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RNA interference of genes of ubiquitn and proteasome 7 subunit in cardiomyocytes culture

Author(s): Kyrychenko V. O. | Nagibin V. S. | Tumanovska L. V. | Rybalchenko V. K. | Dosenko V. E. | Moibenko O. O.
Accumulation of lysosulfatide in the brain of arylsulfatase A-deficient mice

Author(s): Blomqvist Maria | Gieselmann Volkmar | Månsson Jan-Eric
Haloperidol-Induced Neuronal Damage in Guinea Pig Hippocampus: A Microscopic Study

Author(s): Elvan OZBEK | B. Zuhal ALTUNKAYNAK | Mehmet D. AYDIN | Nazan AYDIN | Ozgen VURALER | Bunyamin UNAL
Autophagy and ethanol-induced liver injury

Author(s): Terrence M Donohue Jr
Preoperative diagnosis of a mediastinal granular cell tumor by EUS-FNA: a case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Bean Sarah | Eloubeidi Mohamad | Eltoum Isam | Cerfolio Robert | Jhala Darshana
Lysosomal trafficking functions of mucolipin-1 in murine macrophages

Author(s): Thompson Eric | Schaheen Lara | Dang Hope | Fares Hanna
Primary histiocytic sarcoma arising in the head and neck with predominant spindle cell component

Author(s): Alexiev Borislav | Sailey Charles | McClure Shawn | Ord Robert | Zhao XF | Papadimitriou John
Tissue distribution of DNA-Hsp65/TDM-loaded PLGA microspheres and uptake by phagocytic cells

Author(s): Trombone Ana Paula | Silva Celio | Almeida Luciana | Rosada Rogerio | Lima Karla | Oliver Constance | Jamur Maria | Coelho-Castelo Arlete
Lysosomal Cysteine Proteinase Cathepsin S as a Potential Target for Anti-Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Wun-Shaing W. Chang | Hsin-Ru Wu | Chi-Tai Yeh | Cheng-Wen Wu | Jang-Yang Chang
A measure of endosomal pH by flow cytometry in Dictyostelium

Author(s): Marchetti Anna | Lelong Emmanuelle | Cosson Pierre
Interaction of functional NPC1 gene Polymorphism with smoking on coronary heart disease

Author(s): Ma Weiwei | Xu Jing | Wang Qianqian | Xin Ying | Zhang Lin | Zheng Xinxin | Wang Hu | Sun Kai | Hui Rutai | Huang Xiaohong
Granular Cell Ameloblastoma: an Unusual Histological Subtype Report and Review of Literature

Author(s): Nikolaos G. Nikitakis | Fotios Tzerbos | Kyriaki Triantafyllou | Christos Papadimas | Alexandra Sklavounou
The biological activity of lysosomotropic agents

Author(s): Ewa Obłąk | Anna Krasowska
Effector granules in human T lymphocytes: the luminal proteome of secretory lysosomes from human T cells

Author(s): Schmidt Hendrik | Gelhaus Christoph | Nebendahl Melanie | Lettau Marcus | Lucius Ralph | Leippe Matthias | Kabelitz Dietrich | Janssen Ottmar
Polymorphisms in Tunisian patients with N-acetylgalactosamine-6-sulfate sulfatase gene deficiency: Implication in Morquio A disease

Author(s): Khedhiri Souhir | Chkioua Latifa | Ferchichi Salima | Miled Abdelhedi | Laradi Sandrine
Acetylated microtubules are required for fusion of autophagosomes with lysosomes

Author(s): Xie Rui | Nguyen Susan | McKeehan Wallace | Liu Leyuan
Regeneración del nervio ciático axotomizado del perro con prótesis de quitosana precargadas con pregnenolona y la técnica de tubulización

Author(s): Esther Albarrán Rodríguez | Guillermo Nolasco Rodríguez | Jorge Hernández Mercado | Jorge Peregrina Sandoval | Manuel Rosales Cortés | María Estela Chávez Delgado | Ulises Gómez Pinedo
Immune defects in Alzheimer's disease: new medications development

Author(s): Cashman John | Ghirmai Senait | Abel Kenneth | Fiala Milan
Cathepsin B: Novel cysteine proteases of the papain family

Author(s): Mr. L. Jayashankar | Shruti Awasthi | Madhulika Ganguri | B. Syama Sundar
Silencing cytokeratin 18 gene inhibits intracellular replication of Trypanosoma cruzi in HeLa cells but not binding and invasion of trypanosomes

Author(s): Claser Carla | Curcio Marli | de Mello Samanta | Silveira Eduardo | Monteiro Hugo | Rodrigues Mauricio
Posttranslational regulation of Fas ligand function

Author(s): Voss Matthias | Lettau Marcus | Paulsen Maren | Janssen Ottmar
Developmental competence and ultrastructural changes of heat-stressed mouse early blastocysts produced in vitro

Author(s): Pingping QU | Wenru TIAN | Zhongling JIANG | Shansong GAO | Tao LI | Zhongjie TIAN | Mingzhi WANG
Enrichment and analysis of secretory lysosomes from lymphocyte populations

Author(s): Schmidt Hendrik | Gelhaus Christoph | Lucius Ralph | Nebendahl Melanie | Leippe Matthias | Janssen Ottmar
Monitoring compartment-specific substrate cleavage by cathepsins B, K, L, and S at physiological pH and redox conditions

Author(s): Jordans Silvia | Jenko-Kokalj Saša | Kühl Nicole | Tedelind Sofia | Sendt Wolfgang | Brömme Dieter | Turk Dušan | Brix Klaudia
Wilson′s disease: An Indian perspective

Author(s): Taly A | Prashanth L | Sinha S
Hyaluronan uptake by adult human skin fibroblasts in vitro

Author(s): MA Croce | F Boraldi | D Quaglino | R Tiozzo | I Pasquali-Ronchetti
Chloroquine reduces arylsulphatase B activity and increases chondroitin-4-sulphate: implications for mechanisms of action and resistance

Author(s): Bhattacharyya Sumit | Solakyildirim Kemal | Zhang Zhenqing | Linhardt Robert | Tobacman Joanne
Identification of polymorphism in the SCL24A5 gene of cattle

Author(s): Letizia Nicoloso | Riccardo Negrini | Elisabetta Milanesi | Paola Crepaldi
Novel application of low pH-dependent fluorescent dyes to examine colitis

Author(s): Ishiguro Kazuhiro | Ando Takafumi | Watanabe Osamu | Goto Hidemi
Stoichiometry and intracellular fate of TRIM-containing TCR complexes

Author(s): Swamy Mahima | Siegers Gabrielle | Fiala Gina | Molnar Eszter | Dopfer Elaine | Fisch Paul | Schraven Burkhart | Schamel Wolfgang
Niemann-Pick disease type C

Author(s): Vanier Marie
Dynamics and mechanisms of quantum dot nanoparticle cellular uptake

Author(s): Xiao Yan | Forry Samuel | Gao Xiugong | Holbrook R David | Telford William | Tona Alessandro
Orthopedic manifestations in patients with muco­polysaccharidosis type II (Hunter syndrome) enrolled in the Hunter Outcome Survey

Author(s): Bianca Link | Louise Lapagesse de Camargo Pinto | Roberto Giugliani | James Edmond Wraith | Nathalie Guffon | Elke Eich | Michael Beck
Retrieval of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein from the endosome to the TGN is S655 phosphorylation state-dependent and retromer-mediated

Author(s): Vieira Sandra | Rebelo Sandra | Esselmann Hermann | Wiltfang Jens | Lah James | Lane Rachel | Small Scott | Gandy Sam | da Cruz e Silva Edgar | da Cruz e Silva Odete
The role of the proteasome for therapy of incurable diseases

Author(s): Irena Bubko | Beata M. Gruber | Elżbieta L. Anuszewska
Pathogenesis and prophylaxis of AMD: focus on oxidative stress and antioxidants

Author(s): Anna Wiktorowska-Owczarek | Jerzy Z. Nowak

Author(s): Alina Păunescu | Cristina Maria Ponepal | Octavian Drăghici | Alexandru Gabriel Marinescu
Important relationships between Rab and MICAL proteins in endocytic trafficking

Author(s): Juliati Rahajeng | Sai Srinivas Panapakkam Giridharan | Bishuang Cai | Naava Naslavsky | Steve Caplan
Fabry disease

Author(s): Germain Dominique
Subcellular distribution of nuclear import-defective isoforms of the promyelocytic leukemia protein

Author(s): Jul-Larsen Åsne | Grudic Amra | Bjerkvig Rolf | Bøe Stig
Measurement of peroxisomal enzyme activities in the liver of brown trout (Salmo trutta), using spectrophotometric methods

Author(s): Rocha Maria | Rocha Eduardo | Resende Albina | Lobo-da-Cunha Alexandre
Scavenger properties of cultivated pig liver endothelial cells

Author(s): Elvevold Kjetil | Nedredal Geir | Revhaug Arthur | Smedsrød Bård
A Gene Encoding Sialic-Acid-Specific 9-O-Acetylesterase Found in Human Adult Testis

Author(s): Zhu Hu | Chan Hsiao Chang | Zhou Zuoming | Li Jianming | Zhu Hui | Yin Lanlan | Xu Ming | Cheng Lijun | Sha Jiahao
Synaptotagmin VII Restricts Fusion Pore Expansion during Lysosomal Exocytosis

Author(s): Jaiswal Jyoti K | Chakrabarti Sabyasachi | Andrews Norma W | Simon Sanford M
Text-derived concept profiles support assessment of DNA microarray data for acute myeloid leukemia and for androgen receptor stimulation

Author(s): Jelier Rob | Jenster Guido | Dorssers Lambert | Wouters Bas | Hendriksen Peter | Mons Barend | Delwel Ruud | Kors Jan
Haematopoietic development and immunological function in the absence of cathepsin D

Author(s): Tulone Calogero | Uchiyama Yasuo | Novelli Marco | Grosvenor Nicholas | Saftig Paul | Chain Benjamin
Squalestatin alters the intracellular trafficking of a neurotoxic prion peptide

Author(s): Wilson Rona | Bate Clive | Boshuizen Ronald | Williams Alun | Brewer James
The first hydrophobic region of the HPV16 E5 protein determines protein cellular location and facilitates anchorage-independent growth

Author(s): Lewis Caroline | Baro Marta | Marques Margarita | Grüner Myriam | Alonso Angel | Bravo Ignacio
Comparative study of mesenchymal stem cells from C57BL/10 and mdx mice

Author(s): Li Yong | Zhang Cheng | Xiong Fu | Yu Mei-juan | Peng Fu-lin | Shang Yan-chang | Zhao Cui-ping | Xu Yong-feng | Liu Zheng-shan | Zhou Chang | Wu Jin-lang
Temporal gene expression profiling reveals CEBPD as a candidate regulator of brain disease in prosaposin deficient mice

Author(s): Sun Ying | Jia Li | Williams Michael | Zamzow Matt | Ran Huimin | Quinn Brian | Aronow Bruce | Vorhees Charles | Witte David | Grabowski Gregory
Diurnal rhythms of pinealocyte ultrastructure, pineal serotonin content and plasma melatonin level in the domestic pig.

Author(s): Bogdan Lewczuk | Marcin Nowicki | Magdalena Prusik | Barbara Przybylska-Gornowicz
Lysosomal exoglycosidases in serum and urine of patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

Author(s): Sławomir Dariusz Szajda | Napoleon Waszkiewicz | Anna Stypułkowska | Jacek Dadan | Krzysztof Zwierz
Intracellular distribution of Tankyrases as detected by multicolor immunofluorescence techniques

Author(s): M.G. Bottone | G. Santin | C. Soldani | P. Veneroni | A.I. Scovassi | C. Alpini
Evolutionary Analytics on Lysosomal Associated Membrane Protein -1 (LAMP-1)

Author(s): Manish Dwivedi | Vijay Tripathi | Ashutosh Mani | Dwijendra K. Gupta
Regulation of homeostasis in the process of protein absorption from small intestine to blood

Author(s): Gulnara Islamova | Aziza Nishanova | Margarita Tarinova | Mukaddas Rahmatova | Ravshan Rahmanov | Akmal Yuldashev
Induction of Apoptosis in Lung Cancer Cells by TRAIL and L-leucyl-L-leucine Methyl Ester

Author(s): X. Sarah Sun | Laura Bandura-Morgan | Wolfgang Zacharias
Progressive severe lung injury by zinc oxide nanoparticles; the role of Zn2+ dissolution inside lysosomes

Author(s): Cho Wan-Seob | Duffin Rodger | Howie Sarah | Scotton Chris | Wallace William | MacNee William | Bradley Mark | Megson Ian | Donaldson Ken
Caricain: A basis for enzyme therapy for coeliac disease

Author(s): Hugh J. Cornell | Teodor Stelmasiak
Infantile nephropathic cystinosis

Author(s): Peco-Antić Amira | Kostić Mirjana | Bogdanović Radovan | Spasojević Brankica | Đorđević Maja | Paripović Dušan | Kovačević Dragana
Upregulation of cathepsin D in the caudate nucleus of primates with experimental parkinsonism

Author(s): Yelamanchili Sowmya | Chaudhuri Amrita | Flynn Claudia | Fox Howard
Entrapment in phospholipid vesicles quenches photoactivity of quantum dots

Author(s): Generalov R | Kavaliauskiene S | Westrøm S | Chen W | Kristensen S | Juzenas P
Interactions of a pesticide/heavy metal mixture in marine bivalves: a transcriptomic assessment

Author(s): Dondero Francesco | Banni Mohamed | Negri Alessandro | Boatti Lara | Dagnino Alessandro | Viarengo Aldo
Distribution of silver in rats following 28 days of repeated oral exposure to silver nanoparticles or silver acetate

Author(s): Loeschner Katrin | Hadrup Niels | Qvortrup Klaus | Larsen Agnete | Gao Xueyun | Vogel Ulla | Mortensen Alicja | Lam Henrik | Larsen Erik
Subcellular Localization of Thiol-Capped CdTe Quantum Dots in Living Cells

Author(s): Zhang Yu | Mi Lan | Xiong Rongling | Wang Pei-Nan | Chen Ji-Yao | Yang Wuli | Wang Changchun | Peng Qian
Centriole polarisation to the immunological synapse directs secretion from cytolytic cells of both the innate and adaptive immune systems

Author(s): Stinchcombe Jane | Salio Mariolina | Cerundolo Vincenzo | Pende Daniela | Arico Maurizo | Griffiths Gillian
Microscopic observation of the intercellular transport of CdTe quantum dot aggregates through tunneling-nanotubes

Author(s): Lan Mi | Rongling Xiong | Yu Zhang | Weidong Yang | Ji-Yao Chen | Pei-Nan Wang
The impact of corticosteroids on hepatocytes ultrastructure experimental study in rats with electron microscopy

Author(s): D. Kapatsoris | Ch. Pilichos | Athina Preza | I. Kounavis | C. Fotiadis
Cell Death Pathways in Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

Author(s): Pawel Mroz | Anastasia Yaroslavsky | Gitika B Kharkwal | Michael R. Hamblin
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