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Simulation of Monopole and Multipole Seismoelectric Logging

Author(s): Zhiwen Cui | Jinxia Liu | Yujun Zhang | Kexie Wang | Hengshan Hu
Conservation of wild reindeer in Kamchatka

Author(s): Vladimir I. Mosolov
The rearing system of Black Bengal Goat and their farmers in West Bengal, India

Author(s): Debraj Nandi | Sukanta Roy | Santanu Bera | Shyam Sundar Kesh | Ashis Kumar Samanta
Self Alteration Detectable Image Log File for Web Forensics

Author(s): Vimal Kumar | Akhilendra Pratap Singh | Anjani K. Rai | Manoj Wairiya
Forestry at the EU’s Doorstep – How Much are We Ready in the Area of Occupational Safety in Forestry?

Author(s): Ivan Martinić | Matija Landekić | Mario Šporčić | Marko Lovrić
Planning and Decision Making Models in Forestry

Author(s): Mario Šporčić | Matija Landekić | Marko Lovrić | Ivan Martinić

Author(s): Jitendra S. Kushwah | Mahendra S. Yadav
Implementing a Decision-Aware System for Loan Contracting Decision Process

Author(s): Razvan PETRUSEL | Daniel MICAN | Cristina-Claudia DOLEAN
Experimental log hauling through a traditional caribou wintering area

Author(s): Harold G. Cumming | Bruce T. Hyer
Implications Of Payments For Ecosystem Services Based On The Redd Programme

Author(s): Florina BRAN | Ioana Maria GHIDIU-BÎTA
Skylight Light Intensity Data Logging System

Author(s): A. Udina | Lc Jain
Stocks de bois précieux de Madagascar – quelle voie emprunter ?

Author(s): Hery Randriamalala | Etienne Rasarely | Jonah Ratsimbazafy | Adolfo Brizzi | Jérôme Ballet | Ndranto Razakamanarina | Nanie Ratsifandrihamanana | Derek Schuurman
Fuel characteristics and trace gases produced through biomass burning

Climate Change Mitigation Through Reduced-Impact Logging and the Hierarchy of Production Forest Management

Author(s): Michael Victor Galante | Michael Dutschke | Genevieve Patenaude | Ben Vickers
REVIEW: Social and Environmental Issues of Danau Sentarum National Park, West Kalimantan

Mangrove plants in coastal area of Central Java: 3. Horizontal and vertical diagram of vegetation profile


Author(s): V. Ramya | B. Palaniappan
Measurement of turbulent water vapor fluxes using a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle system

Author(s): R. M. Thomas | K. Lehmann | H. Nguyen | D. L. Jackson | D. Wolfe | V. Ramanathan
Application of time domain induced polarization to the mapping of lithotypes in a landfill site

Author(s): A. Gazoty | G. Fiandaca | J. Pedersen | E. Auken | A. V. Christiansen | J. K. Pedersen
Impacts of conservation tillage on the hydrological and agronomic performance of fanya juus in the upper Blue Nile (Abbay) river basin

Author(s): M. Temesgen | S. Uhlenbrook | B. Simane | P. van der Zaag | Y. Mohamed | J. Wenninger | H. H. G. Savenije1
Analysis of pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens Willd.) by means of chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula

Author(s): Dalibor Ballian | Mladen Ivanković | Joso Gračan | Sanja Perić | Hrvoje Marjanović | Martin Bobinac | Danko Slade
Forest Biomass Availability Analysis and Large-Scale Supply Options

Author(s): Eero Jäppinen | Kalle Karttunen | Tapio Ranta | Olli-Jussi Korpinen
Modeling of Antenna for Deep Target Hydrocarbon Exploration

Author(s): Muhammad Kashif | Hasnah Mohd Zaid | Afza Shafie | Noorhana Yahya | Nadeem Nasir | Majid Niaz Akhtar
Spatial-temporal variation in the dynamics of the tree community in fragments of alluvial forest in Minas Gerais

Author(s): Ana Carolina da Silva | Pedro Higuchi | Eduardo van den Berg | Matheus Henrique Nunes | Marcela de Castro Nunes Santos
Remote Sensing & GIS Based Spatio-Temporal Change Analysis of Wetland in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Author(s): Ummai Habiba | Fouzia Haider | Asif Ishtiaque | Mallik Sezan Mahmud | Arif Masrur
The charcoal trap: Miombo forests and the energy needs of people

Author(s): Kutsch Werner | Merbold Lutz | Ziegler Waldemar | Mukelabai Mukufute | Muchinda Maurice | Kolle Olaf | Scholes Robert
A Multiple Fault Tolerant Approach with Improved Performance in Cluster Computing

Author(s): Sanjay Bansal | Sanjeev Sharma | Rajiv Gandhi Prodhyogiki Vishwavidya
Midwest Logging Firm Perspectives: Harvesting on Increasingly Parcelized Forestlands

Author(s): Shorna Allred | Charles Michler | Cortney Mycroft
Bunching with a Self-levelling Feller-Buncher on Steep Terrain for Efficient Yarder Extraction

Author(s): Mauricio Acuna | Justin Skinnell | Tony Evanson | Rick Mitchell
Workload Benefits of Using a Synthetic Rope Strawline in Cable Yarder Rigging in Norway

Author(s): Giovanna Ottaviani | Bruce Talbot | Morten Nitteberg | Karl Stampfer
Comparing Terrain and Roadside Chipping in Mediterranean Pine Salvage Cuts

Author(s): Enrico Marchi | Natascia Magagnotti | Lisa Berretti | Francesco Neri | Raffaele Spinelli
Integrating Animal and Mechanical Operations in Protected Areas

Author(s): Natascia Magagnotti | Raffaele Spinelli
MIRAGE 1.0: A Key Entry Scheme Resilient to Shoulder Surfing

Author(s): Chaitanya Srinadhu | Sree Kashyap Addanki | B.V.R.K. Ram Acharyulu
Survival of Adult Songbirds in Boreal Forest Landscapes Fragmented by Clearcuts and Natural Openings

Author(s): Darroch M. Whitaker | Philip D. Taylor | Ian G. Warkentin
Local, Short-term Effects of Forest Harvesting on Breeding Waterfowl and Common Loon in Forest-Dominated Landscapes of Quebec

Author(s): Louis-Vincent Lemelin, | Louis Imbeau | Marcel Darveau | Daniel Bordage
Vegetation change and emerging research feedback for Korean National Long Term Ecological Research (KNLTER)

Author(s): Yong Chan Cho | Chang Seok Lee | Hyun Je Cho | Kyu Song Lee | Pil Sun Park
Spatiotemporal pattern and major causes of the Amur tiger population dynamics

Author(s): Yu Tian | Jianguo Wu | Xiaojun Kou | Zhongwen Li | Tianming Wang | Pu Mou | Jianping Ge
Is forest management a significant source of monoterpenes into the boreal atmosphere?

Author(s): S. Haapanala | H. Hakola | H. Hellén | M. Vestenius | J. Levula | J. Rinne
Measurement of turbulent water vapor fluxes using a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle system

Author(s): R. M. Thomas | K. Lehmann | H. Nguyen | D. L. Jackson | D. Wolfe | V. Ramanathan
Woodland caribou calf recruitment in relation to calving/post-calving landscape composition

Author(s): Sara C. McCarthy | Robert B. Weladji | Christine Doucet | Paul Saunders
Conservation of wild reindeer in Kamchatka

Author(s): Vladimir I. Mosolov
Experimental log hauling through a traditional caribou wintering area

Author(s): Harold G. Cumming | Bruce T. Hyer
Issues of Caribou Management in Northeastern British Columbia

Author(s): Scott Harrison | John Surgenor
A Cooperative Industry - Government Woodland Caribou Research Program in Northeastern Alberta

Author(s): Blair Rippin | Colin Edey | Daryl Hebert | Jeff Kneteman
The Mountain Caribou in Managed Forests Program: Integrating forestry and habitat management in British Columbia

Author(s): Susan K. Stevenson | Kenneth N. Child | Glen S. Watts | Eliot L. Terry
Productivity of semi-domesticated reindeer in Finland

Author(s): Ilpo Kojola | Timo Helle | Pekka Aikio
Impact of soil scarification on reindeer pastures

Author(s): Olof Eriksson | Tuomo Raunistola
A model for analyzing influence of timber production on lichens for reindeer grazing

Author(s): Olof Eriksson | Mats Sandewall | Erik Wilhelmsson
Woodland caribou and forestry in Northern Ontario, Canada

Author(s): W. R. Darby | L. S. Duquette
The effects of different types of woodstand disturbance on the persistence of soil seed banks

Author(s): Anna J. Kwiatkowska-Falińska | Dorota Panufnik-Mędrzycka | Maciej Wódkiewicz | Izabela Sondej | Bogdan Jaroszewicz
Assessment of Joystick control during the performance of powered wheelchair driving tasks

Author(s): Sorrento Gianluca | Archambault Philippe | Routhier François | Dessureault Danielle | Boissy Patrick
Modeling of Asphaltene Grading in Oil Reservoirs

Author(s): Julian Y. Zuo | Oliver C. Mullins | Chengli Dong | Dan Zhang
Development of EM Wave Guide Amplifier Potentially used for Sea Bed Logging

Author(s): M.N. Akhtar | N. Yahya | H. Daud | A. Shafie | H.M. Zaid | M. Kashif | N. Nasir
Preliminary Assessment of Some Physicochemical Parameters During Dredging of Nworie River, Owerri

Author(s): Umunnakwe JohnBosco, E. | A.O. Nnaji | P.I. Ejimmaduekwu
Graphic-Text Authentication of a Window-Based Application

Author(s): Ayannuga Olanrewaju O. | Folorunso Olusegun
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