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Matrix Effects on the Microcystin-LR Fluorescent Immunoassay Based on Optical Biosensor

Author(s): Feng Long | An-na Zhu | Jian-Wu Sheng | Miao He | Han-Chang Shi
A fluorescent-labeled microcystin-LR terbium cryptate

Author(s): Oliveira Eduardo J. A. | Vila Nova Suzana P. | Alves-Jr Severino | Santa-Cruz Petrus | Molica Renato J. R. | Teixeira Antonio | Malageño Elizabete | Lima Filho José L.
Morphological, genetic, chemical and ecophysiological characterisation of two Microcystis aeruginosa isolates from the Vistula Lagoon, southern Baltic

Author(s): Hanna Mazur-Marzec | Grażyna Browarczyk-Matusiak | Karolina Forycka | Justyna Kobos | Marcin Pliński
Compensatory Growth Induced in Zebrafish Larvae after Pre-Exposure to a Microcystis aeruginosa Natural Bloom Extract Containing Microcystins

Author(s): Issam El Ghazali | Sanaa Saqrane | Antonio Paulo Carvalho | Youness Ouahid | Brahim Oudra | Francisca Fernandez Del Campo | Vitor Vasconcelos
Toxic cyanobacteria blooms in the Lithuanian part of the Curonian Lagoon

Author(s): Aistė Paldavičienė | Hanna Mazur-Marzec | Artūras Razinkovas
Degradation of Microcystin-LR and RR by a Stenotrophomonas sp. Strain EMS Isolated from Lake Taihu, China

Author(s): Jian Chen | Liang Bin Hu | Wei Zhou | Shao Hua Yan | Jing Dong Yang | Yan Feng Xue | Zhi Qi Shi
Temporal and spatial variability of cyanobacterial toxins microcystins in three interconnected freshwater reservoirs

Hepatotoxicity associated with microcystin/ Hepatotoxicidade associada à microcistina

Author(s): Ana Paula Millet Evangelista dos Santos | Ana Paula Frederico Rodrigues Loureiro Bracarense
Effects of microcystin-LR in isolated perfused rat kidney

Author(s): Nobre A.C.L. | Jorge M.C.M. | Menezes D.B. | Fonteles M.C. | Monteiro H.S.A.
Cyanobacteria toxins in the Salton Sea

Author(s): Carmichael Wayne | Li RenHui
Dynamics of Protein Phosphatase Gene Expression in Corbicula fluminea Exposed to Microcystin-LR and to Toxic Microcystis aeruginosa Cells

Author(s): José Carlos Martins | João Machado | António Martins | Joana Azevedo | Luís OlivaTeles | Vitor Vasconcelos
An Acute Case of Intoxication with Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in Recreational Water in Salto Grande Dam, Argentina

Author(s): Leda Giannuzzi | Daniela Sedan | Ricardo Echenique | Dario Andrinolo
Microcystin-LR (MCLR) Induces a Compensation of PP2A Activity Mediated by α4 Protein in HEK293 Cells

Author(s): Tan Li, Pu Huang, Jing Liang, Wenyu Fu, Zonglou Guo, Lihong Xu
Microcystin-LR Induces Apoptosis via NF-κB /iNOS Pathway in INS-1 Cells

Author(s): Yong Ji | Gao Lu | Guoqiang Chen | Bin Huang | Xian Zhang | Kai Shen | Song Wu
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