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Solitary Pancreatic Metastasis from Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report from India with a Review of Literature

Author(s): Pankaj Bhalla | Guruprasad Shetty | Chandralekha S Tampi | Prasad K Wagle
Relevant factors in the treatment of digital nerve injury of the hand

Author(s): Anđelković Slađana | Lešić Aleksandar | Vučković Čedo | Suđić Vojo | Bumbaširević Marko
Diagnoses, Requests and Timing of 503 Psychiatric Consultations in Two General Hospitals

Author(s): Mohammad Arbabi | Reza Laghayeepoor | Banafshe Golestan | Abolfazl Mahdanian | Aliakbar Nejatisafa | Amir Tavakkoli | Elahe Sahimi Izadian | Mohammad Reza Mohammadi
Cushing’s Syndrome During Pregnancy Secondary to Adrenal Adenoma

Author(s): Sedighe Borna | Soheila Akbari | Tahere Eftekhar | Fateme Mostaan
McArdle disease: a case report and review

Author(s): Leite A | Oliveira N | Rocha M
Evaluation of the use of piperacillin/tazobactam (Tazocin®) at Hamad General Hospital, Qatar: are there unjustified prescriptions?

Author(s): Khan FY | Elhiday A | Khudair IF | Yousef H | Omran AH | Alsamman SH | Elhamid M
Sirolimus-associated hepatotoxicity: case report and review of the literature

Author(s): Macdonald B | Vakiani E | Yantiss RK | Lee J | Brown RS Jr | Sigal SH
Evaluation of a novel, ultrathin, tip-bending endoscope in a synthetic force-sensing pancreas with comparison to medical guide wires

Author(s): Chandler JE | Lee CM | Babchanik AP | Melville CD | Saunders MD | Seibel EJ
Successful management of aortic thrombi resulting in spinal cord infarction in a patient with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and acute cholecystitis

Author(s): Izumi M | Teraoka S | Yamashita K | Matsumoto K | Muronoi T | Izawa Y | Yonekawa C | Ano M | Suzukawa M
Health status, hospitalizations, day procedures, and physician costs associated with body mass index (BMI) levels in Ontario, Canada

Author(s): Tarride JE | Haq M | Taylor VH | Sharma AM | Nakhai-Pour HR,  O'Reilly D | Xie F | Dolovich L | Goeree R
Fabrication and Evaluation of a Noncompliant Molar Distalizing Appliance: Bonded Molar Distalizer

Author(s): A. Sodagar | M. S. Ahmad Akhoundi | A. Rafighii | S. Arab
Spontaneous Regeneration of the Mandible after Hemimandibulectomy: Report of a Case

Author(s): A. Khodayari | A. Khojasteh | MT. Kiani | A. Nayebi | L. Mehrdad | M. Vahdatinia
Haptic Positioning Environment for the Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Author(s): Pedro Santos Pires | Pedro Teodoro | Jorge Martins | José Sá da Costa
Personal health care of internal medicine residents

Author(s): Venkataraman Palabindala | Paul Foster | Swetha Kanduri | Avanthi Doppalapudi | Amaleswari Pamarthy | Karthik Kovvuru
The quality of life in men and women with diabetic foot ulcer in selected hospitals of Tehran universities

Author(s): Davoud Rasouli | Fariba Nasiriziba | Reza Nabiamjad | Hamid Haghani
Users' satisfaction with Porto Alegre's Primary Care Network Satisfação dos usuários da rede de Atenção Primária de Porto Alegre

Author(s): Aline do Amaral Zils | Rodrigo Caprio Leite de Castro | Mônica Maria Celestina de Oliveira | Erno Harzheim | Bruce Bartholow Duncan
A Macaca mulatta model of fulminant hepatic failure

Author(s): Ping Zhou | Jie Xia | Gang Guo | Zi-Xing Huang | Qiang Lu | Li Li | Hong-Xia Li | Yu-Jun Shi | Hong Bu
Clinical evaluation of the role of ceftaroline in the management of community acquired bacterial pneumonia

Author(s): Maselli DJ | Fernandez JF | Whong CY | Echevarria K | Nambiar AM | Anzueto A | Restrepo MI
Preparation and in vitro evaluation of doxorubicin-loaded Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles modified with biocompatible copolymers

Author(s): Akbarzadeh A | Mikaeili H | Zarghami N | Mohammad R | Barkhordari A | Davaran S
The normal newborn

Author(s): Walizadeh Gh.R
Exercise in type 1 diabetic patients

Author(s): M Hassabi | A Rabbani | A Sotoodeh
Internal evaluation in Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): A Rabbani | F Farzianpour | Gh Zamani | A Zeinaloo | H Shajari
Pre-participation examination in children

Author(s): F Halabchi | SR Reiskarami
Etiological profile of short stature in a referral endocrinology clinic

Author(s): MR sharbatdar-alaei | A Rabbani | M Rezaie | MK Nourbakhsh
Recurrent Abdominal Pain: an Etiological Study among in a Referreal Children's Medical Center in Iran

Author(s): T Shahraki | F Farahmand; GhR Khatami; M Najafi; M Shahraki
Accidental Caustic Ingestion in Children and its Sequalae in Esophagus; One Year Fallow Up

Author(s): Mehri Najafi |  Masomeh Asgar-Shirazi |  Fatemeh Farahmand |  Ahmad Khodadad |  Gholam-Hossein Falahi
Making a Transcutaneus Icterometer in Neonates

Author(s): Hamid Amoozgar |  Maziar Rastegar
Hearing Evaluation in Children with Meningitis by Auditory Brainstem Response and Otoacoustic Emissions

Author(s): Seyed Hassan Tonekaboni |  Farhad Mahvelati Shamsabadi |  Omid Khojasteh
Foreign Body as a Cause of Vaginal Discharge in Childhood

Author(s): Mohammad Esmaeili |  Attie Mansouri |  Fateme Ghane
Reporting a Right Sided 4th Branchial Anomaly; Case Report and Reporting the Technical Issues

Author(s): Mohammadtaghi Khorsandi Ashtiani | Nasrin Yazdani | Shahin Bastaninejad | Mohammadhossein Dadgarnia
Significance of Postnatal Follow-up of Infants with Vesicoureteral Reflux Having Antenatal Hydronephrosis

Author(s): Murat Kangin | Nejat Aksu | Onder Yavascan | Murat Anil | Orhan Deniz Kara | Alkan Bal | Fulya Kamit
Atypical Presentation of Renal Angiomyolipomas in a Child with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Author(s): Pietro Ferrara | Giorgia Bottaro | Antonio Gatto | Ottavio Vitelli | Pio Liberatore | Sofia Passera | Giorgia Bottaro | Francesca del Bufalo | Diego Martinelli | Maria Del Re | Domenica Battaglia
Clinical Study of Acute Mixed-lineage Leukemia in 14 Children

Author(s): Yaodong Zhang | Lina Tan | Xiaoling Zhang | Haiyan Wei | Qun Hu
Frequency and Trajectory Objects Evaluation in Frames Sequence

Author(s): Dusan Koniar | Libor Hargas | Miroslav Hrianka | Pavol Spanik
Study of medication compliance of patients with coronary heart diseases and associated factors

Author(s): Parsa-Yekta | Z | Zakeri Moghaddam | Mehran | A | Palizdar | M
Evidence-Based Radiology: A New Approach to the Practice of Radiology

Author(s): Kombiz Steadie Seifi | Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Abdolrasul Sedaghat | Mansoor Fatehi | Ahmad Tavakoli
Image Guided Clinical Correlation of CDH and Calve-Legg-Perthes Disease

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Herischi | Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Shahyar Pashae | Hamid Mirbagheri
Echocardiographic wall motion abnormality in posterior myocardial infarction: the diagnostic value of posterior leads

Author(s): Mohammadzadeh R | Kamal Hedayat D | Mohagheghi A | Tabatabaie A H | Darehzereshki A
"Evaluation of solid breast lesions with color doppler sonography and power doppler imaging "

Author(s): Ahmadi Nejad P | Shahriaran S | Ghasemi Phiroozabadi A | Giti M
Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro evaluation of novel polymer-coated magnetic nanoparticles for controlled delivery of doxorubicin

Author(s): Akbarzadeh A | Zarghami N | Mikaeili H | Asgari D | Goganian AM | Khiabani HK | Samiei M | Davaran S
Lipoid Proteinosis Mimicking Congenital Immunodeficiency: A Case Report.

Author(s): Kushal Naha | B Ananthakrishna Shastry | Kavitha Saravu | Sumit Bhatia
Seasonality of Suicidal Behavior

Author(s): Jong-Min Woo | Olaoluwa Okusaga | Teodor T. Postolache
An evaluation of primary school teachers towards child sexual abuse and necessity of its reporting

Author(s): Sajad Alboukordi | Mohammad NikousiarJahromi | Leili Mosalanejad | Javad Khodadadi
Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
 Profile Difference Between Male and Female Psychiatric Patients Seeking Certificate of Disability

Author(s): Yatan Pal Singh Balhara | Deepak Gauba | Smita N. Deshpande
Evaluation of Illumination Intensity and Ultraviolet Radiation at Kerman Medical University Libraries

Author(s): M.R Ghotbi Ravandi | N Khanjani | F Nadri | A Nadri | A Nadri | M Ahmadian | A Toolabi | E karimi Bami
Size- and charge-dependent non-specific uptake of PEGylated nanoparticles by macrophages

Author(s): Yu SS | Lau CM | Thomas SN | Jerome WG | Maron DJ | Dickerson JH | Hubbell JA | Giorgio TD
Infra Red Digital Imaging in Medicine

Author(s): Zvonko Damnjanović | Dejan Petrović | Radoje Pantović | Zaviša Smiljanić
Survey of Employees\' Safety Attitude in a Teaching Hospital Tehran 2010

Author(s): J. Tabibi | A.A. Nasiripour | M.R. Maleki | P. Raessi | M. Mahmmoudi | L. Azimi
Performance evaluation of Iran University of medical sciences\' hospital wastewater treatment plants

Author(s): A.A. Kang Zeiton | M. Gholami | M. Farzadkia | Z. Javadi | I. Moabedi
Relationship Between Pre Menstrual Syndrome With Body Mass Index Among University Students

Author(s): Leila Amiri Farahani | Tooba Heidari | Fereshteh Narenji | Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi | Vahideh Shirazi
Health Research Evaluation and Its Role on Knowledge Production

Author(s): Sh Djalalinia | P Owlia | A Setareh Forouzan | E Habibi | M Dejman | M Baradaran Eftekhari | M Ghanei | H Malekafzali | N Peykari
Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
Evaluation of Stability Changes in Tapered and Parallel Wall Implants: A Human Clinical Trial

Author(s): AR. Rokn | AAR. Rasouli Ghahroudi | A. Mesgarzadeh | AA. Miremadi | S. Yaghoobi
Nutrition in the hospital setting.

Author(s): Emily Felicia Jan Ee SHEN
Novel microfilaricidal activity of nanosilver

Author(s): Singh SK | Goswami K | Sharma RD | Reddy MVR | Dash D
NIHSS and acute complications after anterior and posterior circulation strokes

Author(s): Boone M | Chillon JM | Garcia PY | Canaple S | Lamy C | Godefroy O | Bugnicourt JM
Computer Aided Recognition of Vocal Folds Disorders by Means of RASTA-PLP

Author(s): Ali Salih Mahmoud Saudi | Aliaa A. A. Youssif | Atef Z. Ghalwash

Author(s): Mehmet Akdag | Ercan Canbay | Suphi Muderris | Reyhan Egilmez
Initial assessment of chest X-ray in thoracic trauma patients: Awareness of specific injuries

Author(s): Tjeerd S Aukema | Ludo FM Beenen | Falco Hietbrink | Luke PH Leenen
Modern approaches to life quality evaluation in patients with schizophrenia

Author(s): Zhukova О.А. | Krom I.L. | Barylnik Yu.B.
Ultrasonic diagnostics perspectives in patients with urolithiasis (review)

Author(s): Skvorzova N.V. | Chekhonatskaya M.L. | Rossolovsky A.N. | Kondratjeva О.A. | Sedova L.N. | Abramova A.P.
Ocular Manifestations in HIV Positive and AIDS Patients in Nepal

Author(s): Sashi Sharma | Dev Narayan Shah | Meenu Choudhary | Joshi Purushottam | Ajit K. Thakur
Short Answer Questions or Modified Essay questions – More Than a Technical Issue

Author(s): Susanna M. Wallerstedt | Gudrun Erickson | Sven Wallerstedt
Massive Unilateral Lower Limb Lymphedema in a 42 Year Old Brazilian Man

Author(s): Vitorino Modesto dos SANTOS | Lister Arruda Modesto dos SANTOS | Antônio Augusto Dall'Agnol MODESTO | Milena de Oliveira AMUI
Evaluation of combined disc method for the detection of metallo-β-lactamase producing Gram negative bacilli

Author(s): Omair, M. | Usman, J. | Kaleem, F. | Hassan, A. | Khalid, A. | Fahim, Q.
Quality Assessment of Pixel-Level ImageFusion Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Srinivasa Rao Dammavalam | Seetha Maddala | Krishna Prasad MHM
A noninvasive multi-analyte diagnostic assay: combining protein and DNA markers to stratify bladder cancer patients

Author(s): Fernandez CA | Millholl | JM | Zwarthoff EC | Feldman AS | Karnes RJ | Shuber AP
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Economic and Medical Activities in Romanian Hospitals

Author(s): Petrică SUŞCĂ | Andrei ACHIMAȘ | Mihaela IANCU | Andrada URDA-CÎMPEAN | Tudor C. DRUGAN
Evaluation of enrichment, selective and differential media in isolation and identification of Salmonella among children with diarrhea

Author(s): MM Soltan Dalall | A Rahimi Forushani | B Nikmanesh | A Tabatabaei Bafroei | N Aghili
The evaluation of late outcome of balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty in children

Author(s): Nakhostin Davari P | Mortazaeian Langrodi H | Ghaemi HR

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