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Towards Improving the Static Semantics of XCore

Author(s): Vladiela Petrascu | Dan Ioan Chiorean
A Health-care Application of Goal-driven Software Design

Author(s): Maria-Eugenia IACOB | Diederik ROTHENGATTER | Jos van HILLEGERSBERG
Metamodeling Techniques Applied to the Design of Reconfigurable Control Applications

Author(s): Luca Ferrarini | Giuseppe Fogliazza | Giulia Mirandola | Carlo Veber
System Evolution by Metalevel Modification

Author(s): Michal Vagač | Ján Kollár
A framework for protein and membrane interactions

Author(s): Giorgio Bacci | Davide Grohmann | Marino Miculan
A Multi-Agent System Architecture for Sensor Networks

Author(s): Rubén Fuentes-Fernández | María Guijarro | Gonzalo Pajares
Integration of Metamodel and Acoustic Model for Dysarthric Speech Recognition

Author(s): Hironori Matsumasa | Tetsuya Takiguchi | Yasuo Ariki | I-Chao LI | Toshitaka Nakabayashi
MMSA: Metamodel Multimedia Software Architecture

Author(s): Makhlouf Derdour | Philippe Roose | Marc Dalmau | Nacéra Ghoualmi Zine | Adel Alti
Model Transformations in Model Driven Architecture

Author(s): Atif Aftab Ahmed Jilani | Muhammad Usman | Zahid Halim
Structural optimization considering the probabilistic system response

Author(s): Papadrakakis M. | Lagaros N.D. | Plevris V.
MDA based-approach for UML Models Complete Comparison

Author(s): Samia Benabdellah Chaouni | Mounia Fredj | Salma Mouline
Translation Methodology Based on Metamodel of Complex Structure for Database Design

Author(s): Hassan BADIR | Hicham Hajji | Rachida FISSOUNE
Metamodeling Techniques Applied to the Design of Reconfigurable Control Applications

Author(s): Ferrarini Luca | Fogliazza Giuseppe | Mirandola Giulia | Veber Carlo
A Formal Approach to the Verification of Networks on Chip

Author(s): Borrione Dominique | Helmy Amr | Pierre Laurence | Schmaltz Julien
Fundamentals for the Automation of Object-Relational Database Design

Author(s): Maria Fernanda Golobisky | Aldo Vecchietti
Hierarchical Cluster-based Partial Least Squares Regression (HC-PLSR) is an efficient tool for metamodelling of nonlinear dynamic models

Author(s): Tøndel Kristin | Indahl Ulf | Gjuvsland Arne | Vik Jon | Hunter Peter | Omholt Stig | Martens Harald
Optimization of an Intelligent Controller for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Author(s): Amrul Faruq | Shahrum Shah Bin Abdullah | M. Fauzi Nor Shah
Model Transformation Using a Simplified Metamodel

Author(s): Hongming Liu | Xiaoping Jia
Orientación a aspectos en UML2 sin extensiones

Author(s): María del Pilar Romay Rodríguez | Carlos E. Cuesta Quintero | Marcos López Sanz
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