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Requirements for FUNDEB construction

Author(s): Jose Marcelino de Rezende Pinto
Financial indicators for municipalities: a quantitative analysis

Author(s): Sreĉko Devjak | Ana Monte | Paula Fernandes | Jorge Alves | Nuno Ribeiro
Internal auditing amongst Portuguese municipalities

Author(s): Susana Jorge | Anabela Costa
Differences in antiretroviral scale up in three South African provinces: the role of implementation management

Author(s): Schneider Helen | Coetzee David | Van Rensburg Dingie | Gilson Lucy
Assessment methods for gaining efficiency within the financing process of Public-Private Partnerships

Author(s): Ion VASILESCU | Virginia CIOBOTARU | Oana Catalina TAPURICA | Florin TACHE
Step-wedge cluster-randomised community-based trials: An application to the study of the impact of community health insurance

Author(s): De Allegri Manuela | Pokhrel Subhash | Becher Heiko | Dong Hengjin | Mansmann Ulrich | Kouyaté Bocar | Kynast-Wolf Gisela | Gbangou Adjima | Sanon Mamadou | Bridges John | Sauerborn Rainer
Malaria eradication: the economic, financial and institutional challenge

Author(s): Mills Anne | Lubell Yoel | Hanson Kara
Transnational Knowledge Through Diaspora Networks - Editorial

Author(s): Sami Mahroum | Paul de Guchteneire
Changes in University and School Director Education

Author(s): Agueda Bernardete Bittencourt
Developing a practical approach to 'light IWRM' in the Middle East

Author(s): Patrick Moriarty | Charles Batchelor | Peter Laban | Hazem Fahmy
Applying diagnosis and pharmacy-based risk models to predict pharmacy use in Aragon, Spain: The impact of a local calibration

Author(s): Calderón-Larrañaga Amaia | Abrams Chad | Poblador-Plou Beatriz | Weiner Jonathan | Prados-Torres Alexandra
Funding Biodiversity Protection in Central and Eastern Europe – A Case Study of Bosnia Herzegovina

Author(s): Mirza DAUTBASIC | Florin IORAS | Ioan Vasile ABRUDAN | Jega RATNASINGAM
Costing the scaling-up of human resources for health: lessons from Mozambique and Guinea Bissau

Author(s): Tyrrell Amanda | Russo Giuliano | Dussault Gilles | Ferrinho Paulo
Disposición a pagar para mejorar la calidad del aire en Talca, Chile: comparación entre usuarios y no usuarios de chimeneas a leña

Author(s): Arcadio Cerda Urrutia | Leidy Yomary García | Alejandra Bahamondez Montecinos | Viviana Plobete Castro
On the spillover of exchange rate risk into default risk

Author(s): Božović Miloš | Urošević Branko | Živković Boško
Environmental Indicators for Italian Soils (SIAS Project): Development of a New Approach from Regional to Harmonised National Data

Author(s): Irene Rischia | Marco Di Leginio | Fiorenzo Fumanti | Paolo Giandon | Silvia Obber | Ialina Vinci

Author(s): Bugnar Nicoleta | Mester Liana | Rugea Andreea
Turning science into health solutions: KEMRI’s challenges as Kenya’s health product pathfinder

Author(s): Simiyu Ken | Masum Hassan | Chakma Justin | Singer Peter
Science-based health innovation in Tanzania: bednets and a base for invention

Author(s): Shah Ronak | Singer Peter | Daar Abdallah
Effectiveness of community health financing in meeting the cost of illness

Author(s): Preker Alexander S. | Carrin Guy | Dror David | Jakab Melitta | Hsiao William | Arhin-Tenkorang Dyna
The Canadian health system and its financing

Author(s): Solórzano Francisco Xavier
Do pediatric hospitalizations have a unique geography?

Author(s): Guagliardo Mark | Jablonski Kathleen | Joseph Jill | Goodman David
A indústria de calçados de Nova Serrana (MG)

Author(s): Wilson Suzigan | João Furtado | Renato Garcia | Sérgio E. K. Sampaio
Health Research Profile to assess the capacity of low and middle income countries for equity-oriented research

Author(s): Tugwell P | Sitthi-Amorn C | Hatcher-Roberts J | Neufeld V | Makara P | Munoz F | Czerny P | Robinson V | Nuyens Y | Okello D
Cost-sharing strategies combining targeted public subsidies with private-sector delivery achieve high bednet coverage and reduced malaria transmission in Kilombero Valley, southern Tanzania

Author(s): Killeen GF | Tami A | Kihonda J | Okumu FO | Kotas ME | Grundmann H | Kasigudi N | Ngonyani H | Mayagaya V | Nathan R | Abdulla S | Charlwood JD | Smith TA | Lengeler C

Author(s): Adrian Mihai Inceu | Dan Tudor Lazăr | Paul Zai

Author(s): Dan Tudor LAZAR | Adrian Mihai INCEU | Paul ZAI

Author(s): ZORZOLIU Raluca | IATAGAN Mariana
Home care in Europe: a systematic literature review

Author(s): Genet Nadine | Boerma Wienke | Kringos Dionne | Bouman Ans | Francke Anneke | Fagerström Cecilia | Melchiorre Maria | Greco Cosetta | Devillé Walter
Effects of global financial crisis on funding for health development in nineteen countries of the WHO African Region

Author(s): Kirigia Joses | Nganda Benjamin | Mwikisa Chris | Cardoso Bernardino
Financial Inequity in Basic Education in Selected OECD Countries

Author(s): Yu Zhang | Suguru Mizunoya | You You | Mun Tsang
Intersectoriality – a management challenge in Public Health

Author(s): Adriana Pigatto Bernardi | Alessandra Irene Ramos D’ Andréa | Daniela Araújo Zampirolo | Simone Perini | Maria Cristina Marino Calvo
EU Funded Projects: from Financial to Economic Analysis

Author(s): Andreea Lorena RADU | Maria CARACOTA DIMITRIU

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