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Function of caspase-14 in trophoblast differentiation

Author(s): White Lloyd | Declercq Wim | Arfuso Frank | Charles Adrian | Dharmarajan Arun
Comparison of the Effect of Oral and Intravenous Fluid Therapy on Women with Oligohydramnios

Author(s): Nahid Lorzadeh | Sirous Kazemirad | Mina Lorzadeh | Sahid Najafi
New insights into molecular pathways associated with flatfish ovarian development and atresia revealed by transcriptional analysis

Author(s): Tingaud-Sequeira Angèle | Chauvigné François | Lozano Juanjo | Agulleiro María | Asensio Esther | Cerdà Joan
Factors associated to infant mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author(s): Pablo Viguera Ester | Alberto Torres | José M. Freire | Valentín Hernández | Ángel Gil
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