoran Jeremic | Nikola Milikic | Jelena Jovanovic | Mirjana Brkovic | Filip Radulovic
Adaptive E-learning System in Secondary Education

Author(s): Sofija Tosheva | Cveta Martinovska
Do IT And Medicine Students E-Collaborate In The Same Way: Comparison Regarding Forums And Wikis

Author(s): Marija Blagojevic | Marjan Milosevic | Danijela Milosevic
Toward a New Scientific Visualization for the Language Sciences

Author(s): Luca Onnis | Michael J. Spivey
Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

Author(s): Karen Wolz Verkler
The TIME Model: Time to Make a Change to Integrate Technology

Author(s): Debby Mitchell | Glenda A. Gunter
Towards an Intelligent Tutor for Mathematical Proofs

Author(s): Serge Autexier | Dominik Dietrich | Marvin Schiller
Virtual and Remote Laboratories in Process of Control Education

Author(s): Martin Kalúz | Ľuboš Čirka | Miroslav Fikar
Shooting short videos in French with mobile phones

Author(s): Serge Gabarre | Cécile Gabarre
Intelligent Control of a Sensor-Actuator System via Kernelized Least-Squares Policy Iteration

Author(s): Bo Liu | Sanfeng Chen | Shuai Li | Yongsheng Liang
An Implementation of Integer Programming Techniques in Clustering Algorithm

Author(s): S. Shenbaga Ezhil | Dr. C. Vijayalakshmi
Web 3.0 in Education & Research

Author(s): Rajiv | Manohar Lal
M-learning education trends are popular in Students through iPod

Author(s): Mr. Jamal Mohammad Aqib | Mr. Mohammad Asim
A Flexible Approach to Modelling Adaptive Course Sequencing based on Graphs implemented using XLink

Author(s): Rachid ELOUAHBI | Driss BOUZIDI | Noreddine ABGHOUR | Mohammed Adil NASSIR
Conception of a management tool of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments

Author(s): Sérgio André Ferreira | António Andrade
E-Learning Methodologies and Tools

Author(s): Oye, N.D. | Mazleena Salleh | N. A. Iahad
Design of a web-based courseware authoring and presentation system

Author(s): Engr. Prof Hyacinth C. Inyiama | Engr. Miss Chioma N. Anozie | Engr. Dr. Mrs. Christiana C. Okezie | Engr. Mrs. Nkolika O. Nwazor
New Opportunities in Informal Learning

Author(s): Zuzana Šedivá
Web 2.0 collaboration tools to support student research in hydrology – an opinion

Author(s): A. Pathirana | B. Gersonius | M. Radhakrishnan
Clasification Of Arrhythmic ECG Data Using Machine Learning Techniques

Author(s): Abhinav Vishwa | Mohit K. Lal | Sharad Dixit | Pritish Vardwa
Protein Structure Prediction Using Support Vector Machine

Author(s): Anil Kumar Mandle | Pranita Jain | Shailendra Kumar Shrivastava
An Approach for IRIS Plant Classification Using Neural Network

Author(s): Madhusmita Swain | Sanjit Kumar Dash | Sweta Dash | Ayeskanta Mohapatra
Towards an Ontology to Describe the Taxonomy of Common Modules in Learning Management Systems

Author(s): Carlos E. Montenegro Marin | Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle | Oscar Sanjuan Martinez | Edward Rolando Nuñez Valdez
Math World: A Game-Based 3D Virtual Learning Environment (3D VLE) for Second Graders

Author(s): Jean Maitem | Rosmina Joy Cabauatan | Lorena Rabago | Bartolome Tanguilig III
Performance Improvement of ANN Classifiers using PSO

Author(s): Jayshri D.Dhande | D.R.Dandekar | S.L.Badjate
Techniques for Traffic Sign Classification using Machine Learning- A Survey

Author(s): Meeta Kumar | JayshreeGhorpade | V. Y.Kulkarni
A Simple Solution for Divergence in Pure EBMT

Author(s): Ruchika Sinhal | M.B.Chandak | R.V.Dharaskar
Implementation of m-learning through MLE Moodle

Author(s): Amit R. Manakshe | Vijay S. Gulhane
Web Page Clustering using Latent Semantic Analysis

Author(s): Lalit A. Patil | S M. Kamalapur | Dhananjay Kanade
Mathematical Model of M-Learning application for android based mobile devices using web services

Author(s): Kainjan Kotecha | Deepika Jain | Aakash Chhajed | Priya Tatiya | Mahavir Shah | Mahesh Sanghavi
State Of Art Survey of Network Traffic Classification

Author(s): Sheetal S. Shinde | Sandeep P. Abhang
Image Segmentation for Nature Images using K-Mean and Fuzzy C-Mean

Author(s): Anita V. Gawand | Prashant Lokhande | Sulekha daware | Umesh Kulkarni
Implementing Social Group Shopping using Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Prasanna Kothalkar | Priyanka Desai
Dynamic Gesture Recognition for Gaming Interface

Author(s): C Govindrajan | Deepak P U | Akshay Thosar
Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms using WEKA

Author(s): Aaditya Desai | Sunil Rai
Modified Stacked Generalization with Sequential learning

Author(s): Bhoomi Trivedi | Neha Kapadia
Learning the Related Mathematics to Cryptography by Interactive Way

Author(s): Mohamed Salim Trigui | Daniyal M. Alghazzawi
Real Time Opinion Polarity Detection in Blogs by Weighted Ranking TF-IDF Algorithm

Author(s): Abhishek Tiwari | Upasna Tiwari | Narendra S Chaudhari
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