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Author(s): Bruce Sitholé | Salma Shirin | Xiao Zhang | Luc Lapierre | Jorge Pimentel | Mike Paice
Effects of olive oil and its fractions on oxidative stress and the liver's fatty acid composition in 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid-treated rats

Author(s): Nakbi Amel | Tayeb Wafa | Grissa Abir | Issaoui Manel | Dabbou Samia | Chargui Issam | Ellouz Meriem | Miled Abdelhedi | Hammami Mohamed
Xenoestrogenic activity in blood of European and Inuit populations

Author(s): Bonefeld-Jorgensen Eva | Hjelmborg Philip | Reinert Thayaline | Andersen Birgitte | Lesovoy Vladimir | Lindh Christian | Hagmar Lars | Giwercman Aleksander | Erlandsen Mogens | Manicardi Gian-Carlo | Spanò Marcello | Toft Gunnar | Bonde Jens
Dioxin-like activities in serum across European and Inuit populations

Author(s): Long Manhai | Andersen Birgitte | Lindh Christian | Hagmar Lars | Giwercman Aleksander | Manicardi Gian-Carlo | Bizzaro Davide | Spanò Marcello | Toft Gunnar | Pedersen Henning | Zvyezday Valentyna | Bonde Jens | Bonefeld-Jorgensen Eva
In rats, oral oleoyl-DHEA is rapidly hydrolysed and converted to DHEA-sulphate

Author(s): Serrano Marta | Grasa Maria del Mar | Fernández-López José Antonio | Alemany Marià
Characterization of lipophilic wood extractives from clones of Eucalyptus urograndis cultivate in Brazil

Author(s): Siverio, F. O. | Barbosa, L. C. A. | Maltha, C. R. A. | Silvestre, A. J. D. | Pilo-Veloso, D. | Gomide, J. L.
AhR transcriptional activity in serum of Inuits across Greenlandic districts

Author(s): Long Manhai | Deutch Bente | Bonefeld-Jorgensen Eva
Xenohormone transactivities are inversely associated to serum POPs in Inuit

Author(s): Krüger Tanja | Ghisari Mandana | Hjelmborg Philip | Deutch Bente | Bonefeld-Jorgensen Eva

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