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Criterio de irreversibilidad en fluidos

Author(s): Lorena Romero Salazar | Miguel Mayorga
Entropy, Closures and Subgrid Modeling

Author(s): Jorgen S. Frederiksen | Terence J. O’Kane
Viscoelastic Effects on the Entropy Production in Oscillatory Flow between Parallel Plates with Convective Cooling

Author(s): Federico Vázquez | Miguel Ángel Olivares-Robles | Sergio Cuevas
The Maximum Entropy Production Principle and Linear Irreversible Processes

Author(s): Paško Županović | Domagoj Kuić | Željana Bonačić Lošić | Dražen Petrov | Davor Juretić | Milan Brumen
Size Effects on the Entropy Production in Oscillatory Flow between Parallel Plates

Author(s): Federico Vazquez | Miguel Angel Olivares-Robles | Sac Medina
Minimizing Entropy Production Rate in Binary Tray Distillation

Author(s): Gelein M. de Koeijer | Signe Kjelstrup
Minimizing the Entropy Production of the Methanol Producing Reaction in a Methanol Reactor

Author(s): Signe Kjelstrup | Eivind Johannessen | Audun Rosjorde | Lars Nummedal | Dick Bedeaux
On Applied Thermodynamics in Atmospheric Modeling

Author(s): Sean Wright | David Scott | James Haddow | Marc Rosen
Thermodynamics of Thermoelectric Phenomena and Applications

Author(s): Christophe Goupil | Wolfgang Seifert | Knud Zabrocki | Eckhart Müller | G. Jeffrey Snyder
Thermodynamic Formulation of Living Systems and Their Evolution

Author(s): Luis Felipe del Castillo | Paula Vera-Cruz
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