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Leg ulcer in a case of thalassemia minor (a case report).

Author(s): Vagaskar S | Fernandez R | Mistry F
Hydroxyurea induced non-healing leg ulcer

Author(s): Prabhash K | Bapsy P
Supportive Pad In Leg Ulcer

Author(s): Jemy CC | Shenoi Shrutakirthi D | Rao Shashidar C | Nirmala M
Dermatology in the new millennium

Author(s): Thomas Jayakar
Skin grafting in chronic leg ulcers - A dermatologist′s domain

Author(s): Mahajan B | Garg Geeta | Gupta R
A systematic review on the impact of leg ulceration on patients' quality of life

Author(s): Herber Oliver | Schnepp Wilfried | Rieger Monika
Primary cutaneous rhinosporidiosis

Author(s): Hadke N | Ananthakrishnan N | Ratnakar C | Baruah M
Autoamputation Of The Foot Following Treatment Of Chronic Leg Ulcer By Traditional Bonesetters

Author(s): Ikpeme A. Ikpeme*, Anthony M.Udosen, Ngim E. Ngim, Paul Amah
Klinefelter Syndrome With Leg Ulcers

Author(s): Narendra G | Sasikala K | Karthikeyan D P | Srinivas C R
Nurse clinic versus home delivery of evidence-based community leg ulcer care: A randomized health services trial

Author(s): Harrison Margaret | Graham Ian | Lorimer Karen | VandenKerkhof Elizabeth | Buchanan Maureen | Wells Phil | Brandys Tim | Pierscianowski Tadeusz
Nonlinear modeling of venous leg ulcer healing rates

Author(s): Cardinal Matthew | Phillips Tania | Eisenbud David | Harding Keith | Mansbridge Jonathan | Armstrong David
Lupus anticoagulant and leg ulcers in sickle cell anemia

Author(s): Olayemi Edeghonghon | Bazuaye Godwin
Spatial distribution of mast cells in chronic venous leg ulcers

Author(s): SA Abd-El-Aleem | C Morgan | MVJ Ferguson | CN McCollum | GW Ireland
Use of non-conventional coverage in ischemic wound treatment in patients with sickle cell anemia: case study

Author(s): Maria do Socorro Moura Lins Silva | Simone Helena dos Santos Oliveira | Maria Julia Guimarães Oliveira Soares | Marçal de Queiroz Paulo | Pascalle de Sousa Rocha
Depression and loneliness in Jamaicans with sickle cell disease

Author(s): Asnani Monika | Fraser Raphael | Lewis Norma | Reid Marvin
Fulminant necrotizing fasciitis following the use of herbal concoction: a case report

Author(s): Adigun Ismaila | Nasir Abdulrasheed | Aderibigbe Adebiyi
Use of hypertonic solutions of sodium chloride in hypergranulating wounds

Author(s): Bruno de Assis Quelemente, Ana Beatriz Pinto da Silva Morita, Angelo Teixeira Balbi
A Delayed Diagnosis in a Patient with Intractable Leg Ulcer: Werner’s Syndrome

Author(s): Ali Murat Ceyhan | Didem Mullaaziz | Mehmet Yıldırım | Mahmut Yener | Vahide Baysal Akkaya
The influence of polymorbidity, revascularization, and wound therapy on the healing of arterial ulceration

Author(s): Joerg Tautenhahn | Ralf Lobmann | Brigitte Koenig | Zuhir Halloul | Hans Lippert | Thomas Buerger
Newer insights in teledermatology practice

Author(s): Kanthraj Garehatty
How can we improve guideline use? A conceptual framework of implementability

Author(s): Gagliardi Anna | Brouwers Melissa | Palda Valerie | Lemieux-Charles Louise | Grimshaw Jeremy
Chronic ulcers and myasis as ports of entry for Clostridium tetani

Author(s): Greco Jiuseppe Benitivoglio | Sacramento Edilson | Tavares-Neto José
Knowledge and attitudes regarding care of leg ulcers. Survey of family physicians.

Author(s): Graham ID | Harrison MB | Shafey M | Keast D
Carcinoma cuniculatum at various anatomical sites

Author(s): Kotwal Mrunamayi | Poflee Sandhya | Bobhate Sudhakar
The versatile reverse flow sural artery neurocutaneous flap: A case series and review of literature

Author(s): Ahmed Syed | Fung Boris | Ip Wing | Fok Margaret | Chow Shew
Effectiveness of acupuncture, special dressings and simple, low-adherence dressings for healing venous leg ulcers in primary healthcare: study protocol for a cluster-randomized open-labeled trial

Author(s): Vas Jorge | Modesto Manuela | Mendez Camila | Perea-Milla Emilio | Aguilar Inmaculada | Carrasco-Lozano Jesus | Faus Vicente | Martos Francisco

Author(s): Ivana Binić | Aleksandar Janković | Milan Miladinović | Đorđe Gocev | Dimitrije Janković | Zoran Vrućinić
Repeated application of autologous bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy in patients with severe Buerger’s disease

Author(s): Zoltan Boda | K. Razso | M. Szarvas | Zs. Olah | P. Ilonczai | Z. Vereb | E. Rajnavolgyi
Management of leg and pressure ulcer in hospitalized patients: direct costs are lower than expected

Author(s): Assadian, Ojan | Oswald, Joseph S. | Leisten, Rainer | Hinz, Peter | Daeschlein, Georg | Kramer, Axel
The place of subfascial endoscopic perforator vein surgery (SEPS) in advanced chronic venous insufficiency treatment

Author(s): Wiesław Pesta | Waldemar Kurpiewski | Marek Kowalczyk | Rafał Szynkarczuk | Magdalena Łuba | Anna Żurada | Radosław Grabysa
The Canadian Bandaging Trial: Evidence-informed leg ulcer care and the effectiveness of two compression technologies

Author(s): Harrison Margaret | VanDenKerkhof Elizabeth | Hopman Wilma | Graham Ian | Carley Meg | Nelson E

Author(s): Ivana Binić | Aleksandar Janković | Milan Miladinović | Đorđe Gocev | Dimitrije Janković | Zoran Vrućinić
Livedoid vasculopathy: fast involution after anticoagulant and hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Author(s): Patricia Weinschenker Bollmann | Andréa Kazumi Shimada | Nilceo Schwery Michalany | Ana Rita de Araújo Burgos Manhani | Auro del Giglio
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