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Enhancing pre-service elementary

Author(s): Mehmet AYDENİZ | Clara Lee BROWN
Baylisascaris Procyonis Induced Diffuse Unilateral Subacute Neuroretinitis in New York City

Author(s): Norman A. Saffra | Jason E. Perlman | Rajen U. Desai | Kevin R. Kazacos | Christina M. Coyle | Fabiana S. Machado | Sanjay R. Kedhar | Michael Engelbert | Herbert B. Tanowitz
Study of students' mental images effect on learning chemistry

Author(s): Rasol Abdullah Mirzaie | Masoumeh Shahmohammadi | Amrollah Kouhi
Benchmarking in Human Resource Management

Author(s): Zhen-jia ZHANG | Qiu-mei FAN
Definitions of Trollskär Formation and Sandön Formation in the Archipelago Sea, northern Baltic Sea

Author(s): Joonas J. Virtasalo | Aarno T. Kotilainen | Matti E. Räsänen
Diagnosing Errors in Environment of Teaching to Read

Author(s): F. Bendella | M. Chambreuil | M. Benyettou
Experiencing technology integration in education: children's perceptions

Author(s): Ahmet BAYTAK | Bülent TARMAN | Cemalettin AYAS
Hypnosis and upper digestive function and disease

Author(s): Giuseppe Chiarioni, Olafur S Palsson, William E Whitehead
Prejudice and misconceptions about tuberculosis and HIV in rural and urban communities in Ethiopia: a challenge for the TB/HIV control program

Author(s): Deribew Amare | Abebe Gemeda | Apers Ludwig | Jira Chali | Tesfaye Markos | Shifa Jafar | Abdisa Alemseged | Woldemichael Kifle | Deribie Fetene | Bezabih Mesele | Aseffa Abraham | Colebunders Robert
n Prospective Science Teachers Conceptual Understanding About Proteins and Protein Synthesis

Author(s): Olcay Sinan | Sacit K�SE | Halil Aydin | Kutret Gezer
Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Patients Visiting a Diabetes Care Unit

Author(s): Naeema Badruddin | Abdul Basit | M.Zafar Iqbal Hydrie | Rubina Hakeem
Update on ORS Usage in Pakistan: Results of a National Study

Author(s): Donald E. Morisky | Snehendu B. Kar | Abdul Sattar Chaudhry | Kai Ren Chen | Magda Shaheen | Kirstin Chickering
A History of Science classroom experience: Teaching the movement concept.

Author(s): Reginaldo R. Soares | Paulo de F. Borges

Author(s): Uribe, Ana Fernanda | Orcasita, Linda Teresa | Vergara Vélez, Tatiana
Evaluating the Impact of a Classroom Response System in a Microbiology Course

Author(s): Erica Suchman | Kay Uchiyama | Ralph Smith | Kim Bender
Secondary School Students’ Misconceptions of Covalent Bonding

Author(s): Suat ÜNAL | Bayram Coştu | Alipaşa AYAS
Specially Designed Sound-Boxes Used by Students to Perform School-Lab Sensor–Based Experiments, to Understand Sound Phenomena

Author(s): Dionisios Vavougios | Charilaos Tsihouridis | George Ioannidis | Stefanos Parskeuopoulos
Handbook preparation as a tool for self- directed learning process: A case study on endocrine topic

Author(s): Lale CERRAH ÖZSEVGEÇ | Alipasa AYAS | Tuncay ÖZSEVGEÇ
Hong Kong young people′s blood donation behavior

Author(s): Hong Juliana | Loke Alice
Withdrawal users' experiences of and attitudes to contraceptive methods: a study from Eastern district of Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Rahnama Parvin | Hidarnia Alireza | Amin Shokravi Farkhondeh | Kazemnejad Anoushiravan | Ghazanfari Zeinab | Montazeri Ali
Broca’s Area: Four Misconceptions

Author(s): Vanja Kljajevic
A logical-pragmatic perspective on validity

Author(s): Adriano C. T. Rodrigues | Claudio E. M. Banzato
The Pesticide Risk Beliefs Inventory: A Quantitative Instrument for the Assessment of Beliefs about Pesticide Risks

Author(s): Catherine E. LePrevost | Margaret R. Blanchard | W. Gregory Cope

Author(s): Middha Akanksha | Kataria Sahil | Sandhu Premjeet | Kapoor Bhawna
Knowledge and Attitudes toward Epilepsy among Malaysian Chinese

Author(s): Chrishantha Abeysena | Shahzad S Hasan | Wayne WG Wei | Keivan Ahmadi | Imran S Ahmed | Alen KS Yong | Mudassir Anwar
Understanding MARC: Another Look

Author(s): Roy Chang | Rene Raatjes
The car catalyst–students’ misconceptions and how to challenge them

Energy drinks mixed with alcohol: misconceptions, myths, and facts

Author(s): Verster JC | Aufricht C | Alford C
Bone Remodeling, Biomaterials And Technological Applications: Revisiting Basic Concepts

Author(s): Patrícia C. Salgado | Plínio C. Sathler | Helena C. Castro | Gutemberg G. Alves | Aline M. de Oliveira | Rodrigo C. de Oliveira | Mônica D. C. Maia | Carlos R. Rodrigues | Paulo G. Coelh | Andre Fuly | Lúcio M. Cabral | Jose M. Granjeiro
"Food company sponsors are kind, generous and cool": (Mis)conceptions of junior sports players

Author(s): Kelly Bridget | Baur Louise | Bauman Adrian | King Lesley | Chapman Kathy | Smith Ben
Folklore and traditional ecological knowledge of geckos in Southern Portugal: implications for conservation and science

Author(s): Ceríaco Luis | Marques Mariana | Madeira Natália | Vila-Viçosa Carlos | Mendes Paula
Socio-demographic and AIDS-related factors associated with tuberculosis stigma in southern Thailand: a quantitative, cross-sectional study of stigma among patients with TB and healthy community members

Author(s): Kipp Aaron | Pungrassami Petchawan | Nilmanat Kittikorn | Sengupta Sohini | Poole Charles | Strauss Ronald | Chongsuvivatwong Virasakdi | Van Rie Annelies
Constraints and prospects for contraceptive service provision to young people in Uganda: providers' perspectives

Author(s): Nalwadda Gorrette | Mirembe Florence | Tumwesigye Nazarius | Byamugisha Josaphat | Faxelid Elisabeth
Knowledge, perceptions and myths regarding infertility among selected adult population in Pakistan: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Ali Sumera | Sophie Raafay | Imam Ayesha | Khan Faisal | Ali Syed | Shaikh Annum | Farid-ul-Hasnain Syed
Awareness of HPV and cervical cancer prevention among Cameroonian healthcare workers

Author(s): McCarey Catherine | Pirek David | Tebeu Pierre | Boulvain Michel | Doh Anderson | Petignat Patrick
Misbelieves about Intra Uterine Device (IUD) in Isfahan, Iran

Author(s): Leila Manzouri | Pezhman Aghdak | Shahrbanoo Nematollahi | Ashraf Mansouri | Aghdas Aghababaeian | Sedigheh Dehghan Nasiri Dehghan Nasiri
Conflict Management among Clinical Nurses

Author(s): N Dehghan nayeri | R Negarandeh | N Bahrani | A Sadoghi Asl
Barriers to Modern Contraceptive Practices among Selected Married Women in a Public University in Malaysia

Author(s): Fatemeh Najafi | Hejar Abdul Rahman | Muhamad Hanafiah Juni
Sustainable Development: A Bird’s Eye View

Author(s): Tom Waas | Jean Hugé | Aviel Verbruggen | Tarah Wright
Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence: a cross sectional survey of surgical residents and medical students

Author(s): Sheila Sprague | Roopinder Kaloty | Kim Madden | Sonia Dosanjh | David J. Mathews | Mohit Bhandari
Reasons for delaying or engaging in early sexual initiation among adolescents in Nigeria

Author(s): Ankomah A | Mamman-Daura F | Omoregie G | Anyanti J
Hepatitis - misconceptions

Author(s): Riaz A
Reproductive health for refugees by refugees in Guinea IV: Peer education and HIV knowledge, attitudes, and reported practices

Author(s): Woodward Aniek | Howard Natasha | Souare Yaya | Kollie Sarah | von Roenne Anna | Borchert Matthias
Knowledge, attitude and practice of epilepsy in Uttarakhand, India

Author(s): Goel Deepak | Dhanai J | Agarwal Alka | Mehlotra V | Saxena V
Why is Pronunciation So Difficult to Learn?

Author(s): Abbas Gilakjani | Seyedeh Ahmadi | Mohammad Ahmadi
Why & Why Not Literature: A Task-Based Approach to Teaching Literature

Author(s): Mohammad Khatib | Ali Derakhshan | Saeed Rezaei
Common misconceptions about 5-aminosalicylates and thiopurines in inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Javier P Gisbert | María Chaparro | Fernando Gomollón
Evaluation of a school-based HIV prevention intervention among Yemeni adolescents

Author(s): Al-Iryani Buthaina | Basaleem Huda | Al-Sakkaf Khaled | Crutzen Rik | Kok Gerjo | van den Borne Bart
Patients as healthcare consumers in the public and private sectors: a qualitative study of acupuncture in the UK

Author(s): Bishop Felicity | Barlow Fiona | Coghlan Beverly | Lee Philippa | Lewith George
Relationship between care-givers' misconceptions and non-use of ITNs by under-five Nigerian children

Author(s): Arogundade Ekundayo | Adebayo Samson | Anyanti Jennifer | Nwokolo Ernest | Ladipo Olaronke | Ankomah Augustine | Meremikwu Martin
Recognition-based judgments and decisions: What we have learned (so far)

Author(s): Julian N. Marewski | Rudiger F. Pohl | Oliver Vitouch
Socioeconomic Differences in the Effectiveness of the Removal of the “Light” Descriptor on Cigarette Packs: Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Thailand Survey

Author(s): Mohammad Siahpush | Ron Borland | Geoffrey T. Fong | Tara Elton-Marshall | Hua-Hie Yong | Charamporn Holumyong
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