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Recovery of macrobenthic assemblages following experimental sand burial

Author(s): Benjamín Yáñez | José L. Carballo | Celia Olabarria | José J. Barrón
Estimate of Biomass and Secondary Production of Macrobenthos in Khore-e-Mousa

Author(s): S. M. B. Nabavi | A. Savari | Gh. H. Vosoughi | A. R. Nikouy
Description of the Macrobenthic Population in the Gulf of Arzew in Northwestern Algeria

Author(s): Youcef Amar | AbdelKrim Kandouci | Sara Lebid | Benyounes Djahed | Touria Zahzeh | Macho Anani
Applying Benthic Index of Biotic Integrity in a Soft Bottom Ecosystem in North of the Persian Gulf

Author(s): B. Doustshenas | A. Savari | S.M.B. Nabavi | P. Kochanian | M. Sadrinasab
Modelling potential impacts of bottom trawl fisheries on soft sediment biogeochemistry in the North Sea†

Author(s): Duplisea Daniel | Jennings Simon | Malcolm Stephen | Parker Ruth | Sivyer David
El Niño and similar perturbation effects on the benthos of the Humboldt, California, and Benguela Current upwelling ecosystems

Author(s): W. E. Arntz | V. A. Gallardo | D. Gutiérrez | E. Isla | L. A. Levin | J. Mendo | C. Neira | G. T. Rowe | J. Tarazona | M. Wolff
ENSO and sandy beach macrobenthos of the tropical East Pacific: some speculations

Author(s): T. Vanagt | E. Beekman | M. Vincx | S. Degraer
Temporal variations in coral reef health at a coastal industrial site on the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

Author(s): Mohammad K. Al-Zibdah | Said A. Damhoureyeh | Mohammad I. Badran
Macrobenthos from unvegetated intertidal areas in the Caeté river estuary in Bragança, Pará

Author(s): José Souto Rosa Filho | Debora Vieira Busman | Andréa Pontes Viana | Aderson Manoel Gregório | Diogo Marques Oliveira
Species diversity of macrobenthos in the rocky intertidal zone of Yushan Island

Author(s): Haifeng Jiao | Xiaoming Peng | Zhongjie You | Huixiong Shi | Zhijun Lou | Hongdan Liu

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