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Morphokinetics of mesenterial lymphatic node cell populations in exposure of gold nanoparticles within experimental work

Author(s): Zlobina O.V. | Bugaeva I. О. | Maslyakova G.N. | Firsova S.S. | Bucharskaya А.В. | Khlebtsov N.G. | Khlebtsov B.N. | Dykman L.A.
Migration, Agribusiness and Nutritional Status of Children under Five in Northwest Mexico

Author(s): María-Isabel Ortega | Cecilia Rosales | Jill Guernsey de Zapien | Patricia Aranda | Alejandro Castañeda | Socorro Saucedo | Cecilia Montaño | Alma Contreras
PPAR Gamma Activators: Off-Target Against Glioma Cell Migration and Brain Invasion

Author(s): Sebastian Seufert | Roland Coras | Christian Tränkle | Darius P. Zlotos | Ingmar Blümcke | Lars Tatenhorst | Michael T. Heneka | Eric Hahnen

Author(s): Garg Tarun | Bilandi Ajay | Kapoor Bhawna | Kumar Sunil | Joshi Ravi
Mapping and Monitoring of Leachate Plume Migration at an Open Waste Disposal Site Using Non-Invasive Methods

Author(s): S.I. Jegede | O. Ujuanbi | N.K. Abdullahi | R.E. Iserhien-Emekeme
Deployment Strategies for a Reengineered Information System in Context of Legacy System

Author(s): Musawwer Khan | Wasif Nisar | Ehsan Ullah Munir | Waqas Anwar | Islam Ali
Comparative transcriptomics of anadromous and resident brook charr Salvelinus fontinalis before their first salt water transition

Author(s): Marylène BOULET, Éric NORMANDEAU, Bérénice BOUGAS, Céline AUDET,Louis BERNATCHEZ
Em memória de Cecil Helman In Memory of Cecil Helman En memoria de Cecil Helman

Author(s): Francisco Jorge Arsego Quadros de Oliveira
Noninvasive near-infrared live imaging of human adult mesenchymal stem cells transplanted in a rodent model of Parkinson’s disease

Author(s): Bossolasco P | Cova L | Levandis G | Diana V | Cerri S | Lambertenghi Deliliers G | Polli E | Silani V | Blandini F | Armentero MT
Learning Management System Migration: An Analysis of Stakeholder Perspectives

Author(s): Tom G Ryan | Mary Toye | Kyle Charron | Gavin Park
Engineering of silicon surfaces at the micro- and nanoscales for cell adhesion and migration control

Author(s): Torres-Costa V | Martínez-Muñoz G | Sánchez-Vaquero V | Muñoz-Noval A | González-Méndez L | Punzón-Quijorna E | Gallach-Pérez D | Manso-Silván M | Climent-Font A | García-Ruiz JP | Martín-Palma RJ

Author(s): Asma Kausar | P. S. Varghese
The fertility of immigrants after arrival: The Italian case

Author(s): Eleonora Mussino | Salvatore Strozza

Multi-scale meteorological conceptual analysis of observed active fire hotspot activity and smoke optical depth in the Maritime Continent

Author(s): J. S. Reid | P. Xian | E. J. Hyer | M. K. Flatau | E. M. Ramirez | F. J. Turk | C. R. Sampson | C. Zhang | E. M. Fukada | E. D. Maloney
Cell Mediated Immune Response to Newcastle Disease Vaccine (Lastoa strain) in Chicks

Author(s): Muhammad Shuaib | Hamayun Khan | Muhammad Ashfaque | Sajid-ur-Rehman
Screening For Mental Disorders Among Afghan Immigrants Residing in Tehran

Author(s): M. Mohammadian | M. Dadfar | J. Bolhari | E. Karimi Keisami
Establishing Job Scheduling and Checkpointing in Multi-Cluster Systems

Author(s): B.V.S.S.R.S.Sastry | K.Akshitha | M.V.Vijaya Saradhi
The Role of Attached and Free-Living Bacteria in Biodegradation in Karst Aquifers

Author(s): Roger Painter | Tom Byl | Lonnie Sharpe | Ahmad Kheder | Justin Harris
Dengue Vaccines: Challenge and Confrontation

Author(s): Guey Chuen Perng | Huan-Yao Lei | Yee-Shin Lin | Kulkanya Chokephaibulkit
Book Reviews

Author(s): Tim Behrend | Nancy K. Florida | Harold Brookfield | Judith M. Heimann | Harold Brookfield | Victor T. King | J.G. de Casparis | Roy E. Jordaan | H.J.M. Claessen | Francoise Douaire-Marsaudon | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Andrew Beatty | Matthew Isaac Cohen | Sylvia Tiwon | Freek Colombijn | Victor T. King | Bernhard Dahm | Cive J. Christie | J. van Goor | Leonard Blussé | David Henley | Robert W. Hefner | David Henley | James F. Warren | Huub de Jonge | Laurence Husson | Nico Kaptein | Mark R. Woodward | Catharina van Klinken | Gunter Senft | W. Mahdi | J.G. de Casparis | Henk Maier | David Smyth | Toon van Meijl | Robert J. Foster | J.A. de Moor | Douglas Kammen | Joke van Reenen | Audrey Kahin | Heather Sutherland | Craig J. Reynolds | Nicholas Tarling | Patrick Tuck | B.J. Terwiel | Andreas Sturm | René S. Wassing | Koos van Brakel | Edwin Wieringa | J. de Bruin
pn: A Tool for Improved Derivation of Process Networks

Author(s): Verdoolaege Sven | Nikolov Hristo | Stefanov Todor
Effects of metastasis-associated in colon cancer 1 inhibition by small hairpin RNA on ovarian carcinoma OVCAR-3 cells

Author(s): Zhang Ruitao | Shi Huirong | Chen Zhimin | Wu Qinghua | Ren Fang | Huang Haoliang
The expression and role of protein kinase C (PKC) epsilon in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Author(s): Huang Bin | Cao Kaiyuan | Li Xiubo | Guo Shengjie | Mao Xiaopeng | Wang Zhu | Zhuang Jintao | Pan Jincheng | Mo Chengqiang | Chen Junxing | Qiu Shaopeng
Krüppel-like Factor 5 contributes to pulmonary artery smooth muscle proliferation and resistance to apoptosis in human pulmonary arterial hypertension

Author(s): Courboulin Audrey | Tremblay Véronique | Barrier Marjorie | Meloche Jolyane | Jacob Maria | Chapolard Mathilde | Bisserier Malik | Paulin Roxane | Lambert Caroline | Provencher Steeve | Bonnet Sébastien
The level of CD147 expression correlates with cyclophilin-induced signalling and chemotaxis

Author(s): Trachtenberg Alexander | Pushkarsky Tatiana | Heine Shannon | Constant Stephanie | Brichacek Beda | Bukrinsky Michael
ATOM - an OMERO add-on for automated import of image data

Author(s): Müller Oliver | Lipp Peter | Kaestner Lars
Effects of RNA interference-mediated gene silencing of JMJD2A on human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 in vitro

Author(s): Li Bei-Xu | Zhang Ming-Chang | Luo Cheng-Liang | Yang Peng | Li Hui | Xu Hong-Mei | Xu Hong-Fei | Shen Yi-Wen | Xue Ai-Min | Zhao Zi-Qin
Family history of the cancer on the survival of the patients with gastrointestinal cancer in northern Iran, using frailty models

Author(s): Ghadimi Mahmoodreza | Mahmoodi Mahmood | Mohammad Kazem | Zeraati Hojjat | Rasouli Mahboobeh | Sheikhfathollahi Mahmood
STEM nanoanalysis of Au/Pt/Ti-Si3N4 interfacial defects and reactions during local stress of SiGe HBTs

Author(s): Alaeddine Ali | Genevois Cécile | Chevalier Laurence | Daoud Kaouther
Migration challenges among Zimbabwean refugees before, during and post arrival in South Africa

Author(s): Erhabor Sunday Idemudia | John K. Williams | Gail E. Wyatt
Purification of a Lectin from Arisaema erubescens (Wall.) Schott and Its Pro-Inflammatory Effects

Author(s): Xian Qiong Liu | Hao Wu | Hong Li Yu | Teng Fei Zhao | Yao Zong Pan | Run Jun Shi

Author(s): Petrescu Raluca Mariana | Zgura Ion Daniel | Bac Dorin Paul
Relative frequency of animal rabies and factors affecting it in Kerman province, 1993 - 2003

Author(s): Bahonar A.R. | Rashidi H. | Simani S. | Fayaz A. | Haghdoost A.A. | Rezaei-nassab M. | Rad M.A.

Author(s): Ghasi - Khansari M. | Khaksar M. | Ebrahym Zadeh Mosave S.A. | Cheraghali A. | Hashemje Javade S
Effect of light emission on polymerization of luting resins

Author(s): Ghavam M. | Ataei M. | Baik F.
The role of rural population in agricultural development in the Pčinja district

Author(s): Jovanović Slavoljub | Živković Ljiljana
β-Globin Gene Cluster Haplotypes in Iranian Patients with β-Thalassemia

Author(s): Rahimi Z. | Merat A. | Akhzari M. | Haghshenass M. | Ronald L. Nagel | Nathalie Gerard | Rajagopal Krish-namoorthy
Validation of Riluzole by Densitometry application

Author(s): M.C. Sharma1, S. Sharma *, A.D. Sharma2
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Salim Zabir | Jemal H. Abawajy | Farid Ahmed | Joarder Kamruzaman | Mohammad Ataul Karim
Migration to the Next Generation Optical Access Networks Using Hybrid WDM/TDM-PON

Author(s): Md. Shamim Ahsan | Man Seop Lee | S. H. Shah Newaz | Syed Md. Asif
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Min-bo Li | Zhongjun Li
Inflammatory cytokines regulate endothelial cell survival and tissue repair functions via NF-κB signaling

Author(s): Kanaji N | Sato T | Nelson A | Wang X | Li Y | Kim M | Nakanishi M | Basma H | Michalski J | Farid M | Chandler M | Pease W | Patil A | Rennard SI | Liu X
Genomes and geography: genomic insights into the evolution and phylogeography of the genus Schistosoma

Author(s): Lawton Scott | Hirai Hirohisa | Ironside Joe | Johnston David | Rollinson David
Growing season changes in Fennoscandia and Kola peninsula during the period 1982 to 1999 - Implications for reindeer husbandry (In Norwegian with Summary in English)

Author(s): Hans Tømmervik | Kjell-Arild Høgda | Jan Åge Riseth | Stein-Rune Karlsen | Frans Emil Wielgolaski
Woodland caribou and forestry in Northern Ontario, Canada

Author(s): W. R. Darby | L. S. Duquette
Expression pattern of thymosin beta 4 in the adult human liver

Author(s): S. Nemolato | P. Van Eyken | T. Cabras | F. Cau | M.U. Fanari | A. Locci | D. Fanni | C.L.P. Gerosa | I. Messana | M. Castagnola | G. Faa
Social Capital and International Migration from Latin America

Author(s): Douglas S. Massey | María Aysa-Lastra
Moving for What? International Mobility Strategies of Women in ICT Careers

Author(s): Ana M. González Ramos | Núria Vergés Bosch
Multi-scale meteorological conceptual model of observed active fire hotspot activity and smoke optical depth in the Maritime Continent

Author(s): J. S. Reid | P. Xian | E. J. Hyer | M. K. Flatau | E. M. Ramirez | F. J. Turk | C. R. Sampson | C. Zhang | E. M. Fukada | E. D. Maloney
Cigarette smoke induces β2-integrin-dependent neutrophil migration across human endothelium

Author(s): Overbeek Saskia | Braber Saskia | Henricks Paul | Kleinjan Marije | Kamp Vera | Georgiou Niki | Garssen Johan | Kraneveld Aletta | Folkerts Gert
Contributions and challenges of cross-national comparative research in migration, ethnicity and health: insights from a preliminary study of maternal health in Germany, Canada and the UK

Author(s): Salway Sarah | Higginbottom Gina | Reime Birgit | Bharj Kuldip | Chowbey Punita | Foster Caroline | Friedrich Jule | Gerrish Kate | Mumtaz Zubia | O'Brien Beverley
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