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Complement factor H binding by different Lyme disease and relapsing fever Borrelia in animals and human

Author(s): Bhide Mangesh | Escudero Raquel | Camafeita Emilio | Gil Horacio | Jado Isabel | Anda Pedro
Cooperation of decay-accelerating factor and membrane cofactor protein in regulating survival of human cervical cancer cells

Author(s): Gao Ling-Juan | Guo Shu-Yu | Cai You-Qun | Gu Ping-Qing | Su Ya-Juan | Gong Hui | Liu Yun | Chen Chen
Presence of thiamine pyrophosphate in mammalian peroxisomes

Author(s): Fraccascia Patrizia | Sniekers Mieke | Casteels Minne | Van Veldhoven Paul
Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome

Author(s): Loirat Chantal | Frémeaux-Bacchi Véronique
Cofactor-mediated conformational control in the bifunctional kinase/RNase Ire1

Author(s): Korennykh Alexei | Egea Pascal | Korostelev Andrei | Finer-Moore Janet | Stroud Robert | Zhang Chao | Shokat Kevan | Walter Peter
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