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Time Ordering Effects on Hydrogen Zeeman-Stark Line Profiles in Low-Density Magnetized Plasmas

Author(s): J. Rosato | D. Boland | M. Difallah | Y. Marandet | R. Stamm
Outcrops as one of the keys in reconstruction of petroleum system of the Polish Outer Carpathians

Author(s): Grzegorz LEŚNIAK | Irena MATYASIK | Piotr SUCH | Leszek JANKOWSKI
Computer Simulation tool for Learning Brownian Motion

Author(s): Anwar Pasha Abdul Gafoor Deshmukh
Impact of receptor clustering on ligand binding

Author(s): Caré Bertrand | Soula Hédi
"Ab initio" studies of hydrogen-enhanced oxygen diffusion in silicon

Author(s): Capaz R. B. | Assali L. V. C. | Kimerling L. C. | Cho K. | Joannopoulos J. D.
Spectral analysis of Floating Car Data

Author(s): F. Gössel | E. Michler | B. Wrase
Focal Conic Stacking in Smectic A Liquid Crystals: Smectic Flower and Apollonius Tiling

Author(s): Claire Meyer | Loic Le Cunff | Malika Belloul | Guillaume Foyart

Author(s): Kardi Teknomo | Yasushi Takeyama | Hajime Inamura
Teaching and Learning Chemical Thermodynamics in School

Author(s): Jean-François Le Maréchal | Rania El Bilani
Numerical and experimental analysis of a mine’s loader boom crack

Author(s): E. Rusiński | J. Czmochowski | P. Moczko
Second Law Analysis of Diffusion Flames

Author(s): Dorin Stanciu | Dragos Isvoranu | Mircea Marinescu | Yalcin Gogus
Influence of packaging configuration with kovar lid on RADFET response to proton irradiation

Author(s): Stanković Srboljub J. | Ilić Radovan D. | Davidović Miloš | Kovačević Milojko | Davidović Dragomir
Numerical simulation of explosive volcanic eruptions from the conduit flow to global atmospheric scales

Author(s): C. Textor | H. Graf | A. Longo | A. Neri | T. E. Ongaro | P. Papale | C. Timmreck | G. G. J. Ernst
Monte Carlo simulation of the adsorption of phenol on gold electrodes: a simple model

Author(s): Neves Rodrigo S. | Motheo Artur J. | Fernandes Fernando M. S. Silva | Fartaria Rui P. S.
Monte Carlo Simulation for Statistical Decay of Compound Nucleus

Author(s): Kawano T. | Talou P. | Chadwick M.B.
Real-Time Urban Traffic State Estimation with A-GPS Mobile Phones as Probes

Author(s): Saul Rodriguez | Ana Rusu | Sha Tao | Vasileios Manolopoulos
Plasma Treated Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) for Epoxy Nanocomposites

Author(s): Andrew C. Ritts | Qingsong Yu | Hao Li | Stephen J. Lombardo | Xu Han | Zhenhai Xia | Jie Lian
Distortion of ring type parts during fine-blanking

Author(s): D. Česnik | V. Bratuš | B. Kosec | M. Bizjak
Segmentation, Reconstruction, and Analysis of Blood Thrombus Formation in 3D 2-Photon Microscopy Images

Author(s): Mu Jian | Liu Xiaomin | Kamocka MalgorzataM | Xu Zhiliang | Alber MarkS | Rosen ElliotD | Chen DannyZ
STSE: Spatio-Temporal Simulation Environment Dedicated to Biology

Author(s): Stoma Szymon | Fröhlich Martina | Gerber Susanne | Klipp Edda
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