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Leishmanial infection: analysis of its first steps. A review

Author(s): Almeida MC de | Vilhena V | Barral A | Barral-Netto M
Teaching Formal Languages by an Intelligent Tutoring System

Author(s): Vladan Devedzic | John Debenham | Dušan Popovic
Using a virtual world for transferable skills in gaming education

Author(s): M. Hobbs | E. Brown | M. Gordon
Visual setup of logical models of signaling and regulatory networks with ProMoT

Author(s): Saez-Rodriguez Julio | Mirschel Sebastian | Hemenway Rebecca | Klamt Steffen | Gilles Ernst | Ginkel Martin
Government Advertising: an integrative element. The legal framework in Spain

Author(s): Dra. Esther Martínez Pastor | Dr. Ricardo Vizcaíno-Laorga
Ubiquitous Commerce: Theories, Technologies, and Applications

Author(s): Liyi Zhang | Qihua Liu | Xinjian Li
Representing Isabelle in LF

Author(s): Florian Rabe
Análisis del Sistema de Información SEC95 bajo una metodología contable [doi: 10.5329/RECADM.20040301007]

Author(s): Guillermo J. Sierra Molina | José Ángel Pérez López | Teresa Duarte Atoche
Dynamic Game-Based Analysis for a Hybrid Multi-Agent Robotic System

Author(s): Chih-Fu Chang | Jane Yung-jen Hsu | Li-Chen Fu
Modelling optimal location for pre-hospital helicopter emergency medical services

Author(s): Schuurman Nadine | Bell Nathaniel | L'Heureux Randy | Hameed Syed
What can 14CO measurements tell us about OH?

Author(s): M. C. Krol | J. F. Meirink | P. Bergamaschi | J. E. Mak | D. Lowe | P. Jöckel | S. Houweling | T. Röckmann
Projeto Vida no Vale: universal access to water and sanitation in the North East of Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Author(s): L. Kauark-Leite | B. Vinçon-Leite | J. F. Deroubaix | A. Loireau | D. Silveira | E. Haddad
Ultra-Structure database design methodology for managing systems biology data and analyses

Author(s): Maier Christopher | Long Jeffrey | Hemminger Bradley | Giddings Morgan
IDSS used as a framework for collaborative projects in conglomerate enterprises

Author(s): E. Shevtshenko | T. Karaulova | S. Kramarenko | Y. Wang
Análisis del Sistema de Información SEC95 bajo una metodología contable

Author(s): Guillermo J. Sierra Molina | José Ángel Pérez López | Teresa Duarte Atoche
Aristotle’s Square Revisited to Frame Discovery Science

Author(s): Mohammad Afshar | Christopher Dartnell | Dominique Luzeaux | Jean Sallantin | Yannick Tognetti

Author(s): Li Ming | Mingwen Wang | Deng-Yi Zhang | Chin-Chen Chang | Fei Yu

Author(s): Jian Shu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Limin Sun | Guangxue Yue
Vehicle Trajectory Estimation Using Spatio-Temporal MCMC

Author(s): Yann Goyat | Thierry Chateau | Francois Bardet
Building capacity for evidence generation, synthesis and implementation to improve the care of mothers and babies in South East Asia: methods and design of the SEA-ORCHID Project using a logical framework approach

Author(s): McDonald Steve | Turner Tari | Chamberlain Catherine | Lumbiganon Pisake | Thinkhamrop Jadsada | Festin Mario | Ho Jacqueline | Mohammad Hakimi | Henderson-Smart David | Short Jacki | Crowther Caroline | Martis Ruth | Green Sally
Remote Sensing of Irrigated Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges

Author(s): Mutlu Ozdogan | Yang Yang | George Allez | Chelsea Cervantes
A Formal Verification Framework for Security Policy Management in Mobile IP Based WLAN

Author(s): Soumya Maity | P Bera | S K Ghosh | Pallab Dasgupta
Framework for Automatic Development of Type 2 Fuzzy, Neuro and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems

Author(s): Mr. Jeegar A Trivedi | Dr. Priti Srinivas Sajja
SADI, SHARE, and the in silico scientific method

Author(s): Wilkinson Mark | McCarthy Luke | Vandervalk Benjamin | Withers David | Kawas Edward | Samadian Soroush
FORM: An Australian method for formulating and grading recommendations in evidence-based clinical guidelines

Author(s): Hillier Susan | Grimmer-Somers Karen | Merlin Tracy | Middleton Philippa | Salisbury Janet | Tooher Rebecca | Weston Adele
A logical-pragmatic perspective on validity

Author(s): Adriano C. T. Rodrigues | Claudio E. M. Banzato
Capturing Change in a Community–University Partnership: The ¡Sí Se Puede! Project

Author(s): Michele A. Kelley, ScD, MSW | William Baldyga, DrPH, MA | Fabiola Barajas, MPH | Maria Rodriguez-Sanchez, MA
Methodological advances

Author(s): Lebreton, J.-D. | Pollock, K. H.
Pathophysiological classification of chronic rhinosinusitis

Author(s): Baraniuk James | Maibach Hilda
Epigenetic acquisition of inducibility of type III cytotoxicity in P. aeruginosa

Author(s): Filopon Didier | Mérieau Annabelle | Bernot Gilles | Comet Jean-Paul | LeBerre Rozenne | Guery Benoit | Polack Benoit | Guespin-Michel Janine
Structural and functional analysis of cellular networks with CellNetAnalyzer

Author(s): Klamt Steffen | Saez-Rodriguez Julio | Gilles Ernst
Systematic reviews of adverse effects: framework for a structured approach

Author(s): Loke Yoon | Price Deirdre | Herxheimer Andrew
Host-pathogen systems biology: logical modelling of hepatocyte growth factor and Helicobacter pylori induced c-Met signal transduction

Author(s): Franke Raimo | Müller Melanie | Wundrack Nicole | Gilles Ernst-Dieter | Klamt Steffen | Kähne Thilo | Naumann Michael
Systems Level Modeling of the Cell Cycle Using Budding Yeast

Author(s): B.P. Ingalls | B.P. Duncker | D.R. Kim | B.J. McConkey
Study of different logics of Planning and Control - a contribution to the strategic management of operations

Author(s): Everaldo Antonio Rutana Pereira | Edson Pinheiro de Lima | Sérgio Eduardo Gouvêa da Costa
A new model for designing uncertain enterprise architecture

Author(s): Jamshid Afshani | Ali Harounabadi | Mashallah Abbasi Dezfouli
Dimensional Modeling of Indian Materials Database

Author(s): Suja Ramachandran | S. Rajeswari | S.A.V. Satya Murty
Applying SMT Solvers to the Test Template Framework

Author(s): Maximiliano Cristiá | Claudia Frydman
A Lambda Term Representation Inspired by Linear Ordered Logic

Author(s): Andreas Abel | Nicolai Kraus
Health Economics in Radiology Departments

Author(s): Shahram Tofighi
On Representation in Information Theory

Author(s): Joseph E. Brenner
Multiple verification in computational modeling of bone pathologies

Author(s): Pietro Liò | Emanuela Merelli | Nicola Paoletti
Graphical representation of covariant-contravariant modal formulae

Author(s): Luca Aceto | Ignacio Fábregas | David de Frutos-Escrig | Anna Ingólfsdóttir | Miguel Palomino
Time Competition. The New Strategic Frontier

Author(s): Chiara Demartini | Piero Mella
Framework for Customized-SOA Projects

Author(s): Sheikh Muhammad Saqib | Muhammad Zubair Asghar | Shakeel Ahmad | Bashir Ahmad | Muhammad Ahmad Jan
A Free Educational Java Framework for Graph Algorithms

Author(s): Gianluca Costa | Claudia D. Ambrosio | Silvano Martello
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