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Rational electoral cycles: evidence for the mineiros cities

Author(s): Ari Francisco de Araujo Junior | Weber Americano Júnior | Cláudio D. Shikida | Márcio Antônio Salvato
An optimal lot sizing and pricing in two echelon supply chain

Author(s): Jafar Naeij | Hasan Shavandi
Micro Data Analysis of Medical and Long-Term Care Utilization Among the Elderly in Japan

Author(s): Hideki Hashimoto | Hiromasa Horiguchi | Shinya Matsuda
The Economic Contribution of the Resources Sector by Regional Areas in Queensland

Author(s): John Rolfe | Daniel Gregg | Galina Ivanova | Reuben Lawrence | David Rynne
Obstacles to prompt and effective malaria treatment lead to low community-coverage in two rural districts of Tanzania

Author(s): Hetzel Manuel | Obrist Brigit | Lengeler Christian | Msechu June | Nathan Rose | Dillip Angel | Makemba Ahmed | Mshana Christopher | Schulze Alexander | Mshinda Hassan
Adherence to anti-tuberculosis treatment among pulmonary tuberculosis patients: a qualitative and quantitative study

Author(s): Xu Weiguo | Lu Wei | Zhou Yang | Zhu Limei | Shen Hongbing | Wang Jianming
Política y Gestión Financiera Municipal

Author(s): Bernardino Benito | Francisco Bastida
Planning elderly and palliative care in Montenegro

Author(s): Mark McCarthy | Mina Brajovic
Impact of Mungbean Research and Extension in Bangladesh

Author(s): Md. Ismail Hossain | M.A. Sattar | M.A. Monayem Mia | Shamsun Nahar Begum | M.S.K. Khan
Assessing access barriers to tuberculosis care with the Tool to Estimate Patients' Costs: pilot results from two districts in Kenya

Author(s): Mauch Verena | Woods Naomi | Kirubi Beatrice | Kipruto Hillary | Sitienei Joseph | Klinkenberg Eveline
Expenditures for the care of HIV-infected patients in rural areas in China's antiretroviral therapy programs

Author(s): Zhou Feng | Kominski Gerald | Qian Han-Zhu | Wang Jiansheng | Duan Song | Guo Zhiwei | Zhao Xinping
Utilization of delivery care among rural women in china: does the health insurance make a difference? a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Xiao Shengbin | Yan Hong | Shen Yuan | Dang Shaonong | Hemminki Elina | Wang Duolao | Long Qian | Gao Jianmin
Decentralization and equity of resource allocation: evidence from Colombia and Chile

Author(s): Bossert Thomas J. | Larrañaga Osvaldo | Giedion Ursula | Arbelaez José Jesus | Bowser Diana M.
The Prevalence and Cost of Diabetes in Metropolitan France: What Trends Between 1998 and 2000?

Author(s): Ricordeau Ph | Weill A | Vallier N | Bourrel R | Guilhot J | Fender P | Allemand H
The regional differences in prevalence, medical expenditures and risk factors for injury in Taiwanese teenagers

Author(s): Chen Huei-Yang | Chang Hsing-Yi | Shih Shu-Fang | Hsu Chih-Cheng | Lin Yu-Hsuan | Shih Yaw-Tang
Fiscal Federalism

Author(s): Tatiana Mosteanu | Mihaela Iacob
Analysis and forecast of the dymanic passenger transportation by public land transport

Author(s): J. Butkevičius | M. Mazūra | V. Ivankovas | S. Mazūra

Author(s): Emilia Cornelia STOICA | Andrei Cristian STOICA
Effects of global financial crisis on funding for health development in nineteen countries of the WHO African Region

Author(s): Kirigia Joses | Nganda Benjamin | Mwikisa Chris | Cardoso Bernardino
Strengthening Conservation in the Tropics: The Water Canon of Costa Rica

Author(s): Francisco Benavides | John N. Veenstra
Explaining Local Growth-Management Policies: The Role of Public Goods

Author(s): Donna Driscoll | Dennis Halcoussis | Anton D. Lowenberg

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