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Potent cellular and humoral immunity against HIV-1 elicited in mice by a DNA-prime/MVA-boost vaccine regimen intended for human use

Author(s): Wahren Britta | Bråve Andreas | Boberg Andreas | Rollman Erik | Birx Deborah | Cox Josephine | Robb Merlin | Moss Bernhard | Blomberg Pontus | Biberfeldt Gunnel | Sandström Eric
SNP HiTLink: a high-throughput linkage analysis system employing dense SNP data

Author(s): Fukuda Yoko | Nakahara Yasuo | Date Hidetoshi | Takahashi Yuji | Goto Jun | Miyashita Akinori | Kuwano Ryozo | Adachi Hiroki | Nakamura Eiji | Tsuji Shoji
An Approach for Estimation Reliability Model based Web Application Systems

Author(s): John Blesswin | Sumy Joseph | Merlin Soosaiya | Priya K V
Whole plant extracts versus single compounds for the treatment of malaria: synergy and positive interactions

Author(s): Rasoanaivo Philippe | Wright Colin | Willcox Merlin | Gilbert Ben
Daily rhythm of nociception in rats

Author(s): Christina AJM | Merlin NJ | Vijaya C | Jayaprakash S | Murugesh N
Modelling the ecosystem effects of nitrogen deposition: Model of Ecosystem Retention and Loss of Inorganic Nitrogen (MERLIN

Author(s): B. J. Cosby | R. C. Ferrier | A. Jenkins | B. A. Emmett | R. F. Wright | A. Tietema
O Mito de Merlin na Idade Média e no Romantismo Alemão

Author(s): Daniele Gallindo Gonçalves e Sousa
High genotypic diversity and a novel variant of human cytomegalovirus revealed by combined UL33/UL55 genotyping with broad-range PCR

Author(s): Deckers Merlin | Hofmann Jörg | Kreuzer Karl-Anton | Reinhard Henrike | Edubio Abigail | Hengel Hartmut | Voigt Sebastian | Ehlers Bernhard
Sub-population analysis based on temporal features of high content images

Author(s): Veronika Merlin | Evans James | Matsudaira Paul | Welsch Roy | Rajapakse Jagath
Simultaneous interplanetary scintillation and optical measurements of the acceleration of the slow solar wind

Author(s): A. R. Breen | S. J. Tappin | C. A. Jordan | P. Thomasson | P. J. Moran | R. A. Fallows | A. Canals | P. J. S. Williams
Formulación y Control de la Estrategia en un Grupo de Empresas que Conforman una Red

Author(s): Merlin Patricia Grueso | Jorge Hernan Gómez | Leonardo Garay
Formulación y Control de la Estrategia en un Grupo de Empresas que Conforman una Red

Author(s): Merlin Patricia Grueso | Jorge Hernan Gómez | Leonardo Garay
The solar eruption of 13 May 2005: EISCAT and MERLIN observations of a coronal radio burst

Author(s): R. A. Jones | A. R. Breen | R. A. Fallows | M. M. Bisi | P. Thomasson | G. Wannberg | C. A. Jordan
Três textos sobre Política e Direito

Author(s): Clemerson Merlin Cléve
Acerca do direito ao direito

Author(s): Clemerson Merlin Cléve
Metabolic syndrome in South Asian immigrants: more than low HDL requiring aggressive management

Author(s): Dodani Sunita | Henkhaus Rebecca | Wick Jo | Vacek James | Gupta Kamal | Dong Lei | Butler Merlin
Do ethnobotanical and laboratory data predict clinical safety and efficacy of anti-malarial plants?

Author(s): Willcox Merlin | Benoit-Vical Françoise | Fowler Dennis | Bourdy Geneviève | Burford Gemma | Giani Sergio | Graziose Rocky | Houghton Peter | Randrianarivelojosia Milijaona | Rasoanaivo Philippe
A “reverse pharmacology” approach for developing an anti-malarial phytomedicine

Author(s): Willcox Merlin | Graz Bertrand | Falquet Jacques | Diakite Chiaka | Giani Sergio | Diallo Drissa
Trastorno por estrés postraumático en pacientes con lesiones no intencionales producidas en accidentes de tránsito

Author(s): Catalina González Forteza | Ernesto Pérez Rincón Merlín | José Alberto Jiménez Tapia | Luciana Ramos Lira
Sublingual sugar for hypoglycaemia in children with severe malaria: A pilot clinical study

Author(s): Graz Bertrand | Dicko Moussa | Willcox Merlin | Lambert Bernard | Falquet Jacques | Forster Mathieu | Giani Sergio | Diakite Chiaka | Dembele Eugène | Diallo Drissa | Barennes Hubert
Gêneros textuais e livro didático: da teoria à prática

Author(s): Eliana Merlin Deganutti de Barros | Elvira Lopes Nascimento
Assessment of Damage to Nucleic Acids and Repair Machinery in Salmonella typhimurium Exposed to Chlorine

Author(s): M. H. Phe | M. Hajj Chehade | H. Guilloteau | C. Merlin | J. C. Block
Genomic profiling distinguishes familial multiple and sporadic multiple meningiomas

Author(s): Shen Yiping | Nunes Fabio | Stemmer-Rachamimov Anat | James Marianne | Mohapatra Gayatry | Plotkin Scott | Betensky Rebecca | Engler David | Roy Jennifer | Ramesh Vijaya | Gusella James
STK39 polymorphisms and blood pressure: an association study in British Caucasians and assessment of cis-acting influences on gene expression

Author(s): Cunnington Michael | Kay Chris | Avery Peter | Mayosi Bongani | Koref Mauro | Keavney Bernard
Evolution and Origin of HRS, a Protein Interacting with Merlin, the Neurofibromatosis 2 Gene Product

Author(s): Leonid V. Omelyanchuk | Julia A. Pertseva | Sarah S. Burns | Long-Sheng Chang
Modeling the Effect of Plants and Peat on Evapotranspiration in Constructed Wetlands

Author(s): Florent Chazarenc | Simon Naylor | Yves Comeau | Gérard Merlin | Jacques Brisson
Combined use of optical and radar satellite data for the monitoring of irrigation and soil moisture of wheat crops

Author(s): R. Fieuzal | B. Duchemin | L. Jarlan | M. Zribi | F. Baup | O. Merlin | G. Dedieu | J. Garatuza-Payan | C. Watt | A. Chehbouni
Conformation analysis of homology model of human merlin

Author(s): Sivakumar K.C. | Vidhya Ramaswamy
Differential phenotyping of Brucella species using a newly developed semi-automated metabolic system

Author(s): Al Dahouk Sascha | Scholz Holger | Tomaso Herbert | Bahn Peter | Göllner Cornelia | Karges Wolfram | Appel Bernd | Hensel Andreas | Neubauer Heinrich | Nöckler Karsten
Efficiency of tick biotherapic on the control of infestation by Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus in Dutch dairy cows.

Author(s): Zilda Cristiani Gazim | Fabiana Borges Padilha Ferreira | Aristeu Vieira da Silva | Kelly Cristina Bolognese | Ewerton Merlin | Valdeci Messa | Renan Almeida de Jesus | Cesar Alberto Coutinho | Luiz Cláudio Monteiro da Silva
An Expressed Sequence Tag collection from the male antennae of the Noctuid moth Spodoptera littoralis: a resource for olfactory and pheromone detection research

Author(s): Legeai Fabrice | Malpel Sébastien | Montagné Nicolas | Monsempes Christelle | Cousserans François | Merlin Christine | François Marie-Christine | Maïbèche-Coisné Martine | Gavory Frédérick | Poulain Julie | Jacquin-Joly Emmanuelle
Gene expression in cardiac tissues from infants with idiopathic conotruncal defects

Author(s): Bittel Douglas | Butler Merlin | Kibiryeva Nataliya | Marshall Jennifer | Chen Jie | Lofland Gary | O'Brien James
A novel syndrome of paediatric cataract, dysmorphism, ectodermal features, and developmental delay in Australian Aboriginal family maps to 1p35.3-p36.32

Author(s): Hattersley Kathryn | Laurie Kate | Liebelt Jan | Gecz Jozef | Durkin Shane | Craig Jamie | Burdon Kathryn
FORM: An Australian method for formulating and grading recommendations in evidence-based clinical guidelines

Author(s): Hillier Susan | Grimmer-Somers Karen | Merlin Tracy | Middleton Philippa | Salisbury Janet | Tooher Rebecca | Weston Adele
Combined use of optical and radar satellite data for the monitoring of irrigation and soil moisture of wheat crops

Author(s): R. Fieuzal | B. Duchemin | L. Jarlan | M. Zribi | F. Baup | O. Merlin | O. Hagolle | J. Garatuza-Payan

Staphylococcal food poisoning from cream-filled cake in a metropolitan area of South-Eastern Brazil

Author(s): Pereira Maria Lúcia | Carmo Luiz Simeão do | Santos Elisângela José dos | Bergdoll Merlin S.
Seropositividad al virus linfotrópico de células T humanas tipos I y II en donantes del Banco Municipal de Sangre de Caracas y factores de riesgo asociados

Author(s): León Graciela | Quirós Ana M. | López José L. | Hung Meilyn | Díaz Ana M. | Goncalves Juvic | Costa Osiris da | Hernández Teodoro | Chirinos Merlin | Gómez Rafael
Early peri-operative hyperglycaemia and renal allograft rejection in patients without diabetes

Author(s): Thomas Merlin C | Moran John | Mathew Timothy H | Russ Graeme R | Mohan Rao M
Genome scan for body mass index and height in the Framingham Heart Study

Author(s): Geller Frank | Dempfle Astrid | Görg Tilman
Comparative linkage analysis and visualization of high-density oligonucleotide SNP array data

Author(s): Leykin Igor | Hao Ke | Cheng Junsheng | Meyer Nicole | Pollak Martin | Smith Richard | Wong Wing | Rosenow Carsten | Li Cheng
Evolution and origin of merlin, the product of the Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) tumor-suppressor gene

Author(s): Golovnina Kseniya | Blinov Alexander | Akhmametyeva Elena | Omelyanchuk Leonid | Chang Long-Sheng
Linkage analysis of the GAW14 simulated dataset with microsatellite and single-nucleotide polymorphism markers in large pedigrees

Author(s): Yang Xiaohong | Jacobs Kevin | Kerstann Kimberly | Bergen Andrew | Goldstein Alisa | Goldin Lynn
Investigation of altering single-nucleotide polymorphism density on the power to detect trait loci and frequency of false positive in nonparametric linkage analyses of qualitative traits

Author(s): Klein Alison | Tsai Ya-Yu | Duggal Priya | Gillanders Elizabeth | Barnhart Michael | Mathias Rasika | Dusenberry Ian | Turiff Amy | Chines Peter | Goldstein Janet | Wojciechowski Robert | Hening Wayne | Pugh Elizabeth | Bailey-Wilson Joan
Accuracy of haplotype estimation in a region of low linkage disequilibrium

Author(s): Avery Christy | Martin Lisa | Williams Jeff | North Kari
INSIG-2 promoter polymorphism and obesity related phenotypes: association study in 1428 members of 248 families

Author(s): Hall Darroch | Rahman Thahira | Avery Peter | Keavney Bernard
A procedure for the detection of linkage with high density SNP arrays in a large pedigree with colorectal cancer

Author(s): Middeldorp Anneke | Jagmohan-Changur Shantie | Helmer Quinta | van der Klift Heleen | Tops Carli | Vasen Hans | Devilee Peter | Morreau Hans | Houwing-Duistermaat Jeanine | Wijnen Juul | van Wezel Tom
The management of diabetes in indigenous Australians from primary care

Author(s): Thomas Mark | Weekes Andrew | Thomas Merlin
The role of Drosophila Merlin in spermatogenesis

Author(s): Dorogova Natalia | Akhmametyeva Elena | Kopyl Sergei | Gubanova Natalia | Yudina Olga | Omelyanchuk Leonid | Chang Long-Sheng
PPAR Agonists and Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes

Author(s): Anna C. Calkin | Merlin C. Thomas
Association between intrarenal arterial resistance and diastolic dysfunction in type 2 diabetes

Author(s): MacIsaac Richard | Thomas Merlin | Panagiotopoulos Sianna | Smith Trudy | Hao Huming | Matthews D Geoffrey | Jerums George | Burrell Louise | Srivastava Piyush
A Tutorial on Text-Independent Speaker Verification

Author(s): Douglas A. Reynolds | Dijana Petrovska-Delacrétaz | Javier Ortega-García | Teva Merlin | Sylvain Meignier | Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau | Guillaume Gravier | Corinne Fredouille | Jean-François Bonastre | Frédéric Bimbot
Identifying candidate genes affecting developmental time in Drosophila melanogaster: pervasive pleiotropy and gene-by-environment interaction

Author(s): Mensch Julián | Lavagnino Nicolás | Carreira Valeria | Massaldi Ana | Hasson Esteban | Fanara Juan
PPAR Agonists and Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes

Author(s): Anna C. Calkin | Merlin C. Thomas

Author(s): Liji Merlin Kurian | Saiju Punnoose
Infantile de novo primary antiphospholipid syndrome revealed by neonatal stroke

Author(s): Merlin E | Doré E | Chabrier S | Verdier A | Stéphan JL
Stimulation of antiviral cellular immune responses by therapeutic vaccination of HIV-1-infected patients with dendritic cells transfected with gag, tat, rev and nef mRNA

Author(s): Van Gulck Ellen | Van Tendeloo Viggo | Vlieghe Erika | Vekemans Marc | Van de Velde Ann | Smits Evelien | Anguilie Sébastien | Cools Nathalie | Stein Barbara | Nijs Griet | Goossens Herman | Mertens Liesbet | De Haes Winni | Merlin Céline | Atkinson Derek | Wong Johnsson | Florence Eric | Vanham Guido | Berneman Zwi
A Tutorial on Text-Independent Speaker Verification

Author(s): Bimbot Frédéric | Bonastre Jean-François | Fredouille Corinne | Gravier Guillaume | Magrin-Chagnolleau Ivan | Meignier Sylvain | Merlin Teva | Ortega-García Javier | Petrovska-Delacrétaz Dijana | Reynolds Douglas A
Sensitivity studies for a space-based methane lidar mission

Author(s): C. Kiemle | M. Quatrevalet | G. Ehret | A. Amediek | A. Fix | M. Wirth
Feasibility of Treating Irradiated Bone with Intramedullary Delivered Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Author(s): Bérengère Phulpin | Gilles Dolivet | Pierre-Yves Marie | Sylvain Poussier | Sandrine Huger | Pierre Bravetti | Pierre Graff | Jean-Louis Merlin | Nguyen Tran
Implementación de un sistema de telemetría de bajo costo para medición de presiones plantares

Author(s): Jorge Humberto Torres | Carlos Ernesto Villarraga | Rafael Hernán Polanía | Ali Ahmed Egel
Cellular Reprogramming toward the Erythroid Lineage

Author(s): Laura J. Norton | Alister P. W. Funnell | Richard C. M. Pearson | Merlin Crossley
Evaluation and pharmacovigilance of projects promoting cultivation and local use of Artemisia annua for malaria

Author(s): Willcox Merlin | Burton Shelly | Oyweka Rosalia | Namyalo Rehema | Challand Simon | Lindsey Keith
Sensitivity studies for a space-based methane lidar mission

Author(s): C. Kiemle | M. Quatrevalet | G. Ehret | A. Amediek | A. Fix | M. Wirth

Author(s): Merlin Patricia Grueso Hinestroza | Jorge Hernán Gómez Cardona | Leonardo Garay Quintero
Images du Mage, images pour le Mage

Author(s): Daniel GREGORIO
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