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Persistencia de Mycobacterium Leprae en pacientes que recibieron tratamiento completo de Poliquimioterapia para lepra Lepromatosa.

Author(s): Doralva Edith Muñoz López | Evelyn Karen Calado Schulz | Iliana Margarita Félix Inzunza | Víctor Fernando Muñoz Estrada | Víctor Hugo Rendón Vizcarra
Genética e hanseníase

Author(s): Beiguelman Bernardo
Anti-leprosy vaccines: current status and future prospects.

Author(s): Kartikeyan S | Chaturvedi R | Deo M
Tuberculoid leprosy involving hairy scalp:A case report

Author(s): Ghorpade Ashok | Ramanan Cherukot | Manglani Pratap
Tissue-specific down-regulation of RIPK 2 in Mycobacterium leprae-infected nu/nu mice

Author(s): Byoung Chul Kim | Tae-Jin Kang | Song Hou Jin | Se-Kon Kim | Seong-Boem Lee | Gue-Tae Chae
Leprosy in an HIV-infected person

Author(s): Chandra Gupta T | Sinha Prakash | Murthy V | Swarna Kumari G
Bacillaemia in leprosy

Author(s): Arora R | Jindal N | Arora S | Saini RK | Sarin RC.
Inoculation Leprosy Subsequent To Ear- Piercing

Author(s): Mittal Radha Rani | Gupta Seema
Drug resistance in leprosy.

Author(s): Ghosh S
Mycobacterium leprae in ocular tissues: Histopathological findings in experimental leprosy

Author(s): Cardozo Adriana | Deps Patrícia | Antunes João | Andréa de F | Rosa Patrícia
B cells Can Modulate the CD8 Memory T Cell after DNA Vaccination Against Experimental Tuberculosis

Author(s): Almeida Luciana | Trombone Ana | Lorenzi Julio | Rocha Carolina | Malardo Thiago | Fontoura Isabela | Gembre Ana | Silva Ricardo | Silva Célio | Castelo Ademilson | Coelho-Castelo Arlete
Contact with armadillos increases the risk of leprosy in Brazil: A case control study

Author(s): Deps P | Alves B | Gripp C | Aragao R | Guedes BVS | Filho J | Andreatta M | Marcari R | Prates ICA | Rodrigues L
Fine needle aspiration cytology in leprosy

Author(s): Prasad PVS | George Raj | Kaviarasan P | Viswanathan P | Tippoo Rehana | Anandhi C
Functional characterization of a small heat shock protein from Mycobacterium leprae

Author(s): Lini Nirmala | Rehna Elengikal | Shiburaj Sugathan | Maheshwari Jayapal | Shankernarayan Nallakandy | Dharmalingam Kuppamuthu
Identification of two proteins that interact with the Erp virulence factor from Mycobacterium tuberculosis by using the bacterial two-hybrid system

Author(s): Klepp Laura | Soria Marcelo | Blanco Federico | Bianco María | Santangelo María | Cataldi Angel | Bigi Fabiana
Silica-based cationic bilayers as immunoadjuvants

Author(s): Lincopan Nilton | Santana Mariana | Faquim-Mauro Eliana | da Costa Maria | Carmona-Ribeiro Ana
Functional insights by comparison of modeled structures of 18kDa small heat shock protein and its mutant in Mycobacterium leprae

Author(s): Elengikal Abdul Azeez Rehna | Sanjeev Kumar Singh | Kuppamuthu Dharmalingam
Relapse in leprosy

Author(s): Kaimal Sowmya | Thappa Devinder
In Silico Prediction of the Tertiary Structure of M. leprae Hsp65 Protein Shows an Unusual Structure in Carboxy-terminal Region

Author(s): Rossetti RAM | Lorenzi JCC | Giuliatti S | Silva CL | Coelho-Castelo AAM
Implications of high level pseudogene transcription in Mycobacterium leprae

Author(s): Williams Diana | Slayden Richard | Amin Amol | Martinez Alejandra | Pittman Tana | Mira Alex | Mitra Anirban | Nagaraja Valakunja | Morrison Norman | Moraes Milton | Gillis Thomas
HLA-DR and HLA-DQ alleles in patients from the south of Brazil: markers for leprosy susceptibility and resistance

Author(s): da Silva Samira | Mazini Priscila | Reis Pâmela | Sell Ana | Tsuneto Luiza | Peixoto Paulo | Visentainer Jeane
Evidence for an association of HLA-DRB1*15 and DRB1*09 with leprosy and the impact of DRB1*09 on disease onset in a Chinese Han population

Author(s): Zhang Furen | Liu Hong | Chen Shumin | Wang Changyuan | Zhu Chuanfu | Zhang Lin | Chu Tongsheng | Liu Dianchang | Yan Xiaoxiao | Liu Jianjun
Intranasal vaccination with messenger RNA as a new approach in gene therapy: Use against tuberculosis

Author(s): Lorenzi Julio | Trombone Ana | Rocha Carolina | Almeida Luciana | Lousada Ricardo | Malardo Thiago | Fontoura Isabela | Rossetti Renata | Gembre Ana | Silva Aristóbolo | Silva Celio | Coelho-Castelo Arlete
Rhomboid homologs in mycobacteria: insights from phylogeny and genomic analysis

Author(s): Kateete David | Okee Moses | Katabazi Fred | Okeng Alfred | Asiimwe Jeniffer | Boom Henry | Eisenach Kathleen | Joloba Moses
Immunologically reactive M. leprae antigens with relevance to diagnosis and vaccine development

Author(s): Sampaio Lucas | Stefani Mariane | Oliveira Regiane | Sousa Ana | Ireton Greg | Reed Steven | Duthie Malcolm
Paralisia do nervo ulnar na lepra sem alterações cutâneas: biópsia do ramo superficial do nervo ulnar na mão


Author(s): TORRELLA Adriana | SOLIS Rosa L. | PEREZ Esther | MEDINA Yadira | KERGUELEN Carlos | OLAYA Patricia
Anti-phenolic glycolipid-I (PGL-I) determination using blood collection on filter paper in leprosy patients

Author(s): TOMIMORI-YAMASHITA Jane | NGUYEN Thu H. | MAEDA Solange M. | FLAGEUL Beatrice | ROTTA Osmar | CRUAUD Philippe
Imunopatologia da hanseníase: a complexidade dos mecanismos da resposta imune do hospedeiro ao Mycobacterium leprae

Author(s): Goulart Isabela Maria Bernardes | Penna Gerson Oliveira | Cunha Gabriel
Hanseníase no Brasil

Author(s): Araújo Marcelo Grossi
Mycobacterium bovis BCG but not Mycobacterium leprae induces TNF-a secretion in human monocytic THP-1 cells

Author(s): Oliveira Martha M | Charlab Rosane | Pessolani Maria Cristina V
Detection of Mycobacterium leprae DNA by polymerase chain reaction in the blood of individuals, eight years after completion of anti-leprosy therapy

Author(s): Santos Adalberto Rezende | Balassiano Vivian | Oliveira Maria Leide W | Pereira Marcia Aparecida da Silva | Santos Patricia Barros | Degrave Wim Maurits | Suffys Philip Noel
Association of leprosy with HLA-DR2 in a Southern Brazilian population

Author(s): J.E.L. Visentainer | Tsuneto L.T. | Serra M.F. | Peixoto P.R.F. | Petzl-Erler M.L.
Further biochemical characterization of Mycobacterium leprae laminin-binding proteins

Author(s): Marques M.A.M. | Mahapatra S. | Sarno E.N. | Santos S. | Spencer J.S. | Brennan P.J. | Pessolani M.C.V.
The use of protein structure/activity relationships in the rational design of stable particulate delivery systems

Author(s): Costa M.H.B. | Quintilio W. | Sant'Anna O.A. | Faljoni-Alário A. | Araujo P.S. de
A hanseníase no laboratório

Author(s): Sarno Euzenir Nunes
Desarrollo y aplicación de una prueba de RCP para detectar la infección subclínica por Mycobacterium leprae

Author(s): Inírida Guerrero Martha | Arias María Teresa | Garcés María Teresa | León Clara Inés
Patterns of intracellular cytokines in CD4 and CD8 T cells from patients with mycobacterial infections

Author(s): Antas P.R.Z. | Sales J.S. | Pereira K.C. | Oliveira E.B. | Cunha K.S. | Sarno E.N. | Sampaio E.P.
Comparative analysis of RNA regulatory elements of amino acid metabolism genes in Actinobacteria

Author(s): Seliverstov Alexander | Putzer Harald | Gelfand Mikhail | Lyubetsky Vassily
Chemotherapy trials in MB leprosy using conventional and newer drugs pefloxacin and minocycline

Author(s): Katoch Kiran | Katoch V | Natrajan M | Sharma V | Singh H | Gupta U
Genetic, household and spatial clustering of leprosy on an island in Indonesia: a population-based study

Author(s): Bakker Mirjam | May Linda | Hatta Mochammad | Kwenang Agnes | Klatser Paul | Oskam Linda | Houwing-Duistermaat Jeanine
Tissue distribution of a plasmid DNA encoding Hsp65 gene is dependent on the dose administered through intramuscular delivery

Author(s): Coelho-Castelo AAM | Trombone AP | Rosada RS | Santos RR | Bonato VLD | Sartori A | Silva CL
Clinical and Electrophysiological Findings in a Case With Inactive Lepromatous Leprosy

Author(s): Aygül, R. | Deniz, O. | Karakuzu, A. | Güzelcik, M.
Evolution and expansion of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis PE and PPE multigene families and their association with the duplication of the ESAT-6 (esx) gene cluster regions

Author(s): Gey van Pittius Nicolaas | Sampson Samantha | Lee Hyeyoung | Kim Yeun | van Helden Paul | Warren Robin
Genetic vaccine for tuberculosis (pVAXhsp65) primes neonate mice for a strong immune response at the adult stage

Author(s): Pelizon Ana | Martins Douglas | Zorzella Sofia | Trombone Ana | Lorenzi Júlio | Carvalho Robson | Brandão Izaíra | Coelho-Castelo Arlete | Silva Célio | Sartori Alexandrina
A DNA vaccine against tuberculosis based on the 65 kDa heat-shock protein differentially activates human macrophages and dendritic cells

Author(s): Franco Luís | Wowk Pryscilla | Silva Célio | Trombone Ana | Coelho-Castelo Arlete | Oliver Constance | Jamur Maria | Moretto Edson | Bonato Vânia
Protein phosphorylation pattern in the immune cells of leprosy affected individuals

Author(s): Karuna Devi Sagili,1 Renuka Raju,1 Venkat Rami Reddy,2 Anandaraj M.P.J.S,1 Sujai Suneetha,3 Lavanya Moses Suneetha.3
The mycobacterial DNA-binding protein 1 (MDP1) from Mycobacterium bovis BCG influences various growth characteristics

Author(s): Lewin Astrid | Baus Daniela | Kamal Elisabeth | Bon Fabienne | Kunisch Ralph | Maurischat Sven | Adonopoulou Michaela | Eich Katharina
Tissue-specific down-regulation of RIPK 2 in Mycobacterium leprae-infected nu/nu mice

Author(s): Byoung Chul Kim | Tae-Jin Kang | Song Hou Jin | Se-Kon Kim | Seong-Boem Lee | Gue-Tae Chae
Leprosy of the Larynx: A Case Report

Author(s): Momen Heravi Mansoureh | Sharif Alireza
Peptides Derived from Mycobacterium leprae ML1601c Discriminate between Leprosy Patients and Healthy Endemic Controls

Author(s): Kidist Bobosha | Jolien J. van der Ploeg-van Schip | Danuza A. Esquenazi | Marjorie M. Guimarães | Marcia V. Martins | Yonas Bekele | Yonas Fantahun | Abraham Aseffa | Kees L. M. C. Franken | Ronaldo C. Gismondi | Maria C. V. Pessolani | Tom H. M. Ottenhoff | Geraldo M. B. Pereira | Annemieke Geluk
Is Multiple Sclerosis CNS Leprosy?

Author(s): Noha t. Abokrysha
Potential Antileprotic Herbal Drugs: A Comparative Review of Marketed Products

Author(s): Singh Kr. Mukesh*1, Nagori K.1, Badwaik H.1, Pandey A.2, Sawarkar H.A.2, Chawla J1.
Nontuberculous mycobacteria: M. marinum, M. ulcerans, M. xenopi – brief characteristics of the bacteria and diseases caused by them

Author(s): Marek Fol | Joanna Olek | Magdalena Kowalewicz-Kulbat | Magdalena Druszczyńska | Wiesława Rudnicka
Determination of the Salivary Anti-Phenolic Glycolipid-1 Antibody in Leprosy Patients as a Tool to Monitoring Multidrugtherapy

Author(s): N. L.B. Bonfitto | A. C.F. Motta | R. B. Furini | M. C. Komesu | M. M.P. Do Nascimento | J. F.C. Figueiredo | N. T. Foss

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