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An examination of the population dynamics of syngnathid fishes within Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

Author(s): Heather D. MASONJONES, Emily ROSE, Lori Benson McRAE,Danielle L. DIXSON
M-SURGE: new software specifically designed for multistate capture-recapture models

Author(s): Choquet, R. | Reboulet, A.-M. | Pradel, R. | Gimenez, O. | Lebreton, J.-D.
A Bayesian approach to combining animal abundance and demographic data

Author(s): Brooks, S. P. | King, R. | Morgan, B. J. T.
Exploring mark-resighting-recovery models to study savannah tree demographics

Author(s): Lahoreau, G. | Gignoux, J. | Julliard, R.
Methods for investigating parameter redundancy

Author(s): Gimenez, O. | Viallefont, A. | Catchpole, E. A. | Choquet, R. | Morgan, B. J. T.
População e território de forrageamento de uma colônia de Heterotermes tenuis (Hagen) (Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae)

Author(s): Camargo-Dietrich Célia Regina Rodrigues de | Costa-Leonardo Ana Maria
Assessing senescence patterns in populations of large mammals

Author(s): Gaillard, J.-M. | Loison, A. | Viallefont, A. | Festa-Bianchet, M.
Estimates of Realized Survival for Juvenile Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) in the United States.

Author(s): Joanne Braun-McNeill | Christopher R. Sasso | Larisa Avens
Assessing population size of Martino's vole (Dinaromys bogdanovi) in central Bosnia

Author(s): Boris Kryŝtufek | Simon Engelberger | Šefkija Muzaferović | Elena Buzan | Janko Skok | Rifat Škrijelj | Barbara Herzig-Straschil
Birds, Ilha Grande, state of Rio de Janeiro, Southeastern Brazil

Author(s): Alves, M. A. S. | Vecchi, M. B.
Coexistence of diploid and triploid hybrid water frogs: population differences persist in the apparent absence of differential survival

Author(s): Christiansen Ditte | Jakob Christian | Arioli Martina | Roethlisberger Sandra | Reyer Heinz-Ulrich
Silver eel population size and escapement in a Mediterranean lagoon: Bages-Sigean, France

Author(s): E. Amilhat | H. Farrugio | R. Lecomte-Finiger | G. Simon | P. Sasal
Contribution to the knowledge of Apodemus genus in the Gran Paradiso National Park

Author(s): Paolo Debernardi | Elena Patriarca | Brigitte Reutter
Temporal and spatial distribution of Leishmania mexicana infections in a population of Neotoma micropus

Author(s): Raymond Russell W | McHugh Chad P | Witt Loren R | Kerr Sara F
Coverage of pilot parenteral vaccination campaign against canine rabies in N'Djaména, Chad

Author(s): Kayali U. | Mindekem R. | Yémadji N. | Vounatsou P. | Kaninga Y. | Ndoutamia A.G. | Zinsstag J.
Endemic Infection of the Amphibian Chytrid Fungus in a Frog Community Post-Decline

Author(s): Retallick Richard W. R | McCallum Hamish | Speare Rick
Population dynamics

Author(s): Cooch, E. G. | Dhondt, A. A.

Author(s): James C. Spickler | Stephen C. Sillett | Sharyn B. Marks | Hartwell H. Welsh, Jr.
Spot the match – wildlife photo-identification using information theory

Author(s): Speed Conrad | Meekan Mark | Bradshaw Corey
Complex interplay between intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of long-term survival trends in southern elephant seals

Author(s): de Little Siobhan | Bradshaw Corey | McMahon Clive | Hindell Mark
Apparent survival of the salamander Salamandra salamandra is low because of high migratory activity

Author(s): Schmidt Benedikt | Schaub Michael | Steinfartz Sebastian
Putting Markov Chains Back into Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Author(s): Richard J. Barker | Matthew R. Schofield
Survival of Adult Songbirds in Boreal Forest Landscapes Fragmented by Clearcuts and Natural Openings

Author(s): Darroch M. Whitaker | Philip D. Taylor | Ian G. Warkentin
Camera trapping for jaguar (Panthera onca) in the Tuichi Valley, Bolivia

Author(s): R.B. Wallace | H. Gomez | G. Ayala | F. Espinoza
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