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Conception of Low Voltage Network Loss Reduction Based on Integrated Information

Author(s): Dragan Tasić | Saša Minić | Miodrag Stojanović | Leonid Stoimenov | Maja Marković | Miroslav Stanković | Petar Kovačević | Nikola Šušnica | Igor Belić
An Electromagnetic Interference Problem via the Mains Distribution Networks

Author(s): BUZDUGAN, M. I. | SIMION, E. E. | BUZDUGAN, T. I.
Performance Evaluation of CE-OFDM in PLC Channel

Author(s): El ghzaoui Mohammed, Belkadid Jamal, Benbassou Ali
Introduction to the Inaugural Issue

Author(s): A.C.M. Fong
Optimal Placement of Static VAR Compensator in Algerian Network

Author(s): Fadela Benzergua | Abdelkader Chaker | Mounir Khiat | Naima Khalfallah
A Design of Wireless Sensor Networks for a Power Quality Monitoring System

Author(s): Yujin Lim | Hak-Man Kim | Sanggil Kang
Unsymmetrical Short-Circuit Fault Analysis for Low Voltage Distribution Networks

Author(s): M. Najafi | R. Ebrahimi | A. Babaee | M. Hoseynpoor
Improving Industrial Energy Quality by an Active Current Filter

Author(s): Reyes–Trujillo E | Rodríguez–Rivas J.J | Robles–García J.
Power Efficiency Improvement in CE-OFDM System With 0 dB IBO for Transmission over PLC Network

Author(s): El Ghzaoui Mohammed, Belkadid Jamal, Benbassou Ali & EL Bekkali Moulhim
Low Power Clock Network Design

Author(s): Inna Vaisband | Eby G. Friedman | Ran Ginosar | Avinoam Kolodny
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