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Potentials of Liquid Membrane System : An overview

Author(s): Azhar Y Khan | Dr. Sushama Talegaonkar | R.K.Khar M.Pharm, Ph.D | Dr. Farhan Jaless Ahmed | Dr. Zeenat Iqbal
Present status of amorphous In–Ga–Zn–O thin-film transistors

Author(s): Toshio Kamiya, Kenji Nomura and Hideo Hosono
Creating Surface Properties Using a Palette of Hydrophobins

Author(s): Filippo Zampieri | Han A. B. Wösten | Karin Scholtmeijer
Magnetic properties of liquid-phase-assisted sintered MnZn ferrites

Author(s): Drofenik Miha | Žnidaršić A. | Košak A.
Solid state compatibility in the ZnO-rich region of ZnO-Bi2O3-Sb2O3 and ZnO-Bi2O3-Sb2O5 systems

Author(s): de la Rubia, M. A. | Peiteado, M. | de Frutos, J. | Jardiel, T.
Preparation and evaluation of hand rub disinfectant

Author(s): Padsalgi Amol | Jain Devendra | Bidkar Sanjay | Harinarayana Dommati | Jadhav Vijay
Wall-to-liquid mass transfer in fluidized beds and vertical transport of inert particles

Partial Discharge in Capacitor Model at Low Temperature

Author(s): M. Nemamcha | L. Herous | M. Remadnia | M. Kachi | P. Rain | J. P. Gosse
Validation of a Phase-Mass Characterization Concept and Interface for Acoustic Biosensors

Author(s): Yeison Montagut | José V. García | Yolanda Jiménez | Carmen March | Ángel Montoya | Antonio Arnau
Characterizing Vibrating Cantilevers for Liquid Viscosity and Density Sensing

Author(s): Christian Riesch | Erwin K. Reichel | Franz Keplinger | Bernhard Jakoby
Thermodynamic Analysis of Gravity-driven Liquid Film along an Inclined Heated Plate with Hydromagnetic and Viscous Dissipation Effects

Author(s): Soraya Aïboud-Saouli | Salah Saouli | Noureddine Settou | Nouredine Meza
New Hydrodynamic Electrochemical Arrangement for Cadmium Ions Detection Using Thick-Film Chemical Sensor Electrodes

Author(s): Jan Prasek | Martin Adamek | Jaromir Hubalek | Vojtech Adam | Libuse Trnkova | Rene Kizek
Microemulsions : An Overview

Author(s): Mr. Amrish Chandra | Dr.P.K.Sharma
Fertilization Has No Influence on Growth and Flowering of Eustoma grandiflorum (Raf.) Shinners Grown as Cut Flower

Author(s): Mirna ĆURKOVIĆ PERICA | Ines VRŠEK | Jadranka SAČER, | Vesna ŽIDOVEC, | Sanja MORIĆ
Distinct gene subsets in pterygia formation and recurrence: dissecting complex biological phenomenon using genome wide expression data

Author(s): Tong Louis | Chew Jaime | Yang Henry | Ang Leonard | Tan Donald | Beuerman Roger
Preparation, Characterization and Salt Rejection of Negatively Charged Polyamide Nanofiltration Membranes

Author(s): Rosa María Félix Navarro | Sergio Pérez Sicairos | Shui Wai Lin
Effect of Inclination Angle on Performance Limit of a Closed-End Oscillating Heat Pipe

Author(s): T. Hudakorn | P. Terdtoon | P. Sakulchangsatjatai
The effect of fatty acid surfactants on the uptake of nitric acid to deliquesced NaCl aerosol

Author(s): K. Stemmler | A. Vlasenko | C. Guimbaud | M. Ammann
The effect of fatty acid surfactants on the uptake of nitric acid to deliquesced NaCl aerosol

Author(s): K. Stemmler | A. Vlasenko | C. Guimbaud | M. Ammann
Adsorption of natural surfactants present in sea waters at surfaces of minerals: contact angle measurements

Author(s): Adriana Mazurek | Stanisław J. Pogorzelski | Katarzyna Boniewicz-Szmyt
In-TFT-Array-Process Micro Defect Inspection Using Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis

Author(s): Yi-Hung Liu | Chi-Kai Wang | Yung Ting | Wei-Zhi Lin | Zhi-Hao Kang | Ching-Shun Chen | Jih-Shang Hwang
Characterization of Thick and Thin Film SiCN for Pressure Sensing at High Temperatures

Author(s): Alfin Leo | Sergey Andronenko | Ion Stiharu | Rama B. Bhat
Electrochemical Analysis of Conducting Polymer Thin Films

Author(s): Ritesh N. Vyas | Bin Wang

Author(s): Šalić, A | Tušek, A | Kurtanjek, Ž | Zelić, B
The Handbook of Nonwoven Filter Media

Author(s): Dr. Larry C. Wadsworth,
Features of Impinging Streams Intensifying Processes and Their Applications

Author(s): Yuan Wu | Yuxin Zhou | Jia Guo | Jun Yuan
Preparation of coated valproic acid and sodium valproate sustained-release matrix tablets

Author(s): Phaechamud T | Mueannoom W | Tuntarawongsa S | Chitrattha S
Polyurethane Membranes Modified with Isopropyl Myristate as a Potential Candidate for Encapsulating Electronic Implants: A Study of Biocompatibility and Water Permeability

Author(s): Nima Roohpour | Jaroslaw M. Wasikiewicz | Alireza Moshaverinia | Deepen Paul | Mike F. Grahn | Ihtesham U. Rehman | Pankaj Vadgama
Liquid-Phase Packaging of a Glucose Oxidase Solution with Parylene Direct Encapsulation and an Ultraviolet Curing Adhesive Cover for Glucose Sensors

Author(s): Seiichi Takamatsu | Hisanori Takano | Nguyen Binh-Khiem | Tomoyuki Takahata | Eiji Iwase | Kiyoshi Matsumoto | Isao Shimoyama
Analysis of the deoxidation process of copper with manganese using a platinum electrode-based sensor prepared by MOCVD

Author(s): González-López, S. | Romero-Serrano, A. | Vargas-García, R. | Zeifert, B. | Cruz-Ramírez, A.
Effective Acclimatization of Epidendrum in vitro Using a Novel Micropropagation Vessel

Author(s): Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva | D.T.T. Giang | M. Tanaka
In vitro Acclimatization of Banana and Cymbidium

Author(s): Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva | Dam D.T. Giang | Michio Tanaka
Naturally-Pressurized Running Systems: The Role of Ceramic Filters

Author(s): Hatef Hashemi | Ramin Raiszadeh
Preparation and Characterization of Tetragonal BaTiO3 Thin Film with Self-assembled Monolayers Technique

Author(s): TAN Guo-Qiang,LIU Jian,MIAO Hong-Yan,HE Zhong-Liang,XIA Ao
Monocapas de ácidos grasos. I. Ácido esteárico sobre disoluciones acuosas de etanol

Author(s): Rodríguez Patino, J. M. | de la Fuente Feria, J. | Gómez Herrera, C.
The experimental study of shallow flows of liquid on the airport runways and automobile roads

Author(s): Andrey Beljatynskij | Olegas Prentkovskis | Julij Krivenko

Author(s): A. Suha Yalçın | Murat Türkoğlu
Synthesis and characterization of poly[3-(2’,5’-diheptyloxy-phenyl)thiophene] for use in photoelectrochemical cells

Author(s): Assefa Sergawie | Shimelis Admassie | Wendimagegn Mammo | Teketel Yohannes | Theodros Solomon
Predicting the Mean Liquid Film Thickness and Profile along the Annular Length of a Uniformly Heated Channel at Dryout

Author(s): V.Y. Agbodemegbe | C.Y. Bansah, N.A. Adoo, E. Alhassan and E.H.K. Akaho
Nucleation of biomimetic hydroxyapatite

Author(s): Čolović Božana | Marković Dejan | Jokanović Vukoman
Drosophila melanogaster Meigen: 3. sensibilidade ao carbofuran e biomonitoramento de seus resíduos em repolho

Author(s): Almeida Garcia Rodrigues de | Reyes Felix G. R. | Rath Susanne
Adsorption of textile dyes on alumina. equilibrium studies and contact time effects

Author(s): MOREIRA R.F.P.M. | PERUCH M.G. | KUHNEN N. C.
The application of magnetic carriers in wastewater treatment

Author(s): Jakabský Štefan | Lovás Michal | Hredzák Slavomír
Use of thin films obtained by plasma polymerization for grain protection and germination enhancement

Author(s): Carvalho Rodrigo A. M. | Carvalho Alexsander T. | Silva Maria Lúcia P. da | Demarquette Nicole R. | Assis Odílio B. G.
Preconcentration in gas or liquid phases using adsorbent thin films

Author(s): Nascimento Filho Antonio Pereira | Carvalho Alexsander Tressino de | Silva Maria Lúcia Pereira da | Demarquette Nicole Raymond
Film thickness and wave velocity measurement using reflected laser intensity

Author(s): Oliveira Fábio S. de | Yanagihara Jurandir I. | Pacífico Antônio L.
Antioxidant activity of cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) derivatives on the thermal oxidation of synthetic cis-1,4-polyisoprene

Author(s): Rodrigues Francisco Helder A. | Feitosa Judith P. A. | Ricardo Nágila M. P. S. | França Francisco Célio F. de | Carioca José Oswaldo B.
Translocation and potential neurological effects of fine and ultrafine particles a critical update

Author(s): Peters Annette | Veronesi Bellina | Calderón-Garcidueñas Lilian | Gehr Peter | Chen Lung | Geiser Marianne | Reed William | Rothen-Rutishauser Barbara | Schürch Samuel | Schulz Holger
Tear secretion dysfunction among women workers engaged in light-on tests in the TFT-LCD industry

Author(s): Su Shih-Bin | Lu Chih-Wei | Sheen Jiunn-Woei | Kuo Shu-Chun | Guo How-Ran
Mass transfer coefficient for volatilization of volatile organic compounds from wastewater

Author(s): Bunyakan, C. | Saeoung, S. | Intamanee, J. | Chungsiriporn, J.
A Hierarchy Planning Model for TFT-LCD Production Chain

Author(s): James T. Lin | Tzu-Li Chen | Chien-Chung Huang
Switchable Thermal Interfaces Based on Discrete Liquid Droplets

Author(s): Yanbing Jia | Gilhwan Cha | Yongho Sungtaek Ju
Investigation of glucose-modified liposomes using polyethylene glycols with different chain lengths as the linkers for brain targeting

Author(s): Xie F | Yao N | Qin Y | Zhang Q | Chen H | Yuan M | Tang J | Li X | Fan W | Zhang Q | Wu Y | Hai L | He Q
Laser Induced Refractive Index Change in Nematic Liquid Crystals

Author(s): Crispulo Larraga | Darwin Palima | Zenaida Domingo
Hydrodynamics of Liquid Film in Helical Tubes

Author(s): Masab Kadhim Jawad | Mohammed Salah Hameed
Ablation Properties of C Fibers and SiC Fibers Reinforced Glass Ceramic Matrix Composites Upon Oxyacetylene Torch Exposure

Author(s): Julien Beaudet | Jonathan Cormier | André Dragon | Magali Rollin | Guillaume Benoit
Evaporation of a binary liquid film by forced convection

Author(s): Nasr Abdelaziz | Debbissi Chokri | Nasrallah Ben Sassi
Dosimetric evaluation of Ho-166 radioisotope in intravascular brachytherapy to reduce vascular restenosis

Author(s): Motahareh Sufi | Seyed Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri | Shahab Sheybani | Hosseyn Pourbeygi
Preformulational and delayed release formulation study on Senna leaf powder and Calcium sennoside

Author(s): Vijay Agarwal1*, Arundhati Bhattacharya2 Meenakshi Bajpai3
Patented Microencapsulation Techniques And Its Application

Author(s): Garg Tarun*, Singh Onkar, Arora Saahil, Murthy RSR
Third Order Optical Nonlinearities and Spectral Characteristics of Methylene Blue

Author(s): Velloli Sindhu Sukumaran | Alkondan Ramalingam
Random Laser of R6G Dye and TiO2 Nanoparticals Doped in PMMA Polymer

Author(s): Baha T. Chiad | Kamil H. Latif | Firas J. Kadhim | Mohammad A. Hammed
Leishmanicidal Activity of Films Containing Paromomycin and Gentamicin Sulfate both In Vitro and In Vivo

Author(s): S Tolouei | SJ Hasheminia | M Narimani | A Khamesipour | MA Shatalebi | SH Hejazi
Processing parameters for ZnO-based thick film varistors obtained by screen printing

Author(s): de la Rubia, M. A. | Peiteado, M. | Fernández, J. F. | Caballero, A. C. | de Frutos, J. | Holc, J. | Drnovsek, S. | Kuscer, D. | Macek, S. | Kosec, M.
Crecimiento de películas delgadas de membranas de conducción iónica mediante la técnica PIMOCVD

Author(s): García, G. | Caro, J. | Santiso, J. | Pardo, J. A. | Figueras, A. | Abrutis, A.
Development of a Highly Sensitive and Specific Immunoassay for Determining Chrysoidine, A Banned Dye, in Soybean Milk Film

Author(s): Hongtao Lei | Jin Liu | Lijun Song | Yudong Shen | Simon A. Haughey | Haoxian Guo | Jinyi Yang | Zhenlin Xu | Yueming Jiang | Yuanming Sun
Electrocatalysis of hemoglobin in ionic liquid BMIMPF6 and CuS nanosphere composite films

Author(s): Chengxiang Ruan | Jin Lou | Dandan Wang | Canying Zhang | Wei Sun
Sessile Drop Evaporation and Leidenfrost Phenomenon

Author(s): A. K. Mozumder | M. R. Ullah | A. Hossain | M. A. Islam
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