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Problems and solutions on issues of medical care quality in community-acquired pneumonia in hospitals of Saratov region

Author(s): Erugina M.V. | Grozdova T.Yu. | Savinov V.A. Sazanova G.Yu. | Dolgova E.M. | Lotsmanov Yu.F. | Ushakov Yu.V.
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Associated with Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever: A Rare Case Report

Author(s): Zucai Xu, Ping Xu, Xianze Lei, Zhongxiang Xu, Qisi Wu, Jun Zhang
Multicentric Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma Involving the Same Lower Extremity: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Author(s): Qingjun Liu, Jianyun Miao, Kejian Lian, Lianshui Huang, Zhenqi Ding
Serum HCV RNA Level Is Not Associated with Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients with Genotype 1 or 2 Infection

Author(s): Hao-Chun Huang | Chia-Sheng Chuang | Yung-Yu Hsieh | Te-Sheng Chang | Kuo-Liang Wei | Chien-Heng Shen | Cheng-Shyong Wu | Shui-Yi Tung
Evaluation of the circulatory system and the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in patients with nonalcoholicfatty liver disease

Author(s): Kamila Wójcik | Elżbieta Jabłonowska | Aleksandra Omulecka | Jan Kuydowicz | Paulina Wejner-Mik | Anna Piekarska
Functional profile of patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction under physiotherapy treatment

Author(s): Andrezza Pinheiro Bezerra de Menezes Kinote | Luana Torres Monteiro | Ana Arcângela Coutinho Vieira | Najla Maria Nogueira Ferreira | Ana Paula de Vasconcellos Abdon
Family Health Strategy: assessment and reasons for searching of health service by users

Author(s): Loeste de Arruda-Barbosa | Ticiano Magalhães Dantas | Cleide Correia de Oliveira
Factor Analysis in Assessing the Research Methodology Quality of Systematic Reviews

Author(s): Andrada Elena URDA-CÎMPEAN | Tudor DRUGAN | Andrei ACHIMAŞ-CADARIU
An Online Management Information System for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations

Author(s): Thomas JB Kropmans | Barry GG O’Donovan | David Cunningham | Andrew W Murphy | Gerard Flaherty | Debra Nestel | Fidelma P Dunne
Nurses' knowledge of care for patients with delirium

Author(s): Christina Ouzouni | Konstantinos Nakakis
Outcome after gastrectomy in gastric cancer patients with type 2 diabetes

Author(s): Jong Won Kim | Jae-Ho Cheong | Woo Jin Hyung | Seung-Ho Choi | Sung Hoon Noh
Evaluation of Ultrasonography as a Diagnostic Tool in Maxillofacial Space Infections

Author(s): Praveen Kumar Pandey | Meenaxi Umarani | Sharadindu Kotrashetti | Shridhar Baliga
Quality assessment of inhospital patients unable to speak who use alternative and extended communication

Author(s): Fabrício Marinho Bandeira | Flávia Perassa de Faria | Everaldo Batista de Araujo
Biomarkers in the management of ulcerative colitis: a brief review

Author(s): Masoodi, Ibrahim | Tijjani, Bashir M. | Wani, Hamidullah | Hassan, Nadeem Syed | Khan, Arshad Bashir | Hussain, Shabnum
Dental indications for the instrumental functional analysis in additional consideration of health-economic aspects

Author(s): Tinnemann, Peter | Roll, Stephanie | Vauth, Christoph | Willich, Stefan N. | Greiner, Wolfgang
Invasive home mechanical ventilation, mainly focused on neuromuscular disorders

Author(s): Geiseler, Jens | Karg, Ortrud | Börger, Sandra | Becker, Kurt | Zimolong, Andreas
Differential diagnostic of the burnout syndrome

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Huber, Beate | Kister, Christine
Prevention of infection after knee arthroplasty

Author(s): Gorenoi, Vitali | Schönermark, Matthias P. | Hagen, Anja
Outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation – rehabilitation models and shortcomings in outpatient aftercare

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Huber, Beate | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
The importance of growth factors for the treatment of chronic wounds in the case of diabetic foot ulcers

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Follmann, Markus | Freyer, Daniela | Huppertz, Hendrik | Ehm, Alexandra | Wasem, Jürgen
Effectiveness of pharmaceutical therapy of ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in adults – health technology assessment

Author(s): Benkert, Diana | Krause, Klaus-Henning | Wasem, Jürgen | Aidelsburger, Pamela
Assessment of medical students by OSPE method in pathology

Author(s): Kavita Munjal | Prasana K Bandi | Amit Varma | Shirish Nandedkar
Informative value of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Author(s): Brettschneider, Christian | Lühmann, Dagmar | Raspe, Heiner
Over-, under- and misuse of pain treatment in Germany

Author(s): Dietl, Markus | Korczak, Dieter
Prevention of alcohol misuse among children, youths and young adults

Author(s): Korczak, Dieter | Steinhauser, Gerlinde | Dietl, Markus
Individual health services

Author(s): Schnell-Inderst, Petra | Hunger, Theresa | Hintringer, Katharina | Schwarzer, Ruth | Seifert-Klauss, Vanadin Regina | Gothe, Holger | Wasem, Jürgen | Siebert, Uwe
The effectiveness of interventions in workplace health promotion as to maintain the working capacity of health care personal

Author(s): Buchberger, Barbara | Heymann, Romy | Huppertz, Hendrik | Friepörtner, Katharina | Pomorin, Natalie | Wasem, Jürgen
CIFKAS A Measurer of Functional Disability Status in Knee Osteoarthritis

Author(s): Vijay Batra | Vijai Prakash Sharma | Meenakshi Batra | Vineet Sharma | Girdhar Gopal Agarwal | Vijay K Singh | Ravindra Mohan Pandey
Relationship between the Pattern of Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors and Lipid Ratios with Five Groups of Body Mass Index in 28566 Healthy Adults

Author(s): Zinat Nadia Hatmi | Mitra Mahdavi-Mazde | Seyed Saeid Hashemi-Nazari | Ebrahim Hajighasemi | Behnaz Nozari | Nasrin Jalilian | Azita Mahdavi
Health Rresearch Priority Setting in Iran

Author(s): Parviz Owlia | Farah Bahreini | Monir Baradaran Eftekhar | Mostafa Ghanei | Amene setareh Forouzan | Mehdi Farahani
Enchondroma of the Hand: the Role of Biopsy in the Course of Diagnosis and Treatment

Author(s): Davod Jafari | Hooman Shariatzadeh | Farid Najd Mazhar | Mohammad Hossein Ghahremani | Alireza Jalili
Pilot study on the microbial contamination of conventional vs. silver-impregnated uniforms worn by ambulance personnel during one week of emergency medical service

Author(s): Groß, Raoul | Hübner, Nils | Assadian, Ojan | Jibson, Bethany | Kramer, Axel | Working Section for Clinical Antiseptic of the German Society for Hospital Hygiene
Peak oxygen uptake and left ventricular ejection fraction, but not depressive symptoms, are associated with cognitive impairment in patients with chronic heart failure

Author(s): Steinberg G | Lossnitzer N | Schellberg D | Mueller-Tasch T | Krueger C | Haass M | Ladwig KH | Herzog W | Juenger J
Health status, hospitalizations, day procedures, and physician costs associated with body mass index (BMI) levels in Ontario, Canada

Author(s): Tarride JE | Haq M | Taylor VH | Sharma AM | Nakhai-Pour HR,  O'Reilly D | Xie F | Dolovich L | Goeree R
Users' satisfaction with Porto Alegre's Primary Care Network Satisfação dos usuários da rede de Atenção Primária de Porto Alegre

Author(s): Aline do Amaral Zils | Rodrigo Caprio Leite de Castro | Mônica Maria Celestina de Oliveira | Erno Harzheim | Bruce Bartholow Duncan
An Assessment of Knowledge and Practices Regarding Tuberculosis in the Context of RNTCP Among Non Allopathic Practitioners in Gwalior District

Author(s): Dhiraj Kumar Srivastava | Ashok Mishra | Neeraj Gour | Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Bundelkhand Medical College, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh | Shraddha Mishra | Parharam Adhikari
Multi-Sensor Arrays for Online Monitoring of Cell Dynamics in in vitro Studies with Choroid Plexus Epithelial Cells

Author(s): Pedro Mestres-Ventura | Andrea Morguet | Soledad García Gómez de las Heras
Prehospital Emergency Service for Internal Medicine Problems in Pediatrics; Causes, Time Indices and Outcomes

Author(s): Farzad Panahi |  Hassan Ali Mohebbi | Mehdi Azizabadi Farahani |  Hamid Reza Khoddami Vishteh |  Shervin Assari
Hearing Evaluation in Children with Meningitis by Auditory Brainstem Response and Otoacoustic Emissions

Author(s): Seyed Hassan Tonekaboni |  Farhad Mahvelati Shamsabadi |  Omid Khojasteh
Neonatal Mortality Risk Assessment in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Author(s): Maliheh Kadivar; Setareh Sagheb; Fariba Bavafa; Lida Moghadam; Babak Eshrati
Correlation between Umbilical Cord pH and Apgar Score in High-Risk Pregnancy

Author(s): Mousa Ahmadpour-Kacho | Nesa Asnafi | Maryam Javadian | Mahmood Hajiahmadi | Nazila Hosseini Taleghani
Phototherapeutic keratectomy

Author(s): Hashemi H | Miraftab SM
Scoring System Approach for Assessment of Critical Illness using Mobile Phones

Author(s): Karupothula Madhavi Latha | Shiramshetty Gouthami | P.Ranjith Kumar
Prevalence & Risk Factors of Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Author(s): Vimalkumar V K | C.R. Anand Moses, Padmanaban S
Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
Size- and charge-dependent non-specific uptake of PEGylated nanoparticles by macrophages

Author(s): Yu SS | Lau CM | Thomas SN | Jerome WG | Maron DJ | Dickerson JH | Hubbell JA | Giorgio TD
Assessment of sick building syndrome among office workers in Shahid Sadoughi University of medical sciences in 2008

Author(s): G. Kholasezadeh | SJ Mirmohammadi Meybodi | AH Mehrparvar | Fallah Tafti | M. Abedinzadeh | F. Nourani Yazdi
Assessment of reliability and validity of a new safety culture questionnaire

Author(s): H. Nouri Parkestani | I. Alimohammadi | Sh. Arghami | M.R. Ghohari | A.A. Farshad
Self-assessment and students’ study strategies in a community of clinical practice: A qualitative study

Author(s): Hanan M. Al-Kadri | Mohamed S. Al-Moamary | Habib Al-Takroni | Chris Roberts | Cees P. M. van der Vleuten
Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
Therapeutic Effect of Vitex Agnus Castus in Patients with Premenstrual Syndrome

Author(s): Mehrangiz Zamani | Nosrat Neghab | Saadat Torabian
Prevalence & Risk Factors of Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetic Patients

Author(s): Vimalkumar V K | C.R. Anand Moses | Padmanaban S
Computer Aided Recognition of Vocal Folds Disorders by Means of RASTA-PLP

Author(s): Ali Salih Mahmoud Saudi | Aliaa A. A. Youssif | Atef Z. Ghalwash
Assessment of the relationship between mental health and job stress among nurses

Author(s): Aziz Shahraki Vahed | Marjan Mardani Hamuleh | Javad Sanchuli | Soudabeh Hamedi shahraki
Initial assessment of chest X-ray in thoracic trauma patients: Awareness of specific injuries

Author(s): Tjeerd S Aukema | Ludo FM Beenen | Falco Hietbrink | Luke PH Leenen
Research results of application of reflexo-therapy in correction of myopia

Author(s): Agasarov L.G. | Yurova O.V. | Frantsuzov A.S. | Tikhonova L.A.
Assessment of auditory processing in children with dyslalia

Author(s): Wlodarczyk £. | Szkielkowska A. | Ratynska J. | Skarzynski P. H. | Skarzynski H. | Ganc M. | Pilka A. | Obrycka A.
Assessment of life quality in patients with dentition defects and periodontal diseases before and after prosthesis and implantation of teeth

Author(s): Turusova Е.V. | Bulkina N.V. | Golomazova Е.А. | Meleshina О.V. | Ivanova S.V.
Efficacy of Multimodal Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—An Indian Study

Author(s): Shoba Srinath | Malavika Kapur | Thudalikunnil Gopalan Rejani | Anna Oommen
Efficacy of Multimodal Intervention for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—An Indian Study

Author(s): Shoba Srinath | Malavika Kapur | Thudalikunnil Gopalan Rejani | Anna Oommen
Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Management of Nutrition during Chemoradiotherapy in Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Beste M. ATASOY | Zerrin ÖZGEN | Özlem YÜKSEK KANTAŞ | Birsen DEMİREL | Atınç AKSU | Faysal DANE | M. Kemal KUŞÇU | İlknur ALSAN ÇETİN | Roman İBRAHİMOV | Ufuk ABACIOGLU
Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level ImageFusion Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Dammavalam | Seetha Maddala | Krishna Prasad MHM
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Economic and Medical Activities in Romanian Hospitals

Author(s): Petrică SUŞCĂ | Andrei ACHIMAȘ | Mihaela IANCU | Andrada URDA-CÎMPEAN | Tudor C. DRUGAN
Reducing creatine kinase-MB levels following oxytocin administration during ischemia-reperfusion periods in isolated rat heart

Author(s): Khansari M | Imani A | Faghihi M | Aali Anvari M | Moghimian M | Sadeghipour Roodsari HR
Health research priority setting in Iran

Author(s): Parviz Owlia | Farah Bahreini | Monir Baradaran Eftekhar | Mostafa Ghanei | Amene setareh Forouzan | Mehdi Farahani
Internal evaluation of parasitology and mycology department of Urmia university of medical sciences

Author(s): Khosrow Hazrati Tappeh | Afshin Barazesh | Habib Mohammadzade | Shahla Khashave
Clinical Course and Prognosis of Hemolytic Jaundice in Neonates in North East of Iran

Author(s): Hassan Boskabadi | Gholamali Maamouri | Shahin Mafinejad | Farzaneh Rezagholizadeh
Intake of Lead, Cadmium and Mercury in Kaolin-eating: A Quality Assessment

Author(s): J.N. Bonglaisin | C.M.F. Mbofung | D.N. Lantum
Image of interest: Nasal blockade in a newborn.

Author(s): Rafidah IDRIS | Stephen HONE | John RUSSELL
Acute and Subchronic Toxicity Assessment of the Hydroalcoholic Extract of Stachys lavandulifolia in Mice

Author(s): Faezeh Monji | Hiva Hossein Tehrani | Zahra Halvaei | Sepideh Arbabi Bidgoli

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