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The Stock Adjustment Model of Migration: The Scottish Experience

Author(s): Baayah Baba | Kamaruzaman Jusoff
The Ageing Scottish Population: Trends, Consequences, Responses

Author(s): Raeside, Robert | Khan, Hafiz T.A.
Migrant Workers in Rural Scotland: “Going to the Middle of Nowhere”

Author(s): Birgit Jentsch | Philomena de Lima | Brian MacDonald
Genetic stock identification of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) populations in the southern part of the European range

Author(s): Griffiths Andrew | Machado-Schiaffino Gonzalo | Dillane Eileen | Coughlan Jamie | Horreo Jose | Bowkett Andrew | Minting Peter | Toms Simon | Roche Willie | Gargan Paddy | McGinnity Philip | Cross Tom | Bright Dylan | Garcia-Vazquez Eva | Stevens Jamie
Variability in stream discharge and temperature: a preliminary assessment of the implications for juvenile and spawning Atlantic salmon

Author(s): D. Tetzlaff | C. Soulsby | A. F. Youngson | C. Gibbins | P. J. Bacon | I. A. Malcolm | S. Langan
Enhanced diffusion of Uranium and Thorium linked to crystal plasticity in zircon

Author(s): Timms Nicholas | Kinny Peter | Reddy Steven

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