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LDR: A Package for Likelihood-Based Sufficient Dimension Reduction

Author(s): R. Dennis Cook | Liliana M. Forzani | Diego R. Tomassi
Modeling growth of mandibles in the Western Arctic caribou herd

Author(s): Jay M. Ver Hoef | Patrick Valkenburg | James R. Dau
Is there correlation between pancreatic enzyme and radiological severity in acute pancreatitis?

Author(s): Yeon Soo Kim, Byung Seok Lee, Seok Hyun Kim, Jae Kyu Seong, Hyun Yong Jeong, Heon Young Lee
Anti-microbial antibodies in celiac disease: Trick or treat?

Author(s): Maria Papp, Ildiko Foldi, Istvan Altorjay, Eszter Palyu, Miklos Udvardy, Judit Tumpek, Sandor Sipka, Ilma Rita Korponay-Szabo, Eva Nemes, Gabor Veres, Tamas Dinya, Attila Tordai, Hajnalka Andrikovics, Gary L Norman, Peter Laszlo Lakatos
Risk of colorectal neoplasm in patients with acromegaly: A meta-analysis

Author(s): Theodoros Rokkas, Dimitrios Pistiolas, Panos Sechopoulos, Georgios Margantinis, Georgios Koukoulis
Estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PgR) in breast cancer of Indian women

Author(s): Patil AV | Bhamre RS | Singhai R | Tayade MB | Patil VW
How good is endoscopic ultrasound for TNM staging of gastric cancers? A meta-analysis and systematic review

Author(s): Srinivas Reddy Puli, Jyotsna Batapati Krishna Reddy, Matthew L Bechtold, Mainor R Antillon, Jamal A Ibdah
Non-sequential narrow band imaging for targeted biopsy and monitoring of gastric intestinal metaplasia

Author(s): Rungsun Rerknimitr, Boonlert Imraporn, Naruemon Klaikeaw, Wiriyaporn Ridtitid, Sukprasert Jutaghokiat, Yuwadee Ponauthai, Pradermchai Kongkam, Pinit Kullavanijaya
Female gender predicts lower access and adherence to antiretroviral therapy in a setting of free healthcare

Author(s): Tapp Christine | Milloy M-J | Kerr Thomas | Zhang Ruth | Guillemi Silvia | Hogg Robert | Montaner Julio | Wood Evan
Family and home correlates of children's physical activity in a multi-ethnic population: the cross-sectional child heart and health study in england (CHASE)

Author(s): McMinn Alison | van Sluijs Esther | Nightingale Claire | Griffin Simon | Cook Derek | Owen Chris | Rudnicka Alicja | Whincup Peter
Successful resuscitation of out of hospital cardiac arrest patients in the emergency department

Author(s): Shou-Yen Chen | Shih-Hao Wang | Yi-Ming Weng | Yu-Che Chang | Yu-Jr Lin | Ko-Chen Chang | Jiun-Hao Yu
An Automatic Collocation Extraction from Arabic Corpus

Author(s): Abdulgabbar M. Saif | Mohd J.A. Aziz
Discovery of Reliable Software using GOM on Interval Domain Data

Author(s): Dr. R. Satya Prasad | D. Haritha
Sinais e sintomas relacionados à baixa acuidade visual em escolares do nordeste do Rio Grande do Sul Signs and symptoms related to low visual acuity in schoolchildren from the Northeast of Rio Grande do Sul

Author(s): Jonathan Soldera | Ellen Zatti Ramos Simionato | Eduardo Machado Estevão Pires | Filipe Rech Bassani | Eduardo Schmidt Rizzon | Gustavo Basso Poleto
Spillover adherence effects of fixed-dose combination HIV therapy

Author(s): Kauf TL | Davis KL | Earnshaw SR | Davis EA
Genetic analysis of growth traits in Iranian Makuie sheep breed

Author(s): Shoja Jafari | Ali Hashemi | Ghader Manafiazar | Reza Darvishzadeh | Sarrain Razzagzadeh | Mohammad Farhadian
A comparison of item response theory-based methods for examining differential item functioning in object naming test by language of assessment among older Latinos

Author(s): Frances M. Yang | Kevin C. Heslin | Kala M. Mehta | Cheng-Wu Yang | Katja Ocepek-Welikson | Marjorie Kleinman | Leo S. Morales | Ron D. Hays | Anita L. Stewart | Dan Mungas | Richard N. Jones | Jeanne A. Teresi
Superiority of metastatic lymph node ratio to the 7th edition UICC N staging in gastric cancer

Author(s): Long-Bin Xiao | Jian-Xing Yu | Wen-Hui Wu | Feng-Feng Xu | Shi-Bin Yang
Predictors for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo with positive Dix–Hallpike test

Author(s): Noda K | Ikusaka M | Ohira Y | Takada T | Tsukamoto T
Revisit the Two Sample t-Test with a Known Ratio of Variances

Author(s): Yongxiu She | Augustine Wong | Xiaofeng Zhou
Ascitic fluid to serum bilirubin ratio for differentiation of exudates from transudates

Author(s): Amir Hossein Boghratian | Majid Chalian | Hamid Chalian | Yaser Ghavami
Psychometric properties and longitudinal validation of the self-reporting questionnaire (SRQ-20) in a Rwandan community setting: a validation study

Author(s): Scholte Willem | Verduin Femke | van Lammeren Anouk | Rutayisire Theoneste | Kamperman Astrid
DSC and universal bit-level combining for HARQ systems

Author(s): Lv Tiejun | Xia Jinhuan | Long Feichi
Cardiac medication prescribing and adherence after acute myocardial infarction in Chinese and South Asian Canadian patients

Author(s): Lai Emily | Grubisic Maja | Palepu Anita | Quan Hude | King Kathryn | Khan Nadia
Adherence to prescribed artemisinin-based combination therapy in Garissa and Bunyala districts, Kenya

Author(s): Lawford Harriet | Zurovac Dejan | O'Reilly Laura | Hoibak Sarah | Cowley Alice | Munga Stephen | Vulule John | Juma Elizabeth | Snow Robert | Allan Richard
Onset Detection in Surface Electromyographic Signals: A Systematic Comparison of Methods

Author(s): Staude Gerhard | Flachenecker Claus | Daumer Martin | Wolf Werner
Rotated Walsh-Hadamard Spreading with Robust Channel Estimation for a Coded MC-CDMA System

Author(s): Raulefs Ronald | Dammann Armin | Sand Stephan | Kaiser Stefan | Auer Gunther
Towards a brief definition of burnout syndrome by subtypes: Development of the "Burnout Clinical Subtypes Questionnaire" (BCSQ-12)

Author(s): Montero-Marín Jesús | Skapinakis Petros | Araya Ricardo | Gili Margarita | García-Campayo Javier
Detection of Ground Moving Targets for Two-Channel Spaceborne SAR-ATI

Author(s): Dong Zhen | Cai Bin | Liang Diannong
Estimation of Radar Cross Section of a Target under Track

Author(s): Jung Young-Hun | Hong Sun-Mog | Choi SeungHo
Time-Delay Estimation in Dispersed Spectrum Cognitive Radio Systems

Author(s): Kocak Fatih | Celebi Hasari | Gezici Sinan | Qaraqe KhalidA | Arslan Huseyin | Poor HVincent
A simplified clinical prediction score of chronic kidney disease: A cross-sectional-survey study

Author(s): Thakkinstian Ammarin | Ingsathit Atiporn | Chaiprasert Amnart | Rattanasiri Sasivimol | Sangthawan Pornpen | Gojaseni Pongsathorn | Kiattisunthorn Kriwiporn | Ongaiyooth Leena | Thirakhupt Prapaipim
Detection of clusters of a rare disease over a large territory: performance of cluster detection methods

Author(s): Goujon-Bellec Stéphanie | Demoury Claire | Guyot-Goubin Aurélie | Hémon Denis | Clavel Jacqueline
The strengths and difficulties questionnaire as a screening instrument for norwegian child and adolescent mental health services, application of UK scoring algorithms

Author(s): Brøndbo Per | Mathiassen Børge | Martinussen Monica | Heiervang Einar | Eriksen Mads | Moe Therese | Sæther Guri | Kvernmo Siv
Pleural fluid soluble triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 as a marker of bacterial infection: a meta-analysis

Author(s): Summah Hanssa | Tao Li-Li | Zhu Ying-Gang | Jiang Hong-Ni | Qu Jie-Ming
Performance Analysis of the 3GPP-LTE Physical Control Channels

Author(s): Thiruvengadam SJ | Jalloul LouayMA
A Particle Filtering Approach to Change Detection for Nonlinear Systems

Author(s): Azimi-Sadjadi Babak | Krishnaprasad PS
MIMO-OFDM Channel Estimation in the Presence of Carrier Frequency Offset

Author(s): Li Jun | Liao Guisheng | Guo Qinghua
Evaluating Edge Detection through Boundary Detection

Author(s): Wang Song | Ge Feng | Liu Tiecheng
A Review on Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio: Challenges and Solutions

Author(s): Zeng Yonghong | Liang Ying-Chang | Hoang AnhTuan | Zhang Rui
An Efficient Multibit Aggregation Scheme for Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Jagyasi BhushanG | Dey BikashK | Merchant SN | Desai UB
A Unified Approach to List-Based Multiuser Detection in Overloaded Receivers

Author(s): Krause Michael | Taylor DesmondP | Martin PhilippaA
Near-Optimum Detection with Low Complexity for Uplink Virtual MIMO Systems

Author(s): Kim Sanhae | Shin Oh-Soon | Shin Yoan
On Some Reliability Properties of Mean Inactivity Time under Weighing

Author(s): Neeraj Gandotra | Rakesh Kumar Bajaj | Nitin Gupta
The Diagnostic Value of Computed Tomography in Determining Invasion to Carotid Arteries by Head and Neck Malignant Tumors

Author(s): H. Sharifian | L. Aghaghazvini | M. Aghaghazvini | H. Mazaher | Sh. Sharif Kashany
Diagnostic Accuracy of Multi-Slice Computed Tomographic (MSCT) Angiography in the Detection of Cerebral Aneurysms

Author(s): H.R Haghighatkhah | S Sabouri | F Borzouyeh | M.H. Bagherzadeh | H Bakhshandeh | A.H Jalali
Relationship Among Panoramic Radiography Findings, Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover and Hip BMD in the Diagnosis of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

Author(s): M. Johari Khatoonabad | N. Aghamohammadzade | H. Taghilu | F. Esmaeili | H. Jabbari Khamnei
High prevalence of silent ischemia in asymptomatic type II Diabetic patients using myocardial perfusion imaging

Author(s): Mozhdeh Nasiri Ahmadabadi | Mohammad Reza Pourbehi | Majid Assadi
Evaluation of Serological Tests Using A60 Antigen for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Author(s): Hamid Emadi Kochak | Seyed Ahmad SeyedAlinaghi | Omid Zarghom | Shadi Hekmat | Sara Jam | Duman Sabzvari | Zahra Abdi
A Comparative Analysis of Open Source Software Reliability

Author(s): Cobra Rahmani | Azad Azadmanesh | Lotfi Najjar
A Practical Subspace Approach To Landmarking

Author(s): Gert Beumer | Raymond Veldhuis
Human Activity Clustering for Online Anomaly Detection

Author(s): Xudong Zhu | Zhijing Liu | Juehui Zhang
Cross-national epidemiology of DSM-IV major depressive episode

Author(s): Bromet Evelyn | Andrade Laura | Hwang Irving | Sampson Nancy | Alonso Jordi | de Girolamo Giovanni | de Graaf Ron | Demyttenaere Koen | Hu Chiyi | Iwata Noboru | Karam Aimee | Kaur Jagdish | Kostyuchenko Stanislav | Lépine Jean-Pierre | Levinson Daphna | Matschinger Herbert | Mora Maria | Browne Mark | Posada-Villa Jose | Viana Maria | Williams David | Kessler Ronald
Risk factors and psychosocial characteristics of potential problematic and problematic internet use among adolescents: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Kormas Georgios | Critselis Elena | Janikian Mari | Kafetzis Dimitrios | Tsitsika Artemis
Modeling growth of mandibles in the Western Arctic caribou herd

Author(s): Jay M. Ver Hoef | Patrick Valkenburg | James R. Dau
Non-invasive screening: The probability of events

Author(s): Lončar D. | Janković S. | Milovanović D. | Milošević-Đorđević Olivera | Stojadinović M. | Lončar S.

Author(s): Dr. R.Satya Prasad | N. Supriya | G.Krishna Mohan
Randomized clinical trial evaluating the frequency of membrane sweeping with an unfavorable cervix at 39 weeks

Author(s): Putnam K | Magann EF | Doherty DA | Poole AT | Magann MI | Warner WB | Chauhan SP
Diagnostic value of ultrasound for identification of nasal fracture

Author(s): Nazanin Farshchian | Nikzad Farshchian | Firoozeh Farshchian | Farid Najafi

Author(s): Wolfgang BISCHOFF | Andreas GEGG

Relationship between body mass index and perceived insufficient sleep among U.S. adults: an analysis of 2008 BRFSS data

Author(s): Wheaton Anne | Perry Geraldine | Chapman Daniel | McKnight-Eily Lela | Presley-Cantrell Letitia | Croft Janet
Positive selection in the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase gene of Newcastle disease virus and its effect on vaccine efficacy

Author(s): Gu Min | Liu Wujie | Xu Lijun | Cao Yongzhong | Yao Chunfeng | Hu Shunlin | Liu Xiufan
Statistical Inference Methods for Sparse Biological Time Series Data

Author(s): Ndukum Juliet | Fonseca Luís | Santos Helena | Voit Eberhard | Datta Susmita
Evaluation of approaches for identifying population informative markers from high density SNP Chips

Author(s): Wilkinson Samantha | Wiener Pamela | Archibald Alan | Law Andy | Schnabel Robert | McKay Stephanie | Taylor Jeremy | Ogden Rob
Combining an Evolution-guided Clustering Algorithm and Haplotype-based LRT in Family Association Studies

Author(s): Lee Mei-Hsien | Tzeng Jung-Ying | Huang Su-Yun | Hsiao Chuhsing
Needlestick and sharps injuries among health care workers at public tertiary hospitals in an urban community in Mongolia

Author(s): Kakizaki Mayo | Ikeda Nayu | Ali Moazzam | Enkhtuya Budbazar | Tsolmon Muugolog | Shibuya Kenji | Kuroiwa Chushi
Work-related pesticide poisoning among farmers in two villages of Southern China: a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Zhang Xujun | Zhao Weiyan | Jing Ruiwei | Wheeler Krista | Smith Gary | Stallones Lorann | Xiang Huiyun
Predicting streptococcal pharyngitis in adults in primary care: a systematic review of the diagnostic accuracy of symptoms and signs and validation of the Centor score

Author(s): Aalbers Jolien | O'Brien Kirsty | Chan Wai-Sun | Falk Gavin | Teljeur Conor | Dimitrov Borislav | Fahey Tom
Alterations of Mandibular Inferior Cortex in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

Author(s): L Khojastehpour | M Afsa | MH Dabbaghmanesh
Return distribution and value at risk estimation for BELEX15

Author(s): Đorić Dragan | Nikolić-Đorić Emilija
Robust Speech Endpoint Detection in Airplane Cockpit Voice Background

Author(s): Hongbing CHENG | Ming LEI | Guorong HUANG | Yan XIA
Maximum Likelihood Detection for Detect-and-Forward Relay Channels

Author(s): Azlan Abd Aziz | Yasunori Iwanami
Leukocytosis as an Alarming Sign for Mortality in Patients Hospitalized in General Wards

Author(s): Khairollah Asadollahi | Ian M. Hastings | Nicholas J. Beeching | Geoffrey V. Gill | Parisa Asadollahi
The value of inflammation and coagulation markers for the assessment of the activity and clinical outcome of ulcerative colitis

Author(s): P. Zezos | Georgia Papaioannou | N. Nikolaidis | Kalliopi Patsiaoura | Th. Vassiliadis | Olga Giouleme | A. Mpoumponaris | N. Evgenidis
Fine Timing synchronization for OFDM Receiver

Author(s): Narendra Giradkar, | Dr.G.M.Asutkar, | Abhijit Maidamwar
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