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Validation and Applications of Gas Chromatography-Combustion/isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometric Method to Control Misuse of Androgens in Human

Author(s): Kang Mi Lee | Ho Jun Kim | Eun Sook Je | Hye Hyun Yoo | Oh Seung Kwon | Changbae Jin | Dong Hyun Kim | Jaeick Lee
Analysis of Arginine, Glucose, Sucrose, and Polyethylene Glycols using a Wood Charcoal Matrix for MALDI-MS

Author(s): Sunyoung Lee | Jinhee Kim | Hyo-Jik Yang | Seongjae Shin | Jangmi Hong | Jeongkwon Kim
Differential Protein Quantitation in Mouse Neuronal Cell Lines using Amine-Reactive Isobaric Tagging Reagents with Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Kun Cho | Gun Wook Park | Jin Young Kim | Sang Kwang Lee | Han Bin Oh | Jong Shin Yoo
Dynamic MRM Measurements of Multi-Biomarker Proteins by Triple-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry with Nanoflow HPLC-Microfluidics Chip

Author(s): Eun Sun Ji | Mi Hee Cheon | Ju Yeon Lee | Jong Shin Yoo | Hyun-Jin Jung | Jin Young Kim
High-Throughput Active Compound Discovery using Correlations between Activity and Mass Profiles

Author(s): Kyu Hwan Park | Kyo Joong Yoon | Kyung-Hoon Kwon | Hyun Sik Kim
Ditopic Binding of Alkali Halide Ions to Trimethylboroxine

Author(s): Kyung Hwan Jeong | Seung Koo Shin
Application of neural network in market segmentation: A review on recent trends

Author(s): Manojit Chattopadhyay | Pranab K Dan | Sitanath Majumdar | Partha Sarathi Chakraborty
Evaluating software architecture using fuzzy formal models

Author(s): Payman Behbahaninejad | Ali Harounabadi | Sayed Javad Mirabedini
Strategic planning in media organizations of Iran

Author(s): Ali Akbar Farhangi | Mohammad Soltani Far | Ali Asghar Mahaki | Abolfazl Danaei
A multi-objective robust optimization model for the capacitated P-hub location problem under uncertainty

Author(s): Ahmad Makui | Mohammad Rostami | Ehsan Jahani | Ahmad Nikui
A goal programming technique for railroad passenger scheduling

Author(s): Masoud Yaghini | Alireza Alimohammadian | Samaneh Sharifi
A hybrid method to solve railroad passenger scheduling problem

Author(s): Masoud Yaghini | Alireza Alimohammadian | Samaneh Sharifi
Designing a compatible model of share issue privatization for Tehran stock exchange (TSE) development

Author(s): Mohammad Aram Bonyar | Fatemeh Pousti | Corynne Jaffeux
Utilizing an ANP framework for prioritizing effective criteria on industrial clusters' formation

Author(s): Jalal Haghighat Monfared | Hossein Jannatifar | Javad Siahkali Moradi
An empirical study for measure the relative performance of banking operations

Author(s): Ali Akbar Aminbeidokhti | Seyyed Abdollah Heydariyeh | Jalil Abedini
A multi-objective particle swarm optimization for production-distribution planning in supply chain network

Author(s): Alireza Pourrousta | Saleh dehbari | Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam | Mohsen sadegh amalnik
Two models for the generalized assignment problem in uncertain environment

Author(s): Hamidreza Haddad | Hossein Mohammadi | Hedieh Pooladkhan
A Semi parametric approach to dual modeling

Author(s): Majid Navaee | Mohammad Sadegh Mobin | Mohsen Haghverdi Vardani | Nima Ahmadi
A new model for designing uncertain enterprise architecture

Author(s): Jamshid Afshani | Ali Harounabadi | Mashallah Abbasi Dezfouli
Using multiple criteria decision making models for ranking customers of bank network based on loyalty properties in weighted RFM model

Author(s): Fayegh Zaheri | Hiwa Farughi | Hersh Soltanpanah | Seiran Alaniazar | Foruzan Naseri
An integrated approach to analyze strategy map using BSC – FUZZY AHP: A case study of auto industry

Author(s): Mohammad Abdolshah | Mojtaba Javidnia | Mohammad Ali Astanbous | Mehdi Eslami
Analyzing e-service quality in service-based website by E-SERVQUAL

Author(s): Babak Nemati | Hossein Gazor | Seyed Norollah MirAshrafi | Kianoush Nazari Ameleh
Feasibility of home management using ACT for childhood malaria episodes in an urban setting

Author(s): Nsagha DS | Elat JBN | Ndong PAB | Tata PN | Tayong MN | Pokem F | Wankah CC
Preparation of a bio-based epoxy with comparable properties to those of petroleum-based counterparts

Author(s): X. Q. Liu | W. Huang | Y. H. Jiang | J. Zhu | C. Z. Zhang
Preparation and properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanocomposites blended with graphene oxide coated silica hybrids

Author(s): Q. Fu | J. C. Wang | P. Chen | L. Chen | K. Wang | H. Deng | F. Chen | Q. Zhang
Synthesis and thermal degradation characterization of novel poly(phosphazene-aryl amides)

Author(s): Z. P. Zhao | Q. Guo | X. Li | J. L. Sun | Z. J. Nie
Value added intellectual coefficient (VAIC): an empirical study

Author(s): Mehrnaz Paknezhad | Ahmad Ahmadkhani
An empirical study on entrepreneurs' personal characteristics

Author(s): Ahmad Ahmadkhani | Mehrnaz Paknezhad | Arezo Nazari
Supreme audit court of auditors' insights on operational audit challenges

Author(s): Ghodratollah Haidarinejad | Sohrab Shekarbegi | Ali Akbar Kazemi | Sadegh Jamali
Determination of bioclimatic comfort in Sirjan desert

Author(s): Tayebeh Mahmoodi | Mohammad Reza Iravani
The effect of Islamic values on relational marketing basics

Author(s): Jafar Beikzad | Ali Jahedi Chaharborj | Saeid Ghorbannejad Maleki
Examining different factors in effectiveness of advertisement

Author(s): Seyed Gholamreza Jalali Naini | Mohammad Ali Shafia | Negar Nazari
The relationship between social capital and employee participation in Gorgan medical science university

Author(s): Zeinab Alinajafi | Monireh Askarinejad | Seidmehdi Veiseh | Farideh Kamari
The role of children's food packaging characteristics on parent's purchasing decision

Author(s): Naser Azad | Mojtaba Rafiee | Leila Hamdavipour
Analyzing effects of service encounter quality on customer satisfaction in banking industry

Author(s): Hossein Gazor | Babak Nemati | Amir Ehsani | Kianoush Nazari Ameleh
Developing strategies to promote the Iranian international film market

Author(s): Mahmood Mohammadian | Amir Hassan Nedaei | Yasaman Giyahi
Non-governmental organizations and KM: A human centric approach

Author(s): Iftikhar Hussain | Waheed Akhtar | Shahid Hussain
Investigation of the effect of swimming programs on improving vocational relationships

Author(s): Iman Nazerian | Mohammad Reza Iravani | Akram Soltani
Using Mann Kendal and t-test methods in identifying trends of climatic elements: A case study of northern parts of Iran

Author(s): Gholamabbas Fallah Ghalhari | Javad Khoshhal Dastjerdi | Majid Habibi Nokhandan
A study on relationship between emotional maturity and marital satisfaction

Author(s): Seyed Esmael Mosavi | Mohammad Reza Iravani
Measuring customer satisfaction using SERQUAL survey

Author(s): Ardeshir Tajzadeh Namin | Niko Pilevary | Aidin Tajzadeh Namin
The impacts of formative system on the landslides of Iran

Author(s): Mojgan Entezari Najafabadi | Somayeh Shahzeidi | Masoumeh Rashidi
Prioritizing the effective factors for customers attraction: A case study of Sepah Bank

Author(s): Azim Zarei | Mohammad Hemati | Mahdiyeh Rafeeian
An Integrated MCDM Method in Ranking BSC Perspectives and key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Author(s): Mohsen Alvandi | Safar Fazli | Leila Yazdani | Milad Aghaee
A new outsourcing framework: A case study of educational institution activities

Author(s): Mohammad Mahdavi Mazdeh | Mohammad Reza Lotfollah Hamedani
Effective factors on mobile phone customer satisfaction

Author(s): Hamed Mohafez | Vahidreza Mirabi | Bahram Kheyri
A social work study on job placement and dropout

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Iravani | Zaynab Razi
Investigation of the employees’ payment system in an educational institution - A case study

Author(s): Mojtaba Tabari | Yousef Gholipour-Kanani | Masoumeh Seifi-Divkolaii
Novel macroporous amphoteric gels: Preparation and characterization

Author(s): S. Kudaibergenov | Zh. Adilov | D. Berillo | G. Tatykhanova | Kh. Abdullin | Zh. Sadakbaeva | I. Galaev
Side chain polysiloxanes with phthalocyanine moieties

Author(s): T. Ganicz | T. Makowski | W. A. Stanczyk | A. Tracz
Hydrogels based on chemically modified poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA-GMA) and PVA-GMA/chondroitin sulfate: Preparation and characterization

Author(s): E. C. Muniz | E. G. Crispim | A. R. Fajardo | J. F. Piai | E. R. F. Ramos | T. U. Nakamura | C. V. Nakamura | A. F. Rubira
Mechanical and thermal properties of crab chitin reinforced carboxylated SBR composites

Author(s): C. Santulli | P. M. Visakh | S. Thomas | M. Monti | M. Rallini | D. Puglia | F. Sarasini | J. M. Kenny
Macro-micro relationship in nanostructured functional composites

Author(s): A. S. Luyt | A. Zanotto | A. Spinella | G. Nasillo | E. Caponetti
Modeling the Effect of Bed Height and Particle Size for Vitamin K2 Production in a Static Bed Fermenter

Author(s): Raja Mahanama | Aydin Berenjian | Fariba Dehghani | John Kavanagh
HC12: Efficient PID Controller Design

Author(s): R. Matousek | P. Minar | S. Lang | M. Seda
Optimization of the Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm using Evolutionary Methods

Author(s): Oscar Castillo | Elid Rubio | Jose Soria | Enrique Naredo
Artificial Neural Image Processing Applications: A Survey

Author(s): Juan A. Ramirez-Quintana | Mario I. Chacon-Murguia | Jose F. Chacon-Hinojos
Automatic Handling of Expert Knowledge Using Artificial Immune Systems Applied to Combinatorial Optimization Problems

Author(s): Francisco Javier Diaz Delgadillo | Oscar Montiel-Ross | Roberto Sepulveda | Patricia Melin
A Hybrid Fuzzy Time Series Model for Forecasting

Author(s): Saima Hassan | Jafreezal Jaafar | Brahim B. Samir | Tahseen A. Jilani
Optimization of Neural Networks for the Identification of Persons using Images of the Human Ear as a Biometric Measure

Author(s): Patricia Melin | Danniela Romero | Fevrier Valdez | Jose Victor Herrera-Rivera
Tool Path Optimization for Computer Numerical Control Machines based on Parallel ACO

Author(s): Nataly Medina-Rodriguez | Oscar Montiel-Ross | Roberto Sepulveda | Oscar Castillo
Fuzzy Logic Predictive Algorithm for Wireless-LAN Fast Inter-Cell Handoff

Author(s): Roberto Sepulveda | Oscar Montiel-Ross | Juan C. Manzanarez | Ernesto E. Quiroz
Aristotle’s Theory of Deduction and Paraconsistency

Author(s): Evandro L. Gomes | Ítala M. L. D’Ottaviano
A cidade que o crime construiu: breves considerações sobre o ambiente urbano a partir da linguagem

Author(s): Helder Rodrigues Pereira | Bárbara Gecy Pereira Loschi | Hiltter Mahatma Pereira da Silva | Leila Leandro de Paiva | Lilian Silveira de Paula | Manoel Agostinho Gomes dos Santos
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