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An Improved Squaring Circuit for Binary Numbers

Author(s): Kabiraj Sethi | Rutuparna Panda
Abnormal S-fuzzy Subpolygroups

Author(s): H. Hedayati | A. Ebrahimian
Optimal Predictive Inferences for Future Order Statistics via a Specific Loss Function

Author(s): Nicholas Nechval | Maris Purgailis | Konstantin Nechval | Vladimir Strelchonok
Stochastic Symplectic Approximation for a Linear System with Additive Noises

Author(s): Lijin Wang | Jialin Hong | Rudolf Scherer
Creative Mathematics Education

Author(s): Edgar E. Escultura
Creative Mathematics Education

Author(s): Edgar E. Escultura
Teaching Number Sense for 6th Graders in Taiwan

Author(s): Der-Ching Yang | Chun-Jen Hsu
Introduction: Research and Developments in Probability Education

Author(s): Manfred Borovcnik | Ramesh Kapadia

Author(s): Alin STĂNCIOIU | Cătălin IANCU | Gheorghe POPESCU
Autoevaluación de la Maestría en Ciencias Biomédicas de la Universidad de Carabobo

Author(s): Nancy Moreno | Glomen Tovar | Magnolia Alvarado | Elizabeth Ferrer | Francisco Rodríguez | Francisco Triana | Flor Herrera
Promoting interdisciplinary education − the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems

Author(s): G. Blöschl | G. Carr | C. Bucher | A. H. Farnleitner | H. Rechberger | W. Wagner | M. Zessner
On the death of Peter Szüsz

Author(s): Bodo Volkmann
Classification of linear codes exploiting an invariant

Author(s): Stefano Marcugini | Alfredo Milani | Fernanda Pambianco
Sum and product of different sets

Author(s): Mei-Chu Chang
On primitive symmetric association schemes with m_1=3

Author(s): Eiichi Bannai | Etsuko Bannai
Induced Subgraphs of Bounded Degree and Bounded Treewidth

Author(s): Prosenjit Bose | Vida Dujmovic' | David R. Wood
N-free extensions of posets. Note on a theorem of P.A.Grillet

Author(s): Zaguia Nejib | Maurice Pouzet
Convolution over Lie and Jordan algebras

Author(s): Mohamed El Bachraoui
A canonical partition theorem for trees

Author(s): Vojkan Vuksanovic
Bounds on the achromatic number of partial triple systems

Author(s): Peter James Dukes | Gary MacGillivray | Kristin Parton
Coloring edges and vertices of graphs without short or long cycles

Author(s): Vadim V. Lozin | Marcin Kaminski
The flow lattice of oriented matroids

Author(s): Robert Nickel | Winfried Hochstättler
An explicit treatment of biquadratic function fields

Author(s): Qingquan Wu | Renate Scheidler
Aspects of singular cofinality

Author(s): Assaf Rinot
Bounds on the f-vectors of tight spans

Author(s): Michael Joswig | Sven Herrmann
The cop density of a graph

Author(s): Anthony Bonato | Geňa Hahn | Changping Wang
Pseudopowers and primality proving

Author(s): Pedro Berrizbeitia | Siguna Mueller | Hugh C. Williams
Explicit upper bounds for $f(n)=prod_{p_{omega(n)}} frac{p}{p-1}$

Author(s): Amir Akbary | Zachary Friggstad | Robert Juricevic
Class number approximation in cubic function fields

Author(s): Renate Scheidler | Andreas Stein
Constructions of small complete arcs with prescribed symmetry

Author(s): Petr Lisoněk | Stefano Marcugini | Fernanda Pambianco
Construction of a 3-dimensional MDS-code

Author(s): Angela Aguglia | Luca Giuzzi
The transitive and co-transitive blocking sets in P^2(F_q)

Author(s): Antonio Cossidente | Marialuisa J. de Resmini
Configurations graphs of neighbourhood geometries

Author(s): Marien Abreu | Martin Funk | Domenico Labbate | Vito Napolitano
Two character sets in finite linear spaces

Author(s): Vito Napolitano
A complete span of H(4,4) admitting PSL_2(11) and related structures

Author(s): Antonio Cossidente | Gary L. Ebert | Giuseppe Marino
S-spaces from free extensions

Author(s): Angelo Sonnino
Ferenc Kárteszi (1907--1989): A short biography

Author(s): Gábor Korchmáros | Tamás Szőnyi
Arcs in Desarguesian nets

Author(s): Annalisa Beato | Giorgio Faina | Massimo Giulietti
Affinely regular polygons in an affine plane

Author(s): Gábor Korchmáros | Tamás Szőnyi

Author(s): Gábor Korchmáros | Tamás Szőnyi
On geometric constructions of (k, g)-graphs

Author(s): András Gács | Tamás Héger
A survey on semiovals

Author(s): György Kiss
Partitions with parts occurring at most thrice

Author(s): Alex Fink | Richard Guy | Mark Krusemeyer
Colourful transversal theorems

Author(s): Deborah Oliveros | Luis Montejano
Astral (n_4) configurations of pseudolines

Author(s): Leah Wrenn Berman
Partially critical indecomposable graphs

Author(s): Andrew Breiner | Jitender Deogun | Pierre Ille
A new example of non-amorphous association schemes

Author(s): Akihiro Munemasa | Takuya Ikuta
Geometric realizations of special toroidal complexes

Author(s): Branko Grünbaum | Lajos Szilassi
{-1,2}-hypomorphy and hereditary hypomorphy coincide for posets

Author(s): Youssef Boudabbous | Hamza Si Kaddour
Weakly partitive families on infinite sets

Author(s): Pierre Ille | Robert Woodrow
Computing holes in semi-groups and its applications to transportation problems

Author(s): Raymond Hemmecke | Akimichi Takemura | Ruriko Yoshida
The search for N-e.c. graphs

Author(s): Anthony Bonato
On the Hall-Janko graph with 100 vertices and the near-octagon of order (2,4)

Author(s): An De Wispelaere | Hendrik Van Maldeghem
Fractional illumination of convex bodies

Author(s): Márton Naszódi
A characterization of the base-matroids of a graphic matroid

Author(s): Francesco Maffioli | Norma Zagaglia Salvi
On the number of components of a graph

Author(s): Hamza Si Kaddour | Elias Tahhan Bittar
Deletion constructions of symmetric 4-configurations. Part I.

Author(s): Leah Wrenn Berman | Branko Grünbaum
On a theorem of G. D. Chakerian

Author(s): Margarita Spirova
Unavoidable arrays

Author(s): Klas Markström | Lars-Daniel Öhman
The Cops and Robber game on graphs with forbidden (induced) subgraphs

Author(s): Gwenaël Joret | Marcin Kamiński | Dirk Oliver Theis
Generalized CPR-graphs and applications

Author(s): Daniel Pellicer | Asia Ivić Weiss
Polytopes derived from sporadic simple groups

Author(s): Michael Ian Hartley | Alexander Hulpke
Bounds and constructions for n-e.c. tournaments

Author(s): Anthony Bonato | Przemysław Gordinowicz | Paweł Prałat
Connected domination dot-critical graphs

Author(s): Mustapha Chellali | Frédéric Maffray | Kamel Tablennehas
On the Parity of p(n,3) and p_Ψ(n,3)

Author(s): Mohamed El Bachraoui
Strictly chained (p,q)-ary partitions

Author(s): Laurent Imbert | Fabrice Philippe
Option-closed games

Author(s): Richard J. Nowakowski | Paul Ottaway
Claw-freeness, 3-homogeneous subsets of a graph and a reconstruction problem

Author(s): Maurice Pouzet | Hamza Si Kaddour | Nicolas Trotignon
2L-convex polyominoes: Geometrical aspects

Author(s): Khalil Tawbe | Laurent Vuillon
Dual linear spaces generated by a non-Desarguesian configuration

Author(s): James B. Nation | Jiajia Y. G. Seffrood
Cones of partial metrics

Author(s): Michel Deza | Elena Deza
Coefficients of chromatic polynomials and tension polynomials

Author(s): Martin Kochol | Nad'a Krivoňáková
Adjusting a conjecture of Erdős

Author(s): Walter Carnielli | Pietro K. Carolino
Strong d-collapsibility

Author(s): Martin Tancer
Computation of atomic fibers of Z-linear maps

Author(s): Elke Eisenschmidt | Raymond Hemmecke | Matthias Köppe
Cards, permutations, and sums

Author(s): Bill Sands
Signed star k-domatic number of a graph

Author(s): Seyed Mahmoud Sheikholeslami | Lutz Volkmann
Optimal discrete Riesz energy and discrepancy

Author(s): Johann S. Brauchart
Inconsistent Physics

Author(s): F. G. Asenjo
The sociocritical perspective of mathematical modeling and the critical meaningful learning: possible approaches

Author(s): Cíntia da Silva | Lilian Akemi Kato | Iramaia Jorge Cabral de Paulo
Matter in Loop Quantum Gravity

Author(s): Ghanashyam Date | Golam Mortuza Hossain
Math World: A Game-Based 3D Virtual Learning Environment (3D VLE) for Second Graders

Author(s): Jean Maitem | Rosmina Joy Cabauatan | Lorena Rabago | Bartolome Tanguilig III
Performance Evaluation and Synthesis of Vedic Multiplier

Author(s): Umesh Akare | T. V. More | R. S. Lonkar
Implementation of Binary Multiplication using Booth and Systolic Algorithm on FPGA using VHDL

Author(s): Jayashree Taralabenchi | Kavana Hegde | Soumya Hegde | Siddalingesh S. Navalgund
Categorical Tensor Network States

Author(s): Jacob D. Biamonte | Stephen R. Clark | Dieter Jaksch
Learning the Related Mathematics to Cryptography by Interactive Way

Author(s): Mohamed Salim Trigui | Daniyal M. Alghazzawi
(Wittgenstein & Paraconsistência)

Author(s): João Marcos
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