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Simulators for Courses in Advance Computer Architecture

Author(s): Anastas Mišev | Marjan Gušev
Green Operating System: Future Low Power Operating System

Author(s): Anshul Pachouri | Mohit Sharma | Tribhuwan Tewari | Prashant Kaushik
On Software Implementation of Fast DDP-based Ciphers

Author(s): Nikolay A. Moldovyan | Peter A. Moldovyanu | Douglas H. Summerville
Virtual Software to Design and Interface peripherals with different Microprocessors

Author(s): N. Suresh Kumar, | D.V. Rama Koti Reddy | s. Amarnadh, | S. Praveen Kumar | M.S.S. Praveen
FPGA Based Kalman Filter for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Vikrant Vij | Rajesh Mehra
PLAST: parallel local alignment search tool for database comparison

Author(s): Nguyen Van Hoa | Lavenier Dominique
A Novel Low Power and High Performance 14 Transistor CMOS Full Adder Cell

Author(s): T. Vigneswaran | B. Mukundhan | P. Subbarami Reddy
Development of Real Time Multitask Kernel

Author(s): B. Sahli | A. Bouaza
A Smart Checkpointing Scheme for Improving the Reliability of Clustering Routing Protocols

Author(s): Hong Min | Jinman Jung | Bongjae Kim | Yookun Cho | Junyoung Heo | Sangho Yi | Jiman Hong
Integration of an RFID Reader to a Wireless Sensor Network and its use to Identify an Individual Carrying RFID Tags

Author(s): Bolivar Torres | Qing Pang | Gordon W. Skelton | Scott Bridges | Natarajan Meghanathan
Tractor engine load and fuel consumption in road construction works

Author(s): A. Janulevičius | A. Juostas | G. Pupinis
Efficient Smart CMOS Camera Based on FPGAs Oriented to Embedded Image Processing

Author(s): Ignacio Bravo | Javier Baliñas | Alfredo Gardel | José L. Lázaro | Felipe Espinosa | Jorge García
3D and 4D Seismic Technics Today

Author(s): Sidorová Marina | Wittenberger Gabriel | Marcin Marian
Thermal-Aware Scheduling for Future Chip Multiprocessors

Author(s): Kyriakos Stavrou | Pedro Trancoso
Slow Light with Photonic Crystals for On-Chip Optical Interconnects

Author(s): Sean P. Anderson | Ashutosh R. Shroff | Philippe M. Fauchet
Scanning of Markov Random Processes

Author(s): Gustav Cepciansky
Technique for Template Generation for Simultaneous Testing of Multiple Identical Functional Units in Superscalar Architecture

Author(s): Rahul Raj Choudhary | Gayaprasad Sinsinwar | Aditi Kajala | Pooja Bhardwaj
Forest Fire Prevention using Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): PRASHANTH | Prof K.Ashok Babu
Scanning of Markov Random Processes

Author(s): Gustav Cepciansky
Design and Simulation of Energy Efficient Full Adder for Systolic Array

Author(s): Pratibhadevi Tapashetti | A.S Umesh | Ashalatha Kulshrestha
C-Pack: A High-Performance Microprocessor Cache Compression Algorithm

Thermal-Aware Scheduling for Future Chip Multiprocessors

Author(s): Stavrou Kyriakos | Trancoso Pedro

Author(s): Y. Sunil Gavaskar Reddy | V.V.G.S.Rajendra Prasad
A 16-Bit Fully Functional Single Cycle Processor

Author(s): Nidhi Maheshwari | Pramod Kumar Jain | D.S. Ajnar
Using Symmetric Multiprocessor Architectures for High Performance Computing Environments

Author(s): Mohsan Tanveer | M. Aqeel Iqbal | Farooque Azam
Digital filter optimization for C language

Author(s): BARLEANU, A. | BAITOIU, V. | STAN, A.
Implementing a Large Data Bus VLIW Microprocessor

Author(s): Weng F. Lee | Ali Y.M. Shakaff
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