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Contrast sensitivity function of sine-wave gratings in children with acute malnutrition

Author(s): Natanael Antonio dos Santos, Caroline Costa Gomes Alencar and Yuri Henrique Nunes Dias
Modeling spectral sensitivity at low light levels based on mesopic visual performance

Author(s): Meri Viikari | Aleksanteri Ekrias | Marjukka Eloholma | Liisa Halonen
A Novel, Image-Based, Voting Tool Based on Handheld Devices

Author(s): Peter van Ooijen | André Broekema
Color Image Compression using SPIHT Algorithm

Author(s): Sadashivappa | Mahesh Jayakar | K.V.S Anand Babu | Srinivas K
H.264 based Selective Video Encryption for Mobile Applications

Author(s): Saranya. P | Varalakshmi. L.M
Mesopic radial frequency contrast sensitivity function for young and older adults

Author(s): Santos N.A. | Oliveira A.B. | Nogueira R.M.T.B.L. | Simas M.L.B.
Digital Illumination for Augmented Studios

Author(s): Oliver Bimber | Anselm Grundhöfer | Stefanie Zollmann | Daniel Kolster
Efficiency improvement in watermark embedding process

Author(s): Amornraksa, T. | Puertpan, R.
Color Image Coding by Colorization Approach

Author(s): Takahiko Horiuchi | Shoji Tominaga
Common cortical responses evoked by appearance, disappearance and change of the human face

Author(s): Tanaka Emi | Inui Koji | Kida Tetsuo | Kakigi Ryusuke
Region Adaptive Color Demosaicing Algorithm Using Color Constancy

Author(s): Chang Won Kim | Hyun Mook Oh | Du Sic Yoo | Moon Gi Kang
Enhancement and Manipulation of Color Images by Scaling the DCT Coefficients

Author(s): Makarand R. Shahade | Ishant I. Saklecha | Jayesh Shukla | Abhijit V. Raut | Piyush B. Desai
Image Processing Algorithm JPEG to Binary Conversion

Author(s): Mansi Gupta | Meha Garg | Prateek Dhawan
Impact of Surrounding Illumination on Visual Fatigue and Eyestrain While Viewing Television

Author(s): John D. Bullough | Yukio Akashi | Charles R. Fay | Mariana G. Figueiro
Estimation of Horizontal Illuminance for Clear Skies in Iran

Author(s): R. Golmohammadi | S. Shekari | H. Mahjub
A Performance Analysis of Chasing Intruders by Implementing Mobile Agents

Author(s): Omid Mahdi Ebadati E. | Harleen Kaur | M. Afshar Alam
Apple Fruits Recognition Under Natural Luminance Using Machine Vision

Author(s): Mohammad Bagher Lak | S. Minaei; J. Amiriparian and B. Beheshti
Maximizing Strength of Digital Watermarks Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Sameh Oueslati | Adnane Cherif | Bassel Solaiman
Novel image-enhanced endoscopy with i-scan technology

Author(s): Shinya Kodashima, Mitsuhiro Fujishiro
Occlusion-Aware View Interpolation

Author(s): Serdar Ince | Janusz Konrad
Ill-lighting syndrome: prevalence in shift-work personnel in the anaesthesiology and intensive care department of three Italian hospitals

Author(s): Morghen Ilaria | Turola Maria | Forini Elena | Di Pasquale Piero | Zanatta Paolo | Matarazzo Teresa
A Biologically Motivated Multiresolution Approach to Contour Detection

Author(s): Giuseppe Papari | Patrizio Campisi | Nicolai Petkov | Alessandro Neri
Personal UV exposure in high albedo alpine sites

Author(s): A. M. Siani | G. R. Casale | H. Diémoz | G. Agnesod | M. G. Kimlin | C. A. Lang | A. Colosimo
Exploratory visual analysis of conserved domains on multiple sequence alignments

Author(s): Jankun-Kelly TJ | Lindeman Andrew | Bridges Susan
Concurrent Calculations on Reconfigurable Logic Devices Applied to the Analysis of Video Images

Author(s): Sergio R. Geninatti | José Ignacio Benavides Benítez | Manuel Hernández Calviño | Nicolás Guil Mata
Adaptive Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent Algorithm for Dynamic Contrast Adjustment in Displaying Scenes

Author(s): Cheng-Yi Yu | Yen-Chieh Ouyang | Chuin-Mu Wang | Chein-I Chang
Class Separation Improvements in Pixel Classification Using Colour Injection

Author(s): Edward Blanco | Manuel Mazo | Luis Bergasa | Sira Palazuelos | Jose Rodríguez | Cristina Losada | Jose Martín
Color Image Encryption Based on Secret Sharing and Iterations

Author(s): Hao Luo | Fa-Xin Yu | Hui Li | Zheng-Liang Huang
Robust Adaptive Image Watermarking using Visual Models in DWT and DCT Domain

Author(s): Ahmed A. Abdulfetah | Xingming Sun | Hengfu Yang | Nur Mohammad
Development and Application of the Single-Camera Vision Measuring System

Author(s): Kuei- Shu Hsu | Ko- Chun Chen | Tsung- Han Li | Min- Chie Chiu
Watermarking of Digital Video Stream for Source Authentication

Author(s): Kesavan Gopal | M. Madhavi Latha
The Luminance Misattribution in Lightness Perception

Author(s): Alessandro Soranzo | Alessandra Galmonte | Tiziano Agostini
The effects of age on visual perception of sine-wave gratings at low luminance / Os efeitos da idade na percepção visual de grades senoidais em luminância baixa

Author(s): Natanael Antonio dos Santos | Adriana Bastos Oliveira | Renata Maria Toscano Barreto Lyra Nogueira | Éllen Dias Nicácio da Cruz | Maria Lúcia de Bustamante Simas
Performance Comparison of Block Truncation Coding based Image Retrieval Techniques using Assorted Color Spaces

Author(s): H.B. Kekre | Sudeep D.Thepade | Varun Lodha | Pooja Luthra | Ajoy Joseph | Chitrangada Nemani
An Efficient Adaptive Filtering for CFA Demosaicking

Author(s): Dev. R. Newlin, | Elwin Chandra Monie
Augmentation of Block Truncation Coding based Image Retrieval by using Even and Odd Images with Sundry Colour Spaces

Author(s): Dr. H.B.Kekre | Sudeep D.Thepade | Varun Lodha, | Pooja Luthra, | Ajoy Joseph | Chitrangada Nemani
Improving Performance of Multileveled BTC Based CBIR Using Sundry Color Spaces

Author(s): H.B.Kekre, Sudeep D.Thepade, Srikant Sanas
A new Method for Color Image Quality Assessment

Author(s): Niveditta Thakur | Swapna Devi
Image Retrieval with Image Tile Energy Averaging using Assorted Color Spaces

Author(s): H.B.Kekre | Sudeep D. Thepade | Varun Lodha | Pooja Luthra | Ajoy Joseph | Chitrangada Nemani
Comparison of angular frequency contrast sensitivity in young and older adults

Author(s): Santos N.A. | Simas M.L.B. | Nogueira R.M.T.B.L.
No evidence for UV-based nest-site selection in sticklebacks

Author(s): Modarressie Ricarda | Bakker Theo
The face-specific N170 component is modulated by emotional facial expression

Author(s): Blau Vera | Maurer Urs | Tottenham Nim | McCandliss Bruce
An investigation on Kangan gas refinery wastewater

Author(s): S. M. T. Sadatipour | L. Mirzaie | A. A. Rezaei
A Color Topographic Map Based on the Dichromatic Reflectance Model

Author(s): Michèle Gouiffès | Bertrand Zavidovique
Synchrony between orientation-selective neurons is modulated during adaptation-induced plasticity in cat visual cortex

Author(s): Ghisovan Narcis | Nemri Abdellatif | Shumikhina Svetlana | Molotchnikoff Stephane
Compressive Data Hiding: An Unconventional Approach for Improved Color Image Coding

Author(s): Alessandro Neri | Dimitrios Hatzinakos | Deepa Kundur | Patrizio Campisi
Vector Disparity Sensor with Vergence Control for Active Vision Systems

Author(s): Francisco Barranco | Javier Diaz | Agostino Gibaldi | Silvio P. Sabatini | Eduardo Ros
A Glance at Psychophysics Software Programs

Author(s): Ali Yoonessi | Ahmad Yoonessi
Noise Reduction of an Image by using Function Approximation Techniques.

Visual contrast sensitivity in tonic-clonic epileptic patients

Author(s): Paloma C. Bezerra | Caroline C. G. Alencar | Sandra R. Mousinho | Natanael A. dos Santos1
Comparative neurophysiology of spatial luminance contrast sensitivity

Author(s): Givago da Silva Souza | Bruno Duarte Gomes | Luiz Carlos L. Silveira
Psychophysical measurements of luminance and chromatic spatial and temporal contrast sensitivity in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Author(s): Marcelo Fernandes Costa | Mirella Telles Salgueiro Barboni | Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP, Brasil
Facilitation of Detectability and Criterion by Automatic Temporal Expectation

Author(s): Gisele Braga Pinheiro | Luiz Eduardo Ribeiro-do-Valle
Compressive Data Hiding: An Unconventional Approach for Improved Color Image Coding

Author(s): Campisi Patrizio | Kundur Deepa | Hatzinakos Dimitrios | Neri Alessandro
Region Adaptive Color Demosaicing Algorithm Using Color Constancy

Author(s): Kim ChangWon | Oh HyunMook | Yoo DuSic | Kang MoonGi
Natural Enhancement of Color Image

Author(s): Chen Shaohua | Beghdadi Azeddine
A Biologically Motivated Multiresolution Approach to Contour Detection

Author(s): Papari Giuseppe | Campisi Patrizio | Petkov Nicolai | Neri Alessandro
Color Image Coding by Colorization Approach

Author(s): Horiuchi Takahiko | Tominaga Shoji
Occlusion-Aware View Interpolation

Author(s): Ince Serdar | Konrad Janusz
A Color Topographic Map Based on the Dichromatic Reflectance Model

Author(s): Gouiffès Michèle | Zavidovique Bertrand
Adaptive Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent Algorithm for Dynamic Contrast Adjustment in Displaying Scenes

Author(s): Yu Cheng-Yi | Ouyang Yen-Chieh | Wang Chuin-Mu | Chang Chein-I
Image Search using Overlapping of Different Image Features

Author(s): Vinod Kumar | Asheesh Kumar | Abhishek Bhardwaj
Assessment of illumination in Tehran electrical industries

Author(s): Kakooei H. | Poornajaf A.H
Spatial Frequency Dependence of the Human Visual Cortex Response on Temporal Frequency Modulation Studied by fMRI

Author(s): A. Mirzajani | N. Riyahi-Alam | M.A. Oghabian | K. Firouznia | H. Saberi
Evaluation of Growth Performances and Meat Quality of Tunisian Local Poultry Raised in Outdoor Access

Author(s): A. Raach-Moujahed | B. Haddad | N. Moujahed | M. Bouallegue
Evaluation of contrast visual acuity in patients with retinitis pigmentosa

Author(s): Oomachi K | Ogata K | Sugawara T | Hagiwara A | Hata A | Yamamoto S.
Intercomparisons of Nine Sky Brightness Detectors

Author(s): Peter den Outer | Dorien Lolkema | Marty Haaima | Rene van der Hoff | Henk Spoelstra | Wim Schmidt
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Feng Gao | Bin Wang | Deyun Yang | Junhu Zhang | Shifei Ding
Color Map and Polynomial Coefficient Map Mapping

Author(s): Huijian Han | Caiming Zhang
Film Colorization, Using Artificial Neural Networks and Laws Filters

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Lavvafi | S. Amirhassan Monadjemi | Payman Moallem
Automatic Panorama Creation using Multi-row Images

Author(s): Baosen Song | Yongqing Fu | Jinlin Wang
A Perceptually Tuned Model for Just Noticeable Distortion Estimation for Videos

Author(s): Bandekar Namrata | Malewar Anant | Gadre Vikram
MR imaging contrast enhancement and segmentation using fuzzy clustering

Author(s): A Djerouni | H Hamada | N Berrached
Color Casts Detection and Adjustment

Author(s): Sheng-Fuu Lin | Huang-Tsun Chen | Tsung-Han Lin
The effect of illumination on gray color

Author(s): Osvaldo Da Pos | Linda Baratella | Gabriele Sperandio
Electroluminescent Characteristics of DBPPV–ZnO Nanocomposite Polymer Light Emitting Devices

Author(s): Madhava Rao MV | Su YanKuin | Huang TsungSyun | Yeh Chen-Han | Tu Ming-Lung
Detection of the movement direction by the cells with directional receptive fields in the primary visual cortex of the cat

Author(s): Ausra Daugirdiene | Algimantas Svegzda | Romualdas Satinskas | Henrikas Vaitkevicius
Simulation and Analysis of Digital Video Watermarking Using MPEG-2

Author(s): Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, | Mr. Yunus Mohammed Pervej
Image Enhancement Based on Color Histogram and DCT Approach

Author(s): Pharindra kumar Sharma | Shalabh Agarwal | Piyush Shrivastava
Lightness Perception Model for Natural Images

Author(s): Xianglin Meng | Zhengzhi Wang
Study on Threshold Patterns with Varying Illumination Using 1.3m Imaging System

Author(s): Vinesh SUKUMAR | Herbert L. HESS | Ken V. NOREN | Greg DONOHOE | Suat AY
Empirical Validation of Daylight Simulation Tool with Physical Model Measurement

Author(s): Yaik-Wah Lim | Mohd. H. Ahmad | Dilshan R. Ossen
Enhancing the Color Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Tree (SPIHT) Algorithm Using Correlation Theory

Author(s): M. Santhi | R. S.D. Wahida Banu | M. Santhi | R. S.D. Wahida Banu | M. Santhi | R. S.D. Wahida Banu | a a a
A Survey on Environmental Factors and Job Satisfaction Among Operators in Automotive Industry

Author(s): A. R. Ismail | M. H.M. Haniff | C. B. Kim | B. M. Deros | N. K. Makhtar
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