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Colonisation and mass rearing: learning from others

Author(s): Benedict Mark | Knols Bart | Bossin Hervé | Howell Paul | Mialhe Eric | Caceres Carlos | Robinson Alan
Conceptual framework and rationale

Author(s): Robinson Alan | Knols Bart | Voigt Gabriella | Hendrichs Jorge
Historical applications of induced sterilisation in field populations of mosquitoes

Author(s): Dame David | Curtis Christopher | Benedict Mark | Robinson Alan | Knols Bart
Male mating biology

Author(s): Howell Paul | Knols Bart

Author(s): J.A. Moreno | F. Cano | D. González-Cutre | L.M. Ruiz
Motivational profiles in lifesaving sport Perfiles motivacionales en salvamento deportivo

Author(s): J.A. Moreno | F. Cano | D. González-Cutre | L.M. Ruiz
Experimental evolution of sperm competitiveness in a mammal

Author(s): Firman Renée | Simmons Leigh
The effect of age on the mating competitiveness of male Glossina fuscipes fuscipes and G. palpalis palpalis

Author(s): P.P. Abila | M. Kiendrebeogo | G.N. Mutika | A.G. Parker | A.S. Robinson
From the Editor Vol: 6 number 2

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Effect of larval crowding on mating competitiveness of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes

Author(s): Ng'habi Kija | John Bernadette | Nkwengulila Gamba | Knols Bart | Killeen Gerry | Ferguson Heather

Author(s): Georgia Magouritsa | Dimitrios Kokaridas | Mary Hassandra | Stefanos Perkos | Stylianos Tsapatos | Andreas Davos
Towards a sterile insect technique field release of Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes in Sudan: Irradiation, transportation, and field cage experimentation

Author(s): Helinski Michelle | Hassan Mo'awia | El-Motasim Waleed | Malcolm Colin | Knols Bart | El-Sayed Badria
Relationship between Organizational Culture and Performance Management Practices: A Case of University in Pakistan

Author(s): Ul Mujeeb Ehtesham | Tahir Masood Muhammad | Shakil Ahmad Muhammad
Energetic food in rations for growing goats Alimentos energéticos em rações para caprinos em crescimento

Author(s): Tadeu Vinhas Voltolini | José Nilton Moreira | Rafael Dantas dos Santos | Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro Pereira | Gherman Garcia Leal de Araújo | Daniel Maia Nogueira | Betina Raquel Cunha dos Santos
Analýza výkaznictví cenných papírů malými a středními podniky v ČR

Author(s): Strouhal Jiří | Paseková Marie | Hrubošová Eva
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