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Author(s): Hugo Gallardo | Deise M. P. O. Santos | Adailton J. Bortoluzzi

Author(s): Gopinathan Narayan | Nigam P. Rath | Suresh Das
Contact Melting in Simple Eutectic System

Author(s): Savvin V. S. | Pomytkina Ye. Yu. | Anokhina N. N.
Present status of amorphous In–Ga–Zn–O thin-film transistors

Author(s): Toshio Kamiya, Kenji Nomura and Hideo Hosono
Statistical and Fractal Processing of Phase Images of Human Biological Fluids

Author(s): USHENKO, Y. O. | TOMKA, Y. Y. | MARCHUK, Y. I. | BALANETCKA, V. O.
Modelización termodinámica de las aleaciones Ag-Zn

Author(s): Gómez-Acebo, T. | Sundman, B.
3,3′-Dimethyl-1,1′-[(1,3-dihydroxypropane-2,2-diyl)dimethylidene]diimidazolium bis(hexafluorophosphate)

Author(s): Ai-Lin Yuan | Chang-Sheng Wang | Ling-Hua Zhuang | Guo-Wei Wang

Author(s): Gabriela Lisa | Daniela Apreutesei Wilson | Dan Scutaru | Felicia Olaru | Valentina Botnaru | Catalin Lisa
4-{[(4-Fluorophenyl)imino]methyl}-3-hydroxyphenyl 4-(Hexadecanoyloxy)benzoate

Author(s): Sie-Tiong Ha | Guan-Yeow Yeap | Peng-Lim Boey
Validation of a Phase-Mass Characterization Concept and Interface for Acoustic Biosensors

Author(s): Yeison Montagut | José V. García | Yolanda Jiménez | Carmen March | Ángel Montoya | Antonio Arnau
Electronic Noses and Tongues: Applications for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Author(s): Elizabeth A. Baldwin | Jinhe Bai | Anne Plotto | Sharon Dea
Evolution of Statistic Moments of 2D-Distributions of Biological Liquid Crystal Net Mueller Matrix Elements in the Process of Their Birefringent Structure Changes

Author(s): A. G. Ushenko | I. Z. Misevich | V. Istratiy | I. Bachyns'ka | A. P. Peresunko | Omar Kamal Numan | T. G. Moiysuk
Self-assembled ordered structures in thin films of HAT5 discotic liquid crystal

Author(s): Piero Morales | Jan Lagerwall | Paolo Vacca | Sabine Laschat | Giusy Scalia
Biological and Biomimetic Comb Polyelectrolytes

Author(s): Thomas Andrew Waigh | Aristeidis Papagiannopoulos
Solvent Vapour Detection with Cholesteric Liquid Crystals—Optical and Mass-Sensitive Evaluation of the Sensor Mechanism

Author(s): Adnan Mujahid | Helen Stathopulos | Peter A. Lieberzeit | Franz L. Dickert
Synthesis and Liquid Crystalline Properties of New Diols Containing Azomethine Groups

Author(s): Issam Ahmed Mohammed | Govindarajan Sankar | Melati Khairuddean | Abu Bakar Mohamad
Investigation of Microwave Dielectric Properties of (Mg1-xZnx)2SiO4 (0≤x≤1) Ceramics

Author(s): SONG Kai-Xin,YING Zhi-Hua,SHAO Li-Huan,ZHENG Liang,XU Jun-Ming,QIN Hui-Bin
Growth of PbS Crystals under a BSA Monolayer in the Presence of Kinetically Controlled Ammonia Diffusion

Author(s): XIONG Hao-Yang,HU Bin-Bin,XUE Zhong-Hui,CAI Li,DAI Shu-Xi,DU Zu-Liang
Elaboration and Characterization of High Silica ZSM-5 and Mordenite Solid Microporous Materials

Author(s): Sihem Khemaissia | Djamel Nibou | Samira Amokrane | Nemcha Lebaili
Fabrication of Ba-Hexaferrite Quasi-single Crystals and their Magnetic Properties

Author(s): LIU Jun-Liang,GUO Cui-Jing,ZHANG Wei,ZENG Yan-Wei
1,1′,2,2′-Tetramethyl-3,3′-(p-phenylenedimethylene)diimidazol-1-ium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonate)

Author(s): Puvaneswary Subramaniam | Yatimah Alias | Kumuthini Chandrasekaram
Monitoreo de la transformación bainítica por medio de permeabilidad magnética

Author(s): Páez, J. L. | Fuentes, F. | Yep, R. | Duro, C. | Codina, R. | Alberio, O.
Nd pronounced anharmonicity in IR spectra of CaWO4 single crystals

Author(s): Golubović A. | Gajić R. | Dohčević-Mitrović Z. | Nikolić S.
Optimal Six-Sigma Level in TFT-LCD Manufacturing: A Case Study

Author(s): Jen-Ming Chenand Tsung-Te Cheng
Optically Defined Modal Sensors Incorporating Spiropyran-Doped Liquid Crystals with Piezoelectric Sensors

Author(s): Kuan-Ting Chen | Chin-Kai Chang | Hui-Lung Kuo | Chih-Kung Lee
Observations of ice multiplication in a weakly convective cell embedded in supercooled mid-level stratus

Author(s): J. Crosier | K. N. Bower | T. W. Choularton | C. D. Westbrook | P. J. Connolly | Z. Q. Cui | I. P. Crawford | G. L. Capes | H. Coe | J. R. Dorsey | P. I. Williams | A. J. Illingworth | M. W. Gallagher | A. M. Blyth
New Schiff Bases with Pyridine Core: Spectral, Thermal and Optical Characterizations

Author(s): Sie-Tiong Ha | Lay-Khoon Ong | Yip-Foo Win | Guan-Yeow Yeap | Nilesh L. Bonde | Peng-Lim Boey

Author(s): Carmen Mihaela Topală | Sorin Anghel
Electro-Optic Effects in Colloidal Dispersion of Metal Nano-Rods in Dielectric Fluid

Author(s): Andrii B. Golovin | Jie Xiang | Heung-Shik Park | Luana Tortora | Yuriy A. Nastishin | Sergij V. Shiyanovskii | Oleg D. Lavrentovich
Annual layering in the NGRIP ice core during the Eemian

Author(s): A. Svensson | M. Bigler | E. Kettner | D. Dahl-Jensen | S. Johnsen | S. Kipfstuhl | M. Nielsen | J. P. Steffensen
Mechanism Studies of LCP Synthesis

Author(s): Anne Buyle Padias | Henry K. Hall, Jr.
Annual layering in the NGRIP ice core during the Eemian

Author(s): A. Svensson | M. Bigler | E. Kettner | D. Dahl-Jensen | S. Johnsen | S. Kipfstuhl | M. Nielsen | J. P. Steffensen
Composition and properties of foam glass crystal materials from compound of broken glass and high calcium slag (rus)

Author(s): Portnyagin D.G. | Selivanov Yu.V. | Selivanov V.M. | Shiltsina A.D.
Thermodynamic Properties of ZnO With in Mie-Grüneisen Hypothesis

Author(s): A.D. Patel | S.G. Khambholja | N.K. Bhatt | B.Y. Thakore | A.R. Jani
3-Carbamoylquinoxalin-1-ium chloride

Author(s): James K. Harper | Gary Strobel | Atta M. Arif
Synthesis of New Liquid Crystalline Diglycidyl Ethers

Author(s): Issam Ahmed Mohammed | Rashidah Mohamed Hamidi
Laser Induced Refractive Index Change in Nematic Liquid Crystals

Author(s): Crispulo Larraga | Darwin Palima | Zenaida Domingo

Author(s): Manivannan Rangasamy | Kugalur Ganesan Parthiban
Molecular Dynamics Simulations on trans- and cis-Decalins: The Effect of Partial Atomic Charges and Adjustment of "Real Densities"

Author(s): Roman Eremin | Kholmirzo Kholmurodov | Mikhail Avdeev | Viktor Petrenko | Kenji Yasuoka
Nanoparticle-Liquid Crystalline Elastomer Composites

Author(s): Yan Ji | Jean E. Marshall | Eugene M. Terentjev
In Situ and Ex Situ Syntheses of Magnetic Liquid Crystalline Materials: A Comparison

Author(s): Ophelie Riou | Lacramioara Zadoina | Barbara Lonetti | Katerina Soulantica | Anne-Françoise Mingotaud | Marc Respaud | Bruno Chaudret | Monique Mauzac
Strong sensitivity of aerosol concentrations to convective wet scavenging parameterizations in a global model

Author(s): B. Croft | J. R. Pierce | R. V. Martin | C. Hoose | U. Lohmann
On the origin of fine structure in the photoluminescence spectra of the β-sialon:Eu2+ green phosphor

Author(s): Kohsei Takahashi, Ken-ichi Yoshimura, Masamichi Harada, Yoshitaka Tomomura, Takashi Takeda, Rong-Jun Xie and Naoto Hirosaki
EXAFS Studies of Ruthenium Based Double Perovskite ALaMnRuO6 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba)

Author(s): Muhammad Nasir Khan | Javaid Bashir | Rubina Shaheen
Temperature-Frequency Converter Using a Liquid Crystal Cell as a Sensing Element

Author(s): Carlos Marcos | José M. Sánchez Pena | Juan C. Torres | José Isidro Santos
Binary Mixtures of PDLC Doped with Nanoparticles and MWCNT

Author(s): Sureshchandra J.Gupta | Balakrishna R.Sreeramulu
Self-polarizing terahertz liquid crystal phase shifter

Author(s): Xiao-wen Lin | Jing-bo Wu | Wei Hu | Zhi-gang Zheng | Zi-jian Wu | Ge Zhu | Fei Xu | Biao-bing Jin | Yan-qing Lu
Photoalignment - an alternative aligning technique for Liquid Crystal Displays

Author(s): M.M. Chrzanowski | J. Zieliński | M. Olifierczuk | J. Kędzierski | E. Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki
Dielectric Behaviour of Pure and Dye Doped Nematic Liquid Crystal BKS/B07

Author(s): Rajiv Manohar | Shashwati Manohar | V. S. Chandel
Free Glutamate Content of Condiment and Seasonings and Their Intake in Bogor and Jakarta, Indonesia

Author(s): Nuri Andarwulan | Lilis Nuraida | Siti Madanijah | Hanifah N. Lioe | Zulaikhah .
Microstrip Circular Patch Array Antenna for Wlan Applications on Liquid Crystal Polymer Substrate

Author(s): B.T.P.Madhav | VGKM Pisipati | Habibulla Khan | VGNS Prasad | P.V.Datta

Author(s): Jain Hitesh | Ghule Rushikesh | Joshi Gauri | Maurya Jagruti | Trivedi Nirali
Modeling interfacial liquid layers on environmental ices

Author(s): M. H. Kuo | S. G. Moussa | V. F. McNeill
Electrical Properties of Zn-Phthalocyanine and Poly (3-hexylthiophene) Doped Nematic Liquid Crystal

Author(s): Y. Karakuş | M. Okutan | A. Kösemen | S. E. San | Z. Alpaslan | A. Demir
Electric-Field Response of Discotic Hexabenzocoronene (HBC) Liquid Crystals

Author(s): Wenguang Wang | Xuying Liu | Jialing Pu
Precipitation of fluticasone propionate microparticles using supercritical antisolvent

Author(s): A Vatanara | A Rouholamini Najafabadi | K Gilani | R Asgharian | M Darabi | M Rafiee-Tehrani
Resolidificación superficial de eutécticos Al2O3-YSZ asistida por láser

Author(s): Merino, R. I. | Peña, J. I. | Orera, V. M. | Larrea, A. | Sánchez-Herencia, A. J.
Simulation of bulk phases formed by polyphilic liquid crystal dendrimers

Author(s): J.M. Ilnytskyi | J.S. Lintuvuori | M.R. Wilson
Melting of 2D liquid crystal colloidal structure

Author(s): A. Brodin | A. Nych | U. Ognysta | B. Lev | V. Nazarenko | M. Škarabot | I. Muševič
Nano-colloids of Sn2P2S6 in Nematic Liquid Crystal Pentyl-cianobiphenile

Author(s): O. Kurochkin | H. Atkuri | O. Buchnev | A. Glushchenko | O. Grabar | R. Karapinar | V. Reshetnyak | J. West | Yu. Reznikov
Note about Cholesterol

Author(s): J. Planer
Classical and quantum anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets

Author(s): W. Selke | G. Bannasch | M. Holtschneider | I.P. McCulloch | D. Peters | S. Wessel
Effect of Molecular Flexibility on the Nematic-to-Isotropic Phase Transition for Highly Biaxial Molecular Non-Symmetric Liquid Crystal Dimers

Author(s): Nerea Sebastián | David Orencio López | Sergio Diez-Berart | María Rosario de la Fuente | Josep Salud | Miguel Angel Pérez-Jubindo | María Blanca Ros
4-{[(4-Methylphenyl)imino]methyl}-3-hydroxyphenyl 4-(Hexadecanoyloxy)benzoate

Author(s): Sie-Tiong Ha | Guan-Yeow Yeap | Peng-Lim Boey
The multiphase physics of sea ice: a review

Author(s): E. C. Hunke | D. Notz | A. K. Turner | M. Vancoppenolle

Author(s): Solveig R. Madsen | Nina Lock | Jacob Overgaard | Bo B. Iversen
4-{[(4-Iodophenyl)imino]methyl}phenyl Octadecanoate

Author(s): Sie-Tiong Ha | Teck-Leong Lee | Yip-Foo Win | Guan-Yeow Yeap
Development of a Mass Sensitive Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)-Based DNA Biosensor Using a 50 MHz Electronic Oscillator Circuit

Author(s): Gonzalo García-Martinez | Enrique Alonso Bustabad | Hubert Perrot | Claude Gabrielli | Bogdan Bucur | Mathieu Lazerges | Daniel Rose | Loreto Rodriguez-Pardo | Jose Fariña | Chantal Compère | Antonio Arnau Vives
Different Approaches of Employing Cholesteric Liquid Crystals in Dye Lasers

Author(s): Guram Chilaya | Andro Chanishvili | Gia Petriashvili | Riccardo Barberi | Maria Penelope De Santo | Mario Ariosto Matranga
Optical Properties of Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystals in Electric Field

Author(s): Suleyman Yilmaz | Halide Melik | Firat Angay | Mehriban Emek | Ahmet Yildirim
Orientation of liquid crystalline materials by using carbon nanotubes

Author(s): Kamanina N.V. | Vasilyev P.Ya | Studeonov V.I.
Phase mask coronagraphy at JPL and Palomar

Author(s): Serabyn E. | Mawet D.
Steady State–Hopf Mode Interactions at the Onset of Electroconvection in the Nematic Liquid Crystal Phase V

Author(s): Gyanu Acharya | Gerhard Dangelmayr | James Gleeson | Iuliana Oprea
Design of the Control System about Central Signals in Electric Vehicle

Author(s): Qianqian Zhang | Yan Wang | Tianming Yin
Amphiphilic dendritic peptides: Synthesis and behavior as an organogelator and liquid crystal

Author(s): Baoxiang Gao | Hongxia Li | Defang Xia | Sufang Sun | Xinwu Ba
Intercomparison of cloud model simulations of Arctic mixed-phase boundary layer clouds observed during SHEBA/FIRE-ACE

Author(s): Hugh Morrison | Paquita Zuidema | Andrew S. Ackerman | Alexander Avramov | Gijs de Boer | Jiwen Fan | Ann M. Fridlind | Tempei Hashino | Jerry Y. Harrington | Yali Luo | Mikhail Ovchinnikov | Ben Shipway
Ultra Wideband Log-periodic Trapezoidal Antenna on K15 LC-Substrate Material

Author(s): B.T.P.Madhav, | Prof VGKM Pisipati | N.V.K Ramesh, | K.V.Sundeep, | Y.Joseph Manoj Reddy, | N.Srinivas Sri Chaitanya, | N.Krishna Chaitanya
New Mesogenic Schiff Base Esters with Polar Chloro Substituent: Synthesis, Thermotropic Properties and X-Ray Diffraction Studies

Author(s): Sie-Tiong Ha | Lay-Khoon Ong | Yasodha Sivasothy | Guan-Yeow Yeap | Peng-Lim Boey | Hong-Cheu Lin
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