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Broadband Transformation Optics Devices

Author(s): Vera N. Smolyaninova | Igor I. Smolyaninov | Alexander V. Kildishev | Vladimir M. Shalaev
Electromagnetic wave scattering on imperfect cloaking devices

Author(s): Isić G. | Beltaos A. | Gajić R. | Hingerl K.
Active Microwave Metamaterials Incorporating Ideal Gain Devices

Author(s): Li-Ming Si | Tao Jiang | Kihun Chang | Te-Chuan Chen | Xin Lv | Lixin Ran | Hao Xin
Propagation of polarized light through optical nanosuperlattices

Author(s): Karol Tarnowski | Wlodzimierz Salejda | Michal H. Tyc
New Planar and Volume Versions of a Metamaterial

Author(s): J. Machac | M. Hudlicka | P. Buchar | J. Zehentner
Isotropic Single Negative Metamaterials

Author(s): J. Zehentner | M. Blaha | M. Rytir | P. Protiva | J. Machac
Fabrication of Large Area Fishnet Optical Metamaterial Structures Operational at Near-IR Wavelengths

Author(s): Neilanjan Dutta | Iftekhar O. Mirza | Shouyuan Shi | Dennis W. Prather
Multifrequency Printed Antennas Loaded with Metamaterial Particles

Author(s): D. Segovia-Vargas | F. J. Herraiz-Martinez | E. Ugarte-Munoz | J. Montero-De-Paz | V. Gonzalez-Posadas | L. E. Garcia-Munoz
Metamaterials: Beyond of Refraction

Author(s): Nguyen Thanh Tung | Dao Thuy Duong
Metamaterial Electromagnetic Superabsorber with Arbitrary Geometries

Author(s): Jingjing Yang | Ming Huang | Chengfu Yang | Jinhui Peng | Rong Zong
Emission Enhancement in a Plasmonic Waveguide at Cut-Off

Author(s): Andrea Alù | Nader Engheta
Electro-Optic Effects in Colloidal Dispersion of Metal Nano-Rods in Dielectric Fluid

Author(s): Andrii B. Golovin | Jie Xiang | Heung-Shik Park | Luana Tortora | Yuriy A. Nastishin | Sergij V. Shiyanovskii | Oleg D. Lavrentovich
Electrically Small Patch Antenna Loaded with Metamaterial

Author(s): Joshi J | Pattnaik Shyam | Devi Swapna | Lohokare M
Simulation and Analysis of a Metamaterial Sensor Based on a Microring Resonator

Author(s): Ming Huang | Jingjing Yang | Sun Jun | Shujuan Mu | Yaozhong Lan
Enhanced Coupling Values in Coupled Microstrip Lines using Metamaterials

Author(s): S. E. Lauro | A. Toscano | L. Vegni
Patch Antenna Based on Metamaterials for a RFID Transponder

Author(s): E. Ugarte-Munoz | F. J. Herraiz-Martinez | V. Gonzalez-Posadas | D. Segovia-Vargas
Focusing of acoustic waves by flat lenses made from negatively refracting two-dimensional phononic crystals

Author(s): P.A. Deymier | B. Merheb | J.O. Vasseur | A. Sukhovich | J.H. Page
Surface electromagnetic waves on two-dimensional rough perfectly conducting surfaces

Author(s): T.A. Leskova | A.A. Maradudin | I. Simonsen
Metamaterials Application in Sensing

Author(s): Tao Chen | Suyan Li | Hui Sun
Resonant excitation of coupled Rayleigh waves in a short and narrow fluid channel clad between two identical metal plates

Author(s): Victor M. García-Chocano | Tomás López-Rios | Arkadii Krokhin | José Sánchez-Dehesa
Compact Metamaterial Microstrip Low-Pass Filter

Author(s): Sudhakar Sahu | Rabindra Kishore Mishra | Dipak Ranjan Poddar
High-Gain Array Antenna Based on Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line

Author(s): Ningli Zhu | Quanyuan Feng | Zhi-Ang Wu
Tailoring photonic metamaterial resonances for thermal radiation

Author(s): Bermel Peter | Ghebrebrhan Michael | Harradon Michael | Yeng Yi | Celanovic Ivan | Joannopoulos John | Soljacic Marin
Theory-Guided Design of Organic Electro-Optic Materials and Devices

Author(s): Larry Dalton | Stephanie Benight
A Microring Resonator Based Negative Permeability Metamaterial Sensor

Author(s): Jun Sun | Ming Huang | Jing-Jing Yang | Ting-Hua Li | Yao-Zhong Lan
Broadband Wide Angle Lens Implemented with Dielectric Metamaterials

Author(s): John Hunt | Nathan Kundtz | Nathan Landy | Vinh Nguyen | Tim Perram | Anthony Starr | David R. Smith
Low-Loss, Broadband and Tunable Negative Refractive Index Metamaterial

Author(s): Y.J. Huang | G.J. Wen | T.Q. Li | K. Xie
Bandwidth Enhancement and Size Reduction of Microstrip Patch Antenna by Magnetoinductive Waveguide Loading

Author(s): Jayant G. Joshi | Shyam S. Pattnaik | Swapna Devi | Mohan R. Lohokare
Multiband Passive Filter Built with Metamaterial in a Parallel-Plate Waveguide

Author(s): DE SABATA Aldo | MATEKOVITS Ladislau | ROHDE L. Ulrich | SILAGHI A. Marius
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