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Cerebrovascular expression of proteins related to inflammation, oxidative stress and neurotoxicity is altered with aging

Author(s): Tripathy Debjani | Yin Xiangling | Sanchez Alma | Luo Jinhua | Martinez Joseph | Grammas Paula
Biosorption of Manganese in Drinking Water by Isolated Bacteria

Author(s): H.A. Hasan | S.R.S. Abdullah | N.T. Kofli | S.K. Kamaruddin
Sub-chronic inhalation of high concentrations of manganese sulfate induces lower airway pathology in rhesus monkeys

Author(s): Dorman David | Struve Melanie | Gross Elizabeth | Wong Brian | Howroyd Paul
Manganese Neurotoxicity in Oreochromis niloticus

Author(s): Annabelle Herrera | Elena Catap
Manganese and acute paranoid psychosis: a case report

Author(s): Verhoeven Willem | Egger Jos | Kuijpers Harold
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