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Secondaries at deltopectoral flap donor site.

Author(s): Ashok B | Cherian M | Ashok H
Adnexal carcinomas of the head and neck

Author(s): Guerrissi Jorge | Quiroga Juan
Unilateral or bilateral V-Y fasciocutaneous flaps for the coverage of soft tissue defects following total knee arthroplasty

Author(s): Papaioannou Konstantinos | Lallos Stergios | Mavrogenis Andreas | Vasiliadis Elias | Savvidou Olga | Efstathopoulos Nikolaos
Hemipelvectomy- only a salvage therapy?

Author(s): Christian Wedemeyer | Max Daniel Kauther
Rotation fasciocutaneous flap for neglected club feet--a new technique.

Author(s): D«SQ»Souza H | Aroojis A | Yagnik M | Nagda T
Surgical management of a diabetic calcaneal ulceration and osteomyelitis with a partial calcanectomy and a sural neurofasciocutaneous flap

Author(s): Ioannis A. Ignatiadis | Vassiliki A. Tsiampa | Dimitrios K. Arapoglou | Georgios D. Georgakopoulos | Nicolaos E. Gerostathopoulos | Vasilios D. Polyzois
Verrucous hemangioma: An optimized surgical approach

Author(s): Bhat S | Pavithra S | Mallya H | Pai G
Pearls and tips in coverage of the tibia after a high energy trauma

Author(s): Rios-Luna Antonio | Fahandezh-Saddi Homid | Villanueva-Martinez Manuel | Garcia Lopez Antonio
Full-thickness chest wall resection for locally recurrent breast cancer

Author(s): Friedel, Godehard | Kuipers, Thomas | Engel, Corinna | Schopf, Christine | Veit, Stefanie | Zoller, Jutta | Kyriss, Thomas | Greulich, Michael | Toomes, Heikki
Operative treatment of functional facial skin disorders

Author(s): Scheithauer, Marc Oliver | Rettinger, Gerhard

Author(s): M Akhtar Beg

Free tissue transfer for trophic ulcer complicating leprosy

Author(s): Bhatt Yogesh | Panse Nikhil | Vyas Kinnari | Patel Gunjan
Reconstruction of the Chest Wall Defects with Mammary Dermoglandular Advancement Flaps in Female Complicated Cases

Author(s): Atakan AYDIN | Erdem GÜVEN | Barış KEKLİK | Karaca BAŞARAN | Berker ÖZKAN

Author(s): N. Gheţu | Oana Grosu | Sidonia Susanu | Şt. Luchian | D. Pieptu
Iontophoretic delivery of nitric oxide donor improves local skin flap viability

Author(s): John A. Russell, MS | Nadine P. Connor, PhD | Gregory K. Hartig, MD
Functional reconstruction of extremities in cases with definitive peripheral nerve lesions

Author(s): Vučković Čedo Đ. | Anđelković Slađana Z. | Jovanović Nebojša V. | Samardžić Miroslav M. | Rasulić Lukas G.
Surgical reconstruction in diabetic foot syndrome

Author(s): Telman Kamalov | Saidganikhodzha Ismailov | Zilola Dosova | Khamidulla Shokirov | Umid Shoyusupov | Sherzod Inagamov
Breast Reconstruction with a Muscle-Sparing Free Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous Flap: Comparison between Immediate and Delayed Groups .

Author(s): Chi-Feng Huang | Ming-Huei Cheng | Shin-Cheh Chen | Yung-Feng Lo | Ta-Sen Yeh | Samuel H.T. Chen | Wei-Chao Huang | Fu-Chan Wei
A systematic approach to the failed plastic surgical reconstruction of the diabetic foot

Author(s): Ioannis I. Ignatiadis | Vassiliki A. Tsiampa | Apostolos E. Papalois
Rat allotransplantation of epigastric microsurgical flaps: a study of rejection and the immunosuppressive effect of cyclosporin A

Author(s): Carramaschi Fábio R. | Landman Gilles | Corsi Rosangely C. C. | Vana Luiz P. M. | Ferreira Marcus C.
Uric acid as a monitor of oxidative stress in a random skin flap in rats

Author(s): Freire Sueli Teresinha | Ferreira Lydia Masako | Gomes Heitor Carvalho | Percario Sandro
The study of expanded tri-lobed flap in a rabbit model: possible flap model in ear reconstruction?

Author(s): Copcu Eray | Yazici Mesut | Etensel Barlas | Yüreklý Yakup | Balkaya Muharrem
An experimental model of mycobacterial infection under corneal flaps

Author(s): Adan C.B.D. | Sato E.H. | Sousa L.B. | Oliveira R.S. | Leão S.C. | Freitas D.
Laser doppler flow imaging of open lower leg fractures in an animal experimental model.

Author(s): Herzog L | Huber FX | Meeder PJ | Muhr G | Buchholz J
External decontamination of wild leeches with hypochloric acid

Author(s): Aydin Atakan | Nazik Hasan | Kuvat Samet | Gurler Nezahat | Ongen Betigul | Tuncer Serdar | Hocaoglu Emre | Kesim Sinan
′Sure closure′-skin stretching system, our clinical experience

Author(s): Subramania K | Mohit S | Sasidharan P | Abraham M | Arun P | Kekatpure V
An island flap based on the anterior branch of the superficial temporal artery for perioral defects

Author(s): Bhattacharya V | Reddy Ganji | Bashir Sheikh | Goyal Sunish
Reconstruction in skull base surgery: Review of current concepts

Author(s): Trivedi Nirav | Kuriakose Moni | Iyer Subramania
Reconstruction of Nasal Skin Cancer Defects with Local Flaps

Author(s): A. C. Salgarelli | P. Bellini | A. Multinu | C. Magnoni | M. Francomano | F. Fantini | U. Consolo | S. Seidenari
A rare desmoid tumor of the shoulder – excision, implantation of brachytherapy applicators and wound closure by pedicle musculus latissimus dorsi flap

Author(s): Stollwerck, Peter L. | Namdar, Thomas | Bartscher, Tanja | Lange, Thomas | Stang, Felix H. | Kujath, Peter | Bohlen, Guenther | Kovács, György | Mailänder, Peter
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment of superficial soft tissue lesions in children with oncologic disease

Author(s): Eleonora Cesca | Giacomo Garetto | Emanuela Frascella | Simone Cesaro | Patrizia Dall'Igna | Giovanni Cecchetto
Chest Wall Resection and Reconstruction for Thoracic Tumor 
Invading the Chest Wall: A Report of 12 Cases

Author(s): Shaohua MA | Luyan SHEN | Senkai LI | Xiaotian SHI | Zhen LIANG | Keneng CHEN
Urethral reconstruction in severe hypospadias using buccal mucosa graft and penile skin flap

Author(s): Majstorović Marko | Bižić Marta | Kojović Vladimir | Stojanović Borko | Krstić Zoran | Đorđević Miroslav
Distally Based Sural artery Flap without Sural Nerve

Author(s): Sadrollah Motamed | Masood Yavari | Hamid Reza Hallaj Mofrad | Reza Rafiee | Feaz Niazi Shahraki
Burn Scar Reconstruction of the Neck with FTSG Obtained from Lower Abdominal Skin

Author(s): Sadrollah Motamed | Ramin Jahadi | Mohsen Asadi | Hasan Motamed
Complete treatment of a recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the lip and the commissure. A case report

Author(s): Panagiotis-Irineos TSIROGIANNIS, Nadia THEOLOGIE-LYGIDAKIS, Stavros PELEKANOS,

Tango Jona
Tangokurs Rapperswil-Jona

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