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Atmospheric sulphuric acid and neutral cluster measurements using CI-APi-TOF

Author(s): T. Jokinen | M. Sipilä | H. Junninen | M. Ehn | G. Lönn | J. Hakala | T. Petäjä | R. L. Mauldin III | M. Kulmala | D. R. Worsnop
OH clock determination by proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry at an environmental chamber

Author(s): P. Barmet | J. Dommen | P. F. DeCarlo | T. Tritscher | A. P. Praplan | S. M. Platt | A. S. H. Prévôt | N. M. Donahue | U. Baltensperger
A molecular perspective on the ageing of marine dissolved organic matter

Author(s): R. Flerus | B. P. Koch | O. J. Lechtenfeld | S. L. McCallister | P. Schmitt-Kopplin | R. Benner | K. Kaiser | G. Kattner
Effects of stoichiometry and temperature perturbations on beech litter decomposition, enzyme activities and protein expression

Author(s): K. M. Keiblinger | T. Schneider | B. Roschitzki | E. Schmid | L. Eberl | I. Hämmerle | S. Leitner | A. Richter | W. Wanek | K. Riedel | S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern
Seasonal occurrence of anoxygenic photosynthesis in Tillari and Selaulim reservoirs, Western India

Author(s): S. Kurian | R. Roy | D. J. Repeta | M. Gauns | D. M. Shenoy | T. Suresh | A. Sarkar | G. Narvenkar | C. G. Johnson | S. W. A. Naqvi
Simultaneous stable isotope analysis of methane and nitrous oxide on ice core samples

Author(s): C. J. Sapart | C. van der Veen | I. Vigano | M. Brass, | R. S. W. van de Wal | M. Bock | H. Fischer | T. Sowers | C. Buizert | P. Sperlich | T. Blunier | M. Behrens | J. Schmitt | B. Seth | T. Röckmann
Characterization and Comparison of Fumonisin B1-Protein Conjugates by Six Methods

Author(s): Ying Wang | Cheng-Hua He | Hao Zheng | Hai-Bin Zhang
Mass spectrometry- A review

Author(s): R S Patel | M Roy | G K Dutta
Proteomics Analyses of the Opportunistic Pathogen Burkholderia vietnamiensis Using Protein Fractionations and Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Samanthi Wickramasekara | Julie Neilson | Naren Patel | Linda Breci | Amy Hilderbrand | Raina M. Maier | Vicki Wysocki
Late Periprosthetic Joint Infection due to Staphylococcus lugdunensis Identified by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionisation Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Florian Szabados | Agnes Anders | Martin Kaase | Lennart Marlinghaus | Sören G. Gatermann | Wolfram Teske | Thomas Lichtinger
ProbSeq—A Fragmentation Model for Interpretation of Electrospray Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data

Author(s): John Skilling | Richard Denny | Keith Richardson | Phillip Young | Thérèse McKenna | Iain Campuzano | Mark Ritchie
Mallow Carotenoids Determined by High-performance Liquid Chromatography

Author(s): Jafar Muhammad El-Qudah | Jian Qin | Guangwen Tang
Multiphoton Mass Spectrometry: Metastables

Author(s): H. Kühlewind | U. Boesl | R. Weinkauf | H. J. Neusser | E. W. Schlag
Laser Desorption Dynamics of Carbendazim on a Glass Surface

Author(s): B. Bescós | J. M. Orea | A. Gonzláez Ureña
Hydroxyl-platelet-activating factor exists in blood of healthy volunteers and periodontal patients

Author(s): Smaragdi Antonopoulou | Alexandros Tsoupras | George Baltas | Helen Kotsifaki | Zacharias Mantzavinos | Constantinos A. Demopoulos
Discriminatory Analysis of Discharged Gas and Heavy Oils in the Sea

Author(s): Masato Taki | Akira Yoshida | Kei Machigashira | Masaki Sakon | Masatoshi Nagai
Influence of polymers on lysozyme molecules association

Author(s): Dekina S. S | Romanovska I. I. | Gromovoy T. Yu
An anomalous dissociation of protonated cluster ions of DNA guanine-cytosine base-pair

Author(s): Yeonmi Seong | Sang Yun Han | Sung-Chan Jo | Han Bin Oh
Feasibility Study of Isotope Ratio Analysis of Individual Uranium-Plutonium Mixed Oxide Particles with SIMS and ICP-MS

Author(s): Fumitaka Esaka | Masaaki Magara | Daisuke Suzuki | Yutaka Miyamoto | Chi-Gyu Lee | Takaumi Kimura
Microwave-assisted Protein Digestion on Various Locations of a Microplate

Author(s): Ji-hye Lee | Sehwan Park | Sunyoung Lee | Jangmi Hong | Kyu Hwan Park | Hyun Sik Kim | Jeongkwon Kim
Electrospray-Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Plasma Pyrophosphates Separated on a Multi-Modal Liquid Chromatographic Column

Author(s): Su Hyeon Lee | Jeongae Lee | Won-Yong Lee | Bong Chul Chung | Man Ho Choi
Validation and Applications of Gas Chromatography-Combustion/isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometric Method to Control Misuse of Androgens in Human

Author(s): Kang Mi Lee | Ho Jun Kim | Eun Sook Je | Hye Hyun Yoo | Oh Seung Kwon | Changbae Jin | Dong Hyun Kim | Jaeick Lee
Effect of Efavirenz on UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase 1A1, 1A4, 1A6, and 1A9 Activities in Human Liver Microsomes

Author(s): Hye Young Ji | Hyeri Lee | Sae Rom Lim | Jeong Han Kim | Hye Suk Lee
Analysis of Arginine, Glucose, Sucrose, and Polyethylene Glycols using a Wood Charcoal Matrix for MALDI-MS

Author(s): Sunyoung Lee | Jinhee Kim | Hyo-Jik Yang | Seongjae Shin | Jangmi Hong | Jeongkwon Kim
Differential Protein Quantitation in Mouse Neuronal Cell Lines using Amine-Reactive Isobaric Tagging Reagents with Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Kun Cho | Gun Wook Park | Jin Young Kim | Sang Kwang Lee | Han Bin Oh | Jong Shin Yoo
Dynamic MRM Measurements of Multi-Biomarker Proteins by Triple-Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry with Nanoflow HPLC-Microfluidics Chip

Author(s): Eun Sun Ji | Mi Hee Cheon | Ju Yeon Lee | Jong Shin Yoo | Hyun-Jin Jung | Jin Young Kim
High-Throughput Active Compound Discovery using Correlations between Activity and Mass Profiles

Author(s): Kyu Hwan Park | Kyo Joong Yoon | Kyung-Hoon Kwon | Hyun Sik Kim
Ditopic Binding of Alkali Halide Ions to Trimethylboroxine

Author(s): Kyung Hwan Jeong | Seung Koo Shin
Evaluation of the levofloxacin release characters from a rabbit foldable capsular vitreous body

Author(s): Jiang Z | Wang T | Pan B | Xie Z | Wang P | Liu Y | Gao Q

Influence of fermentation temperature on the content of fatty acids in low energy milk-based kombucha products

Author(s): Malbaša Radomir V. | Vitas Jasmina S. | Lončar Eva S. | Kravić Snežana Ž.
Recruitment of Glycosyl Hydrolase Proteins in a Cone Snail Venomous Arsenal: Further Insights into Biomolecular Features of Conus Venoms

Author(s): Aude Violette | Adrijana Leonardi | David Piquemal | Yves Terrat | Daniel Biass | Sébastien Dutertre | Florian Noguier | Frédéric Ducancel | Reto Stöcklin | Igor Križaj | Philippe Favreau

Study of a Novel Gene Overexpressed in Head & Neck Tumors

Author(s): A Seghatoleslam | B Wasylyk
Molecular Beam-Thermal Desorption Spectrometry (MB-TDS) Monitoring of Hydrogen Desorbed from Storage Fuel Cell Anodes

Author(s): Rui F. M. Lobo | Diogo M. F. Santos | Cesar A. C. Sequeira | Jorge H. F. Ribeiro
Chemical defense in the cave-dwelling millipede Brachydesmus troglobius Daday, 1889 (Diplopoda, Polydesmidae)

Author(s): Makarov Slobodan E. | Vujisić Ljubodrag V. | Ćurčić Božidar P. M. | Ilić Bojan S. | Tešević Vele V. | Vajs Vlatka E. | Vučković Ivan M. | Mitić Bojan M. | Lučić Luka R. | Đorđević Iris Ž.
Ergosterol-Induced Sesquiterpenoid Synthesis in Tobacco Cells

Author(s): Fidele Tugizimana | Paul A. Steenkamp | Lizelle A. Piater | Ian A. Dubery
Correlation between radioactivity and chemotherapeutics of the 111In-VNB-liposome in pharmacokinetics and biodistribution in rats

Author(s): Lee WC | Chang CH | Huang CM | Wu YT | Chen LC | Ho CL | Chang TJ | Lee TW | Tsai TH
Chemical and Biological Analyses of the Essential Oils and Main Constituents of Piper Species

Author(s): Dominique F. Moura do Carmo | Ana Cláudia Fernandes Amaral | Gérzia M. C. Machado | Leonor Laura Leon | Jefferson Rocha de Andrade Silva
Chemical aging of m-xylene secondary organic aerosol: laboratory chamber study

Author(s): C. L. Loza | P. S. Chhabra | L. D. Yee | J. S. Craven | R. C. Flagan | J. H. Seinfeld
Acid-yield measurements of the gas-phase ozonolysis of ethene as a function of humidity using Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (CIMS)

Author(s): K. E. Leather | M. R. McGillen | M. C. Cooke | S. R. Utembe | A. T. Archibald | M. E. Jenkin | R. G. Derwent | D. E. Shallcross | C. J. Percival
Abiotic and biotic control of methanol exchanges in a temperate mixed forest

Author(s): Q. Laffineur | M. Aubinet | N. Schoon | C. Amelynck | J.-F. Müller | J. Dewulf | H. Van Langenhove | K. Steppe | B. Heinesch
Development and characterization of a single particle laser ablation mass spectrometer (SPLAM) for organic aerosol studies

Author(s): F. Gaie-Levrel | S. Perrier | E. Perraudin | C. Stoll | N. Grand | M. Schwell
Sulfuric acid nucleation: power dependencies, variation with relative humidity, and effect of bases

Author(s): J. H. Zollner | W. A. Glasoe | B. Panta | K. K. Carlson | P. H. McMurry | D. R. Hanson
Peroxy radical chemistry and OH radical production during the NO3-initiated oxidation of isoprene

Author(s): A. J. Kwan | A. W. H. Chan | N. L. Ng | H. G. Kjaergaard | J. H. Seinfeld | P. O. Wennberg
Development and chamber evaluation of the MCM v3.2 degradation scheme for β-caryophyllene

Author(s): M. E. Jenkin | K. P. Wyche | C. J. Evans | T. Carr | P. S. Monks | M. R. Alfarra | M. H. Barley | G. B. McFiggans | J. C. Young | A. R. Rickard
Indicadores químicos de combustión en un hogar del Paleolítico Medio del yacimiento de Mediona I (Alt Penedès, Barcelona)

Author(s): Lozano, Joan Miquel | Simó, Rafel | Grimalt, Joan O. | Estévez, Jordi
New Analytical Technologies for New Science

Author(s): Pavel P. Povinec
Glycan Biomarkers in Cancer Diagnosis

Author(s): Carlito B. Lebrilla
Multi-Glycomics Platform Approach for Cancer

Author(s): Hyun Joo An | Scott R. Kronewitter | Lorna A. De Leoz | Kyle S. Peacock | Carlito B. Lebrilla
Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Cancer Biomarker from Human Plasma

Author(s): Yeong Hee Ahn | Kwang Hoe Kim | Park Min Shin | Eun Sun Ji | Jong Shin Yoo
HPLC-MS-Based Metabonomics Reveals Disordered Lipid Metabolism in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

Author(s): Shili Chen | Yan Chu | Xinjie Zhao | Peng Gao | Li Zhang | Libin Zhan | Guowang Xu
MS Based Metabolomic Application for Fermentation Analysis

Author(s): Jiyoung Kim | Jung Nam Choi | Choong Hwan Lee
Volatile Organic Compounds from Centaurium erythraea Rafn (Croatia) and the Antimicrobial Potential of Its Essential Oil

Author(s): Igor Jerković | Dajana Gašo-Sokač | Hrvoje Pavlović | Zvonimir Marijanović | Mirko Gugić | Ivana Petrović | Spomenka Kovač
Major Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Capacity and Antidiabetic Potential of Rice Bean (Vigna umbellata L.) in China

Author(s): Yang Yao | Xu-Zhen Cheng | Li-Xia Wang | Su-Hua Wang | Guixing Ren
Formation of 3-methyl-1,2,3-butanetricarboxylic acid via gas phase oxidation of pinonic acid – a mass spectrometric study of SOA aging

Author(s): L. Müller | M.-C. Reinnig | K. H. Naumann | H. Saathoff | T. F. Mentel | N. M. Donahue | T. Hoffmann
Study of OH-initiated degradation of 2-aminoethanol

Author(s): M. Karl | C. Dye | N. Schmidbauer | A. Wisthaler | T. Mikoviny | B. D'Anna | M. Müller | E. Borrás | E. Clemente | A. Muñoz | R. Porras | M. Ródenas | M. Vázquez | T. Brauers
Bovine Pepsinogen A: Isolation and Partial Characterization of Isoforms with High Activity

Author(s): Djibo Idrissa-Sidikou | Benoit Remy | Nicole Gerardin-Otthiers | Bernard Joris | Jean-Fran?ois Beckers
Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Assay to Detect Ethyl Glucuronide in Human Fingernail: Comparison to Hair and Gender Differences

Author(s): Michael Fendrich | Lisa Berger | Daniel Fuhrmann | Douglas Lewis | Joseph Jones | Mary Jones | Charles Plate
Determination of Essential (Ca, Fe, I, K, Mo) and Toxic Elements (Hg, Pb) in Brazilian Rice Grains and Estimation of Reference Daily Intake

Author(s): Vanessa Cristina de Oliveira-Souza | Fernando Barbosa | Rodolfo de Freitas | Bruno Lemos Batista | Letícia Ramos Nacano
The effect of milling on proteins in model queso fresco cheeses

Author(s): Diane Van Hekken | Alberto Nuñez | Moushumi Paul
Fast Determination of Benzodiazepines in Human Urine via Liquid-Liquid Extraction with Low Temperature Partitioning and LC-HRMS

Author(s): Maria Eliana Lopes Ribeiro de Queiroz | Júlio César Cardoso da Silva | Robson José de Cássia Franco Afonso | Elisângela Jaqueline Magalhães | Clésia Cristina Nascentes | Rodinei Augusti
The effect of milling on proteins in model queso fresco cheeses

Author(s): Diane Van Hekken | Alberto Nuñez | Moushumi Paul
Fast Determination of Benzodiazepines in Human Urine via Liquid-Liquid Extraction with Low Temperature Partitioning and LC-HRMS

Author(s): Maria Eliana Lopes Ribeiro de Queiroz | Júlio César Cardoso da Silva | Robson José de Cássia Franco Afonso | Elisângela Jaqueline Magalhães | Clésia Cristina Nascentes | Rodinei Augusti
Separation and Identification of Highly Fluorescent Compounds Derived from trans-Resveratrol in the Leaves of Vitis vinifera Infected by Plasmopara viticola

Author(s): Jan Tříska | Naděžda Vrchotová | Julie Olejníčková | Rudolf Jílek | Radek Sotolář
Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Bacterial and Archaeal Lipid Biomarkers from Anaerobically Digested Sludge

Author(s): Muhammad Hanif | Yoichi Atsuta | Koichi Fujie | Hiroyuki Daimon
Atmospheric histories and growth trends of C4F10, C5F12, C6F14, C7F16 and C8F18

Author(s): D. J. Ivy | T. Arnold | C. M. Harth | L. P. Steele | J. Mühle | M. Rigby | P. K. Salameh | M. Leist | P. B. Krummel | P. J. Fraser | R. F. Weiss | R. G. Prinn
Seasonal cycle and source analyses of aerosol optical properties in a semi-urban environment at Puijo station in Eastern Finland

Author(s): A. Leskinen | A. Arola | M. Komppula | H. Portin | P. Tiitta | P. Miettinen | S. Romakkaniemi | A. Laaksonen | K. E. J. Lehtinen
An isotope view on ionising radiation as a source of sulphuric acid

Author(s): M. B. Enghoff | N. Bork | S. Hattori | C. Meusinger | M. Nakagawa | J. O. P. Pedersen | S. Danielache | Y. Ueno | M. S. Johnson | N. Yoshida | H. Svensmark
Modeling chemistry in and above snow at Summit, Greenland − Part 2: Impact of snowpack chemistry on the oxidation capacity of the boundary layer

Author(s): J. L. Thomas | J. E. Dibb | L. G. Huey | J. Liao | D. Tanner | B. Lefer | R. von Glasow | J. Stutz
Submicron particles influenced by mixed biogenic and anthropogenic emissions: high-resolution aerosol mass spectrometry results from the Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)

Author(s): A. Setyan | Q. Zhang | M. Merkel | W. B. Knighton | Y. Sun | C. Song | J. E. Shilling | T. B. Onasch | S. C. Herndon | D. R. Worsnop | J. D. Fast | R. A. Zaveri | L. K. Berg | A. Wiedensohler | B. A. Flowers | M. K. Dubey | R. Subramanian
Differential diagnosis in patients with suspected bile acid synthesis defects

Author(s): Dorothea Haas | Hongying Gan-Schreier | Claus-Dieter Langhans | Tilman Rohrer | Guido Engelmann | Maura Heverin | David W Russell | Peter T Clayton | Georg F Hoffmann | Jürgen G Okun
Fractionation of complex mixtures of naphthenic acids, their characterization and biological activity

Author(s): Grbović Ljubica | Pavlović Ksenija | Prekodravac Bojana | Kuhajda Ksenija | Kevrešan Slavko | Popsavin Mirjana | Milić Jelena | Ćirin-Novta Vera
Strong visible and near infrared luminescence in undoped YAG single crystals

Author(s): C. R. Varney | S. M. Reda | D. T. Mackay | M. C. Rowe | F. A. Selim
Piper betle L.: A review on its ethnobotany, phytochemistry, pharmacological profile and profiling by new hyphenated technique DART-MS (Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry).

Author(s): Kushagra Nagori*, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Amit Alexander, Tekeshwar Kumar, Dhansay Dewangan, Hemant Badwaik, D.K. Tripathi
Headspace solid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME) Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometric (GC-MS) analysis of the volatile aroma components of Gentiana kurroo Royle.

Author(s): Bilal A. Wani1,D. Ramamoorthy1, Manzoor A. Rather2,*Bashir A. Ganai3, Akbar Masood3, M. A. Zargar3 and IshfakH. Wani3
Identification of Ceftiofur Oxidation Products by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography/Electrospray Ionization/Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Author(s): Young-Hee Lim | Deok-Hie Park | Yeu Young Youn | Kyoung Hoon Kim | Hye-Sung Cho
Removal of Organophosphorus (OP) Pesticide Residues from Vegetables Using Washing Solutions and Boiling

Author(s): Gouri Satpathy | Yogesh Kumar Tyagi | Rajinder Kumar Gupta
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