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The Librarian and the Library's Community

Author(s):   George S. Bonn
The Virtual Core: Distance Learning, Brooklyn Style

Author(s):   Barbra Higginbotham
Ciril Štukelj – librarian

Author(s): Alenka Zupan
Secondary school students as young researchers

Author(s): Lidija Ajtnik | Darja Kobal Grum
The library system of Hungary

Author(s): Žužana Žoldoš
Il passaggio dalla versione 14.1 alla versione 16.2 di Aleph500

Author(s): Rosalba Galloni | Elena Fasola | Maria Grazia Pistelli
Quality of Researchers' Searches of the ERIC Database

Author(s): Scott Hertzberg | Lawrence Rudner
The Electronic Librarian

Author(s):   F. W. Lancaster
Function of memory in librarians

Author(s): Simona Senica
Una Biblioteca Digitale Semantica per il Comune di Milano

Author(s): Claudio Cortese | Michele Barbera | Romeo Zitarosa | Emilia Adele Groppo
School library user studies

Author(s): Zdenka Verlič
New professions in librarianship

Author(s): Violetta Bottazzo
Assessing the outcomes of participatory research: protocol for identifying, selecting, appraising and synthesizing the literature for realist review

Author(s): Jagosh Justin | Pluye Pierre | Macaulay Ann | Salsberg Jon | Henderson Jim | Sirett Erin | Bush Paula | Seller Robbyn | Wong Geoff | Greenhalgh Trish | Cargo Margaret | Herbert Carol | Seifer Sarena | Green Lawrence
The Librarian as an Agent of Change

Author(s): F. William Summers
Ranganathan : A Universal Librarian

Author(s): Abulfazale M. Fazle Kabir
Roaming Reference: Reinvigorating Reference through Point of Need Service

Author(s): Kealin M. McCabe | James R.W. MacDonald
Changing roles of the librarian and the interlibrary-loan user

Author(s): Vida Močnik | Alenka Logar Skobir
Being a librarian for young people - yes!

Author(s): Elizabeta Hriberšek-Balkovec
Is librarianship vanishing?

Author(s): Jadranka Lasić-Lazić | Radovan Vrana

Author(s): Adilson Luiz Pinto | Márcio Matias

Author(s): Keina Maria Guedes da Silva
Why not just Google it? An assessment of information literacy skills in a biomedical science curriculum

Author(s): Kingsley Karl | Galbraith Gillian | Herring Matthew | Stowers Eva | Stewart Tanis | Kingsley Karla
A protocol for a systematic review of knowledge translation strategies in the allied health professions

Author(s): Scott Shannon | Albrecht Lauren | O'Leary Kathy | Ball Geoff | Dryden Donna | Hartling Lisa | Hofmeyer Anne | Jones C | Kovac Burns Kathy | Newton Amanda | Thompson David | Klassen Terry

Author(s): Valéria Aparecida Moreira Novelli | Wanda Aparecida Machado Hoffmann | Luciana de Souza Gracioso
From Intention to Composition: How Seminarians Conceptualize Research

Author(s): Timothy Dwight Lincoln | Laura Marie Lincoln
A Professional Learning Community Journey

Author(s): Diana Maliszewski | Stephen Tong | Jenny Chiu | Mary Jane Huh
Drop-In Clinics for Environmental Science Students

Author(s): Marcie Lynne Jacklin | Karen Bordonaro
IM a Librarian: Extending Virtual Reference Services through Instant Messaging and Chat Widgets

Author(s): Linda Bedwell | Denyse Rodrigues | Lawrence J. Duggan | Stanislav Orlov
It Takes a Community to Create a Library

Author(s): Kenneth William Williment
Becoming Teacher-Librarian 2.0

Author(s): Anita Mary Brooks Kirkland
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