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Importance of Partnership and Cooperation for Territorial Development

Author(s): Anna VAŇOVÁ | Kamila BORSEKOVÁ | Miroslav FORET
Practices of Government in Methadone Maintenance

Author(s): Esben Houborg Pedersen
GIS for the industrial park Kechnec in the East Slovak Region

Author(s): Vladimír Sedlák | Peter Cengel | Michal Turán | Valéria Pukačová
Arktiline kunst

Author(s): Jean-Loup Rousselot

Author(s): Athanasios Stamos | Sasa Kicosev
Self-medication for infants with colic in Lagos, Nigeria

Author(s): Oshikoya Kazeem | Senbanjo Idowu | Njokanma Olisamedua
An Applied Using Local Wisdom to Making Ironware for Community Economic Development

Author(s): Chalor Yaekkhoksung | Songkoon Chantachon | Prasopsuk Ritthidet
Trainee ophthalmologists′ opinions on ways to improve cataract surgical rate

Author(s): Ayanniyi Abdulkabir | Adepoju Feyi | Owoeye Joshua
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Abdulrahman Yarali | Saifur Rahman | Michael Bowman
Self-Organization in Integrated Conservation and Development Initiatives

Author(s): Cristiana Simão Seixas | Brian Davy
Sickle cell knowledge, premarital screening and marital decisions among local government workers in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Author(s): Emmanuel A. Abioye-Kuteyi | Olanrewaju Oyegbade | Ibrahim Bello | Chiddude Osakwe
Folklore in bureaucracy code: Running a music event

Author(s): Krstanović-Lukić Miroslava
The effect of survey method on survey participation: Analysis of data from the Health Survey for England 2006 and the Boost Survey for London

Author(s): Mindell Jennifer | Tipping Sarah | Pickering Kevin | Hope Steven | Roth Marilyn | Erens Bob
An Improved Method for Fuzzy Congestion Control in IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks

Author(s): Arash Mohammadzadeh Gharehbaghi, M.A. Badamchizadeh
Factors associated with motivation and hesitation to work among health professionals during a public crisis: a cross sectional study of hospital workers in Japan during the pandemic (H1N1) 2009

Author(s): Imai Hissei | Matsuishi Kunitaka | Ito Atsushi | Mouri Kentaro | Kitamura Noboru | Akimoto Keiko | Mino Koichi | Kawazoe Ayako | Isobe Masanori | Takamiya Shizuo | Mita Tatsuo
Factors determining anti-malarial drug use in a peri-urban population from malaria holoendemic region of western kenya

Author(s): Watsierah Carren | Jura Walter | Oyugi Henry | Abong'o Benard | Ouma Collins
Social and cultural features of cholera and shigellosis in peri-urban and rural communities of Zanzibar

Author(s): Schaetti Christian | Khatib Ahmed | Ali Said | Hutubessy Raymond | Chaignat Claire-Lise | Weiss Mitchell
Can incubators work in Africa? Acorn Technologies and the entrepreneur-centric model

Author(s): Chakma Justin | Masum Hassan | Singer Peter
The Canadian health system and its financing

Author(s): Solórzano Francisco Xavier
Care for perinatal illness in rural Nepal: a descriptive study with cross-sectional and qualitative components

Author(s): Mesko Natasha | Osrin David | Tamang Suresh | Shrestha Bhim | Manandhar Dharma | Manandhar Madan | Standing Hilary | Costello Anthony
Factors for Success for Local Community E-Government

Author(s): Busso Grabow | Helmut Drüke | Christine Siegfried
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEMIRAY
Actuaciones en Ciutat Vella, Valencia

Author(s): Jiménez Alcañiz, César
Disempowering Empowerment?

Author(s): Eliseo Cubol
Social Impact of Internet Access: A Survey

Author(s): Poonam Dhaka | Sandeep Upadhyay | Drashti Dave
Health effects and wind turbines: A review of the literature

Author(s): Knopper Loren | Ollson Christopher

Author(s): Dumitrita FLOREA (IONESCU)
Coari: petróleo e sustentabilidade – um exemplo amazônico

Author(s): Wagner Santos de Almeida | Newton Moreira de Souza
Primary Health Care Workers' Role in Monitoring Children's Growth and Development in Nigeria, West Africa

Author(s): Olugbenga-Bello Adenike Iyanuoluwa | Asekun-Olarinmoye O Esther | Adeomi A Adeleye
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