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Biological Effects and Safety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Review

Author(s): Valentina Hartwig | Giulio Giovannetti | Nicola Vanello | Massimo Lombardi | Luigi Landini | Silvana Simi
The statistics of foreshock cavities: results of a Cluster survey

Author(s): L. Billingham | S. J. Schwartz | D. G. Sibeck
Cluster survey of the mid-altitude cusp – Part 2: Large-scale morphology

Author(s): F. Pitout | C. P. Escoubet | B. Klecker | I. Dandouras
Fast geophysical prospecting applied to archaeology: results at «Villa ai Cavallacci» (Albano Laziale, Rome) site

Author(s): S. Urbini | L. Cafarella | M. Marchetti | P. Chiarucci | D. Bonini
Magnetic signature of Siaolin Village, southern Taiwan, after burial by a catastrophic landslide due to Typhoon Morakot

Author(s): W.-B. Doo | S.-K. Hsu | C.-C. Chen | H.-H. Hsieh | H.-Y. Yen | Y.-G. Chen | W.-Y. Chang
A magnetic survey of mineral resources in northeastern Cuba

Author(s): José Alberto Batista Rodríguez
The Role of Noninvasive Techniques in Stroke Therapy

Author(s): Daniel Maxwell Bernad | Julien Doyon
A VLA survey of magnetic cataclysmic variable stars

Author(s): Candace Gray | Paul A. Mason
A Survey of large, rapid solar wind dynamic pressure changes observed by Interball-1 and IMP 8

Author(s): P. A. Dalin | G. N. Zastenker | K. I. Paularena | J. D. Richardson
Ionospheric propagation effects on spectral widths measured by SuperDARN HF radars

Author(s): X. Vallières | J.-P. Villain | C. Hanuise | R. André
Interplanetary magnetic field control of dayside transient event occurrence and motion in the ionosphere and magnetosphere

Author(s): G. I. Korotova | D. G. Sibeck | H. J. Singer | T. J. Rosenberg | M. J. Engebretson
Integrated Geophysical Methods Approach to Mineral Exploration in the Wadi Araba Area, Southern Jordan

Author(s): Abdallah S. Al-Zoubi | Awni T. Batayneh | Ziad S. Abu-Hamatteh
Perception of Deqi by Chinese and American acupuncturists: a pilot survey

Author(s): Hui Kathleen | Sporko Tara | Vangel Mark | Li Ming | Fang Jiliang | Lao Lixing
A T2* MRI prospective survey on heart iron in thalassemia major patients treated with sequential deferipron-desferrioxamine versus deferasirox

Author(s): Pepe Alessia | Meloni Antonella | Rossi Giuseppe | Dell'Amico Maria | D'Ascola Domenico | Capra Marcello | Filosa Aldo | Cianciulli Paolo | Salvatori Cristina | Restaino Gennaro | Borgna-Pignatti Caterina | Lombardi Massimo
A T2* MRI prospective survey on heart iron in thalassemia major patients treated with sequential deferiprone-desferrioxamine versus deferipron and desferrioxamine in monotherapy

Author(s): Pepe Alessia | Meloni Antonella | Rossi Giuseppe | Dell'Amico Maria | Prossomariti Luciano | D'Ascola Domenico | Filosa Aldo | Pepe Pasquale | Positano Vincenzo | Ascioti Claudio | Capra Marcello | Lombardi Massimo
Worldwide survey of T2* cardiovascular magnetic resonance in Thalassaemia

Author(s): Carpenter John-Paul | He Taigang | Kirk Paul | Anderson Lisa | Porter John | Walker Malcolm | Galanello Renzo | Danjou Fabrice | Forni Gianluca | Kattamis Antonis | Ladis Vassilis | Drossou Marouso | Vini Demetra | Michos Andreas | Perifanis Vassilios | Hazirolan Tuncay | Almeida Ana | Aydinok Yesim | Rangelova Mirella | El-Beshlawy Amal | Elalfy Mohsen | Alnasser Ibrahim | Daar Shahina | Fernandes Juliano | Pennell Dudley
A T2* MRI prospective survey on heart iron in thalassemia major patients treated with deferasirox versus deferiprone and desferrioxamine in monotherapy

Author(s): Pepe Alessia | Meloni Antonella | Rossi Giuseppe | Dell'Amico Maria | Spasiano Anna | Capra Marcello | Cianciulli Paolo | Caruso Vincenzo | Favilli Brunella | Cracolici Eliana | Maggio Aurelio | Lombardi Massimo
The 1990.0 magnetic repeat station survey and normal reference fields for Italy

Author(s): A. Meloni | O. Battelli | A. De Santis | G. Dominici
A test site for the magnetic detection of buried steel drums

Author(s): M. Marchetti | M. Chiappini | A. Meloni
Aeromagnetic anomaly images of Vulcano and Southern Lipari Islands (Aeolian Archipelago, Italy)

Author(s): R. Supper | R. De Ritis | K. Motschka | M. Chiappini
High Resolution Marine Magnetic Survey of Shallow Water Littoral Area

Author(s): Eyal Weiss | Boris Ginzburg | Tsuriel Ram Cohen | Hovav Zafrir | Roger Alimi | Nizan Salomonski | Jacob Sharvit
Compact Integration of a GSM-19 Magnetic Sensor with High-Precision Positioning using VRS GNSS Technology

Author(s): Angel Martín | Jorge Padín | Ana Belén Anquela | Juán Sánchez | Santiago Belda
Paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic survey of Brunhes lava flows from Tancitaro volcano, Mexico

Author(s): R. Maciel Peña, A. Goguitchaichvili, V. H. Garduño Monroy, V. C. Ruiz Martinez, B. Aguilar, Reyes, J. Morales L. Alva-Valdivia, C. Caballero Miranda and J. Urrutia-Fucugauchi | A. Goguitchaichvili | V. H. Garduño Monroy | V. C. Ruíz Martínez | B. Aguilar Reyes | J. Morales | L. Alva Valdivia | C. Caballero Miranda | J. Urrutia Fucugauchi
A statistical study of ion frictional heating observed by EISCAT

Author(s): J. A. Davies | M. Lester | I. W. McCrea
An initial response of magnetic fields at geosynchronous orbit to Pi 2 onset as observed from the dip-equator

Author(s): O. Saka | H. Akaki | O. Watanabe | M. Shinohara | D. N. Baker
Dawn-dusk asymmetry in particles of solar wind origin within the magnetosphere

Author(s): T. J. Stubbs | M. Lockwood | P. Cargill | J. Fennell | M. Grande | B. Kellett | C. Perry | A. Rees
Fluid and particle signatures of dayside reconnection

Author(s): T. M. Bauer | G. Paschmann | N. Sckopke | R. A. Treumann | W. Baumjohann | T.-D. Phan
Cluster magnetic field observations in the magnetosheath: four-point measurements of mirror structures

Author(s): E. A. Lucek | M. W. Dunlop | T. S. Horbury | A. Balogh | P. Brown | P. Cargill | C. Carr | K.-H. Fornaçon | E. Georgescu | T. Oddy
Coordinated interhemispheric SuperDARN radar observations of the ionospheric response to flux transfer events observed by the Cluster spacecraft at the high-latitude magnetopause

Author(s): J. A. Wild | S. E. Milan | S. W. H. Cowley | M. W. Dunlop | C. J. Owen | J. M. Bosqued | M. G. G. T. Taylor | J. A. Davies | M. Lester | N. Sato | A. S. Yukimatu | A. N. Fazakerley | A. Balogh | H. Rème
Polar, Cluster and SuperDARN evidence for high-latitude merging during southward IMF: temporal/spatial evolution

Author(s): N. C. Maynard | D. M. Ober | W. J. Burke | J. D. Scudder | M. Lester | M. Dunlop | J. A. Wild | A. Grocott | C. J. Farrugia | E. J. Lund | C. T. Russell | D. R. Weimer | K. D. Siebert | A. Balogh | M. Andre | H. Rème
A study of Pc-5 ULF oscillations

Author(s): M. K. Hudson | R. E. Denton | M. R. Lessard | E. G. Miftakhova | R. R. Anderson
Isolated electrostatic structures observed throughout the Cluster orbit: relationship to magnetic field strength

Author(s): J. S. Pickett | L.-J. Chen | S. W. Kahler | O. Santolík | D. A. Gurnett | B. T. Tsurutani | A. Balogh
Cluster survey of the high-altitude cusp properties: a three-year statistical study

Author(s): B. Lavraud | A. Fedorov | E. Budnik | A. Grigoriev | P. J. Cargill | M. W. Dunlop | H. Rème | I. Dandouras | A. Balogh
Space weather effects on drilling accuracy in the North Sea

Author(s): S. J. Reay | W. Allen | O. Baillie | J. Bowe | E. Clarke | V. Lesur | S. Macmillan
Dawn-dusk asymmetries and sub-Alfvénic flow in the high and low latitude magnetosheath

Author(s): M. Longmore | S. J. Schwartz | J. Geach | B. M. A. Cooling | I. Dandouras | E. A. Lucek | A. N. Fazakerley
Flux transfer events on the high-latitude magnetopause: Interball-1 observations

Author(s): D. G. Sibeck | G. I. Korotova | V. Petrov | V. Styazhkin | T. J. Rosenberg
Cluster survey of the mid-altitude cusp: 1. size, location, and dynamics

Author(s): F. Pitout | C. P. Escoubet | B. Klecker | H. Rème
Cluster observations of particle acceleration up to supra-thermal energies in the cusp region related to low-frequency wave activity – possible implications for the substorm initiation process

Author(s): I. I. Vogiatzis | T. E. Sarris | E. T. Sarris | O. Santolík | I. Dandouras | P. Robert | T. A. Fritz | Q.-G. Zong | H. Zhang
A survey of Galileo plasma wave instrument observations of Jovian whistler-mode chorus

Author(s): J. D. Menietti | R. B. Horne | D. A. Gurnett | G. B. Hospodarsky | C. W. Piker | J. B. Groene
Correlation length of magnetosheath fluctuations: Cluster statistics

Author(s): O. Gutynska | J. Šafránková | Z. Němeček
Subauroral polarization streams: observations with the Hokkaido and King Salmon SuperDARN radars and modeling

Author(s): A. Koustov | N. Nishitani | Y. Ebihara | T. Kikuchi | M. R. Hairston | D. Andre
Foreshock density holes in the context of known upstream plasma structures

Author(s): M. Wilber | G. K. Parks | K. Meziane | N. Lin | E. Lee | C. Mazelle | A. Harris
Survey of cold ionospheric outflows in the magnetotail

Author(s): E. Engwall | A. I. Eriksson | C. M. Cully | M. André | P. A. Puhl-Quinn | H. Vaith | R. Torbert
STEREO observations of interplanetary coronal mass ejections and prominence deflection during solar minimum period

Author(s): E. K. J. Kilpua | J. Pomoell | A. Vourlidas | R. Vainio | J. Luhmann | Y. Li | P. Schroeder | A. B. Galvin | K. Simunac
An epidemiological study of dementia under the aegis of mental health program, Maharashtra, Pune chapter

Author(s): Saldanha D | Mani Maj | Srivastava Kalpana | Goyal Sunil | Bhattacharya D

Author(s): ABUD, Sara Felícia Assaff | CAMPOS, Aline Gomes de | BRASIL, Fabrício Bernardo Jesus
Effects of cerebrovascular disease on amyloid precursor protein metabolites in cerebrospinal fluid

Author(s): Selnes Per | Blennow Kaj | Zetterberg Henrik | Grambaite Ramune | Rosengren Lars | Johnsen Lisbeth | Stenset Vidar | Fladby Tormod
Ground Magnetic Survey for Exploration of Massive Sulfide in Northeast Iran

Author(s): E. Salati | M.R. Haidarian Shahri | M.H. Karimpour | M. Moradi
Anatomical Distribution of Central Nervous System Plaques in Multiple Sclerosis: An Iranian Experience

Author(s): Zinat Miabi | Mehran Midia | Ramin Midia | Dariush Moghinan
Magnetic Field Exposure Assessment of Electric Power Substation in High Rise Building

Author(s): N.A. Rahman | N.A. Rashid | W.N. Mahadi | Z. Rasol
Participants' preference for type of leaflet used to feed back the results of a randomised trial: a survey

Author(s): Brealey Stephen | Andronis Lazaros | Dennis Laura | Atwell Christine | Bryan Stirling | Coulton Simon | Cox Helen | Cross Ben | Fylan Fiona | Garratt Andrew | Gilbert Fiona | Gillan Maureen | Hendry Maggie | Hood Kerenza | Houston Helen | King David | Morton Veronica | Robling Michael | Russell Ian | Wilkinson Clare
Magnetic resonance imaging for acute pancreatitis

Author(s): Bo Xiao | Xiao-Ming Zhang
Technical procedures for aeromagnetic surveys in Antarctica during the Italian expeditions (1988-1992)

Author(s): E. Bozzo | A. Colla | G. Caneva | A. Meloni | A. Caramelli | G. Romeo | D. Damaske | D. Moeller
A search for the volcanomagnetic signal at Deception volcano (South Shetland I., Antarctica)

Author(s): A. Garcìa | I. Blanco | J. M. Torta | M. M. Astiz | J. M. Ibáñez | R. Ortiz
Integration of high resolution geophysical methods. Detection of shallow depth bodies of archaeological interest

Author(s): F. Cammarano | P. Mauriello | D. Patella | S. Piro | F. Rosso | L. Versino
The intrusive complexof the Island of Giglio: geomagnetic characteristics of plutonic facies with low susceptibility contrast

Author(s): O. Faggioni | D. Westerman | F. Innocenti | N. Beverini | C. Carmisciano | R. Cavallini | A. Dini
Piezomagnetic effects induced by artificial sources at Mt. Vesuvius (Italy): preliminary results of an experimental survey

Author(s): C. Del Negro | E. Armadillo | E. Bozzo | L. Cafarella | A. Meloni | R. Napoli | A. Zirizzotti
An experimental aeromagnetic survey in the Volturno valley area (South-Eastern Latium)

Author(s): M. Chiappini | F. Ferraccioli | V. Bosi | E. Bozzo | G. Caneva | R. Funiciello
Satellite magnetic anomalies of the Antarctic crust

Author(s): R. R. B. von Frese | H.R. Kim | L. Tan | J. W. Kim | P. T. Taylor | M. E. Purucker | D. E. Alsdorf | C. A. Raymond
Satellite mapping of the Antarctic gravity field

Author(s): R. R. B. von Frese | D. R. Roman | J. H. Kim | J. W. Kim | A. J. Anderson
Magnetic anomaly patterns over crustal blocks of the King Edward VII Peninsula, Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

Author(s): F. Ferraccioli | D. Damaske | E. Bozzo | M. Spano | M. Chiappini
Buried volcanic structures in the Gulf of Naples (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) resulting from high resolution magnetic survey and seismic profiling

Author(s): G. Aiello | A. Angelino | B. D'Argenio | E. Marsella | N. Pelosi | S. Ruggieri | A. Siniscalchi
Magnetic Base Station Deceptions, a magnetovariational analysis along the Ligurian Sea coast, Italy

Author(s): M. Gambetta | E. Armadillo | C. Carmisciano | F. Caratori Tontini | E. Bozzo
High resolution magnetic anomaly map of Tenerife, Canary Islands

Author(s): A. García | M. Chiappini | I. Blanco-Montenegro | R. Carluccio | F. D’Ajello Caracciolo | R. De Ritis | I. Nicolosi | A. Pignatelli | N. Sánchez | E. Boschi
Integrated geophysical survey to recognize ancient Picentia’s buried walls, in the Archaeological Park of Pontecagnano – Faiano (Southern Italy)

Author(s): M. Fedi | G. Florio | B. Garofalo | M. La Manna | C. Pellegrino | A. Rossi | M. G. Soldovieri
The new integrated aeromagnetic map of the Phlegrean Fields volcano and surrounding areas

Author(s): V. Paoletti | M. Fedi | G. Florio | R. Supper | A. Rapolla
Multidisciplinary investigations on the Roman aqueduct of Grumentum (Basilicata, Southern Italy)

Author(s): M. Bavusi | D. Chianese | S. I. Giano | M. Mucciarelli
Aeromagnetic survey of the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic area

Author(s): V. Paoletti | R. Supper | M. Chiappini | M. Fedi | G. Florio | A. Rapolla

Author(s): Angelo De Santis | Baldev Arora | Heather McCreadie
Lithostratigraphy of the Cretaceous–Paleocene Nuussuaq Group, Nuussuaq Basin, West Greenland

Author(s): Dam, Gregers | Pedersen, Gunver Krarup | Sønderholm, Martin | Midtgård, Helle | Larsen, Lotte Melchior | Nøhr-Hansen, Henrik | Pedersen, Asger Ken

Author(s): E. Carretti | M. Haverkorn | D. McConnell | G. Bernardi | S. Cortiglioni | N M. McClure-Griffiths | S. Poppi
Lipoma arborescens; successfully treated by yttrium-90 radiosynovectomy.

Author(s): Erselcan T | Bulut O | Bulut S | Dogan D | Turgut B | Ozdemir S | Goze F
11C-choline vs. 18F-FDG PET/CT in assessing bone involvement in patients with multiple myeloma

Author(s): Nanni Cristina | Zamagni Elena | Cavo Michele | Rubello Domenico | Tacchetti Paola | Pettinato Cinzia | Farsad Mohsen | Castellucci Paolo | Ambrosini Valentina | Montini Gian | Al-Nahhas Adil | Franchi Roberto | Fanti Stefano
Magnetic resonance imaging of the knee in Norway 2002–2004 (national survey): rapid increase, older patients, large geographic differences

Author(s): Espeland Ansgar | Natvig Nils | Løge Ingard | Engebretsen Lars | Ellingsen Jostein
Development of the Knee Quality of Life (KQoL-26) 26-item questionnaire: data quality, reliability, validity and responsiveness

Author(s): Garratt Andrew | Brealey Stephen | Robling Michael | Atwell Chris | Russell Ian | Gillespie William | King David
A Review of Topography in Fish Culture in Nigria Part Three

Author(s): .F.N. Abowei | P.A. Bariweni
Brain Computer Interfaces, a Review

Author(s): Luis Fernando Nicolas-Alonso | Jaime Gomez-Gil
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance activity in the United Kingdom: a survey on behalf of the british society of cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Author(s): Antony Renjith | Daghem Marwa | McCann Gerry | Daghem Safa | Moon James | Pennell Dudley | Neubauer Stefan | Dargie Henry | Berry Colin | Payne John | Petrie Mark | Hawkins Nathaniel
Using Integrated Geophysical Techniques to Prospect an Unexcavated Archaeological Site at Sungai Batu, Kedah, Malaysia

Author(s): S.Y.M. Alashloo | R. Saad | M.N.M. Nawawi | M. Saidin | M. Ali Dakhel | M.M. Alashloo
Anatomic Variations Of The Anterior Portion Of The Circle Of Willis: An MR Angiography Study

Author(s): Aleksandar Jesic | Slobodan Torbica | Snezana Maric | Sasa Popovic | Dusko Kozic
A Survey on Security in Medical Image Communication

Author(s): A. Umamageswari | M. Ferni Ukrit | Dr.G. R. Suresh
Brain Activity Throughout Audiovisual Speech Perception by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author(s): Yasaman Nojaba | Nematollah Rouhbakhsh | Mohammad Ali Oghabian | Shohreh Jalaie | Sina Houshmand
The Jurassic of Denmark and Greenland: The Lower–Middle Jurassic of the Anholt borehole: implications for the geological evolution of the eastern margin of the Danish Basin

Author(s): Nielsen, Ole B. | Seidenkrantz, Marit-Solveig | Abrahamsen, Niels | Schmidt, Birthe J. | Koppelhus, Eva B. | Ravn-Sørensen, Helle | Korsbech, Uffe | Nielsen, K Gynther
Magnetic resonance imaging for lung cancer detection: Experience in a population of more than 10,000 healthy individuals

Author(s): Wu Nai-Yuan | Cheng Hui-Cheng | Ko James | Cheng Yu-Chen | Lin Po-Wei | Lin Wei-Chan | Chang Cheng-Yen | Liou Der-Ming
Early Middle Frasnian platform reef strata in the Moravian Karst interpreted as recording the atmospheric dust changes: the key to understanding perturbations in the punctata conodont zone

Author(s): Hladil J | Koptíková L | Galle A | Sedláček V | Pruner P | Schnabl P | Langrová A | Bábek O | Frána J | Hladíková J | Otava J | Geršl M
Wellbore Surveying While Drilling Based on Kalman Filtering

Author(s): Mahmoud ElGizawy | Aboelmagd Noureldin | Jacques Georgy | Umar Iqbal | Naser El-Sheimy
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