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Predictive value of pediatric thrombosis diagnoses in the Danish National Patient Registry

Author(s): Ruta Tuckuviene | Soeren Risom Kristensen | Jon Helgestad | et al
A New Imputation Method for Missing Attribute Values in Data Mining

Author(s): Diwakar Shukla | Rahul Singhai | Singh Thakur Narendra
A refinement of the emission data for Kola Peninsula based on inverse dispersion modelling

Author(s): M. Prank | M. Sofiev | H. A. C. Denier van der Gon | M. Kaasik | T. M. Ruuskanen | J. Kukkonen
Clustering based on adherence data

Author(s): Kiwuwa-Muyingo Sylvia | Oja Hannu | Walker Sarah | Ilmonen Pauliina | Levin Jonathan | Todd Jim
A Novel Data Imputing Algorithm

Author(s): Ahmed sobhy, Hany Harb, Sherif Zaky and Helmi Mahran
Diagnostic indices for vertiginous diseases

Author(s): Bayer Otmar | Warninghoff Jan-Christian | Straube Andreas
The ChQoL questionnaire: an Italian translation with preliminary psychometric results for female oncological patients

Author(s): Aschero Giovanni | Fenoglio Flavio | Vidili Maria | Wussler Andrea
The search for stable prognostic models in multiple imputed data sets

Author(s): Vergouw David | Heymans Martijn | Peat George | Kuijpers Ton | Croft Peter | de Vet Henrica | van der Horst Henriëtte | van der Windt Daniëlle
Multivariate meta-analysis of proteomics data from human prostate and colon tumours

Author(s): Rosenberg Lina | Franzén Bo | Auer Gert | Lehtiö Janne | Forshed Jenny
Deciphering the intracellular metabolism of Listeria monocytogenes by mutant screening and modelling

Author(s): Schauer Kristina | Geginat Gernot | Liang Chunguang | Goebel Werner | Dandekar Thomas | Fuchs Thilo
Patient preference for needleless factor VIII reconstitution device: the Italian experience

Author(s): Roberto Musso | Rita Santoro | Antonio Coppola | et al
A Simulation Software for the Analysis of Cropping Systems in Livestock Farms

Author(s): Luca Bechini | Andrea Di Guardo | Marco Botta | Salvatore Greco | Tommaso Maggiore
A Simulation Software for the Analysis of Cropping Systems in Livestock Farms

Author(s): Luca Bechini | Andrea Di Guardo | Marco Botta | Salvatore Greco | Tommaso Maggiore
Prevalence of hypodontia in nine- to fourteen-year-old children who attended the Mashhad School of Dentistry

Author(s): Ajami Behgat-al-molok | Shabzendedar Mahboobeh | Mehrjerdian Maryam
Imputation strategies for missing binary outcomes in cluster randomized trials

Author(s): Ma Jinhui | Akhtar-Danesh Noori | Dolovich Lisa | Thabane Lehana
A Platform for Processing Expression of Short Time Series (PESTS)

Author(s): Sinha Anshu | Markatou Marianthi
Well being of obstetric patients on minimal blood transfusions (WOMB trial)

Author(s): Prick Babette | Steegers Eric | Jansen AJ Gerard | Hop Wim | Essink-Bot Marie-Louise | Peters Nina | Uyl-de Groot Carin | Papatsonis Dimitri | Akerboom Bettina | Metz Godfried | Bremer Henk | van Loon Aren | Stigter Rob | van der Post Joris | van Alphen Marcel | Porath Martina | Rijnders Robbert | Spaanderman Marc | Schippers Daniela | Bloemenkamp Kitty | Boers Kim | Scheepers Hubertina | Roumen Frans | Kwee Anneke | Schuitemaker Nico | Mol Ben Willem | van Rhenen Dick | Duvekot Johannes
Haplotype association analyses in resources of mixed structure using Monte Carlo testing

Author(s): Abo Ryan | Wong Jathine | Thomas Alun | Camp Nicola
A comparison of imputation procedures and statistical tests for the analysis of two-dimensional electrophoresis data

Author(s): Miecznikowski Jeffrey | Damodaran Senthilkumar | Sellers Kimberly | Rabin Richard
Opioid substitution therapy in manipur and nagaland, north-east india: operational research in action

Author(s): Armstrong Gregory | Kermode Michelle | Sharma Charan | Langkham Biangtung | Crofts Nick
Tooth loss and oral health-related quality of life: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Gerritsen Anneloes | Allen P Finbarr | Witter Dick | Bronkhorst Ewald | Creugers Nico
Statistical properties of the deviations of f 0 F 2 from monthly medians

Author(s): E. Mizrahi | A. H. Bilge | Y. Tulunay
Launch disasters in Bangladesh: A geographical study

Author(s): Naznin Afrose Huq | Ashraf Mahmood Dewan
Pharmaceutical Advertisements in Indian Scientific Journals: Analysis of Completeness of Information Content

Author(s): Dr. Jignesh K Ved, | Dr. Sagar S Jagtiani, | Dr. Kunal A Chitnis
Hydrologic analysis for river Nyando using SWAT

Author(s): A. O. Opere | B. N. Okello
PCA-ANN for Classification of Hepatitis-C Patients

Author(s): Tahseen A. Jilani | Huda Yasin | Madiha Mohammad Yasin
Pediatric trauma mortality by type of designated hospital in a mature inclusive trauma system

Author(s): Amini Rachid | Lavoie André | Moore Lynne | Sirois Marie-Josée | Émond Marcel
Prognostic models for the early care of trauma patients: a systematic review

Author(s): Rehn Marius | Perel Pablo | Blackhall Karen | Lossius Hans
Developing a theory-based instrument to assess the impact of continuing professional development activities on clinical practice: a study protocol

Author(s): Légaré France | Borduas Francine | Jacques André | Laprise Réjean | Voyer Gilles | Boucher Andrée | Luconi Francesca | Rousseau Michel | Labrecque Michel | Sargeant Joan | Grimshaw Jeremy | Godin Gaston
Uma análise sobre a evidenciação das contas públicas das Capitais brasileiras = An analysis on the disclosure of public accounts of the brazilian capitals

Author(s): Fábia Jaiany Viana de Souza | Maurício Corrêa da Silva | Aneide Oliveira Araújo | José Dionísio Gomes da Silva
Cardiometabolic results from an armband-based weight loss trial

Author(s): Sieverdes JC | Sui X | H | GA | Barry VW | Wilcox S | Meriwether RA | Hardin JW | McClain AC | Blair SN
Modelling post-fire vegetation recovery in Portugal

Author(s): A. Bastos | C. M. Gouveia | C. C. DaCamara | R. M. Trigo
An empirical stochastic model of sea-surface temperatures and surface winds over the Southern Ocean

Author(s): S. Kravtsov | D. Kondrashov | I. Kamenkovich | M. Ghil
An Effective Evolutionary Clustering Algorithm: Hepatitis C Case Study

Author(s): M. H. Marghny | Rasha M. Abd El-Aziz | Ahmed I. Taloba
Prevention of infection after knee arthroplasty

Author(s): Gorenoi, Vitali | Schönermark, Matthias P. | Hagen, Anja
Informative value of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Author(s): Brettschneider, Christian | Lühmann, Dagmar | Raspe, Heiner
Multiple Imputation to Deal with Missing Clinical Data in Rheumatologic Surveys: An Application in the WHO-ILAR COPCORD Study in Iran

Author(s): M Mirmohammadkhani | A Rahimi Foroushani | F Davatchi | K Mohammad | A Jamshidi | A Tehrani Banihashemi | K Holakouie Naieni
Complications of Thyroid Surgery: Analysis Of 1159 Cases

Author(s): Ramazan Saygın Kerimoğlu

Author(s): Ayad I. Ismail | Musab Hamed Saeed | Fadi M. Al-Silwadi

Author(s): Dean BAN | Milan OPLANIĆ | Anita ILAK PERŠURIĆ
Tourist Farm Service Quality Assessment

Author(s): Karmen Pažek Ph.D., Assistant Professor | Črtomir Rozman Ph.D., Associate Professor
Multivariate Chemometric Analysis of a Polluted River of a Megalopolis

Author(s): Alejandro Gabriel García-Reiriz | Jorge Federico Magallanes | Marjan Vracko | Jure Zupan | Silvia Reich | Daniel Salvador Cicerone
Common statistical and research design problems in manuscripts submitted to high-impact medical journals

Author(s): Fernandes-Taylor Sara | Hyun Jenny | Reeder Rachelle | Harris Alex
Imputation of missing values of tumour stage in population-based cancer registration

Author(s): Eisemann Nora | Waldmann Annika | Katalinic Alexander
Robust Recognition and Segmentation of Human Actions Using HMMs with Missing Observations

Author(s): Peursum Patrick | Bui Hung H | Venkatesh Svetha | West Geoff
Blind Component Separation in Wavelet Space: Application to CMB Analysis

Author(s): Moudden Y | Cardoso J-F | Starck J-L | Delabrouille J
Stability of empathy among undergraduate medical students: A longitudinal study at one UK medical school

Author(s): Quince Thelma | Parker Richard | Wood Diana | Benson John
Comparison of bayesian with the classical methods in estimating parameters of logistic regression and its application in respiratory

Author(s): Karimlou M. | Mohammad K. | Meskhani M. R. | Jandaghi G.R. | Nouri K.O. | Pasha E.O. | Azam K.
Examination of third molar Missing in skeletal Cl I , Cl II in Tehran dental school patients during

Author(s): Chalipa J | Hosseini MH | Hosseinian Serajelou MK | Khorshidian A
Nonlinear Robust PLS Modeling of Wastewater Effluent Quality Indices

Author(s): Lijie Zhao | Decheng Yuan | Jian Tang | Wei Wang | Tianyou Chai
KNN-DTW Based Missing Value Imputation for Microarray Time Series Data

Author(s): Hui-Huang Hsu | Andy C. Yang | Ming-Da Lu
The Effects of Imputing Missing Data on Ensemble Temperature Forecasts

Author(s): Tyler C. McCandless | Sue Ellen Haupt | George S. Young
Evaluation of the community pharmacist’s behavior towards a prescription of antidiabetic and antiasthma drugs

Author(s): Alomar MJ | Qandil S | Al-Hilwani HMA | Malkat DM | Caroline C
An empirical stochastic model of sea-surface temperature and surface wind over the Southern Ocean

Author(s): S. Kravtsov | D. Kondrashov | I. Kamenkovich | M. Ghil
Nitrogen impacts on vascular plants in Britain: an analysis of two national observation networks

Author(s): P. A. Henrys | C. J. Stevens | S. M. Smart | L. C. Maskell | K. J. Walker | C. D. Preston | A. Crowe | E. Rowe | D. J. Gowing | B. A. Emmett
On the alleged origin of geminiviruses from extrachromosomal DNAs of phytoplasmas

Author(s): Saccardo Federica | Cettul Emanuele | Palmano Sabrina | Noris Emanuela | Firrao Giuseppe
A Multi-Resolution Multi-Temporal Technique for Detecting and Mapping Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

Author(s): Egídio Arai | Yosio E. Shimabukuro | Gabriel Pereira | Nandamudi L. Vijaykumar
Modeling ionospheric foF2 by using empirical orthogonal function analysis

Author(s): E. A | D.-H. Zhang | Z. Xiao | Y.-Q. Hao | A. J. Ridley | M. Moldwin
A New Data Imputing Algorithm

Author(s): Ahmed Sobhy Sherif | Hany Harb | Sherif Zaky
Health systems performance in sub-Saharan Africa: governance, outcome and equity

Author(s): Olafsdottir Anna | Reidpath Daniel | Pokhrel Subhash | Allotey Pascale
Improving prehospital trauma management for skiers and snowboarders - need for on-slope triage?

Author(s): Hasler Rebecca | Schmucker Uli | Evangelopoulos Dimitrios | Hirschberg Ron | Zimmermann Heinz | Exadaktylos Aristomenis
SNiPlay: a web-based tool for detection, management and analysis of SNPs. Application to grapevine diversity projects

Author(s): Dereeper Alexis | Nicolas Stéphane | Le Cunff Loïc | Bacilieri Roberto | Doligez Agnès | Peros Jean-Pierre | Ruiz Manuel | This Patrice
"GINEXMAL RCT: Induction of labour versus expectant management in gestational diabetes pregnancies"

Author(s): Maso Gianpaolo | Alberico Salvatore | Wiesenfeld Uri | Ronfani Luca | Erenbourg Anna | Hadar Eran | Yogev Yariv | Hod Moshe
Missing Clinical Information in NHS hospital outpatient clinics: prevalence, causes and effects on patient care

Author(s): Burnett Susan | Deelchand Vashist | Franklin Bryony | Moorthy Krishna | Vincent Charles
A robust approach based on Weibull distribution for clustering gene expression data

Author(s): Wang Huakun | Wang Zhenzhen | Li Xia | Gong Binsheng | Feng Lixin | Zhou Ying
Network screening of Goto-Kakizaki rat liver microarray data during diabetic progression

Author(s): Zhou Huarong | Saito Shigeru | Piao Guanying | Liu Zhi-Ping | Wang Jiguang | Horimoto Katsuhisa | Chen Luonan
Transcriptional regulatory program in wild-type and retinoblastoma gene-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts during adipocyte differentiation

Author(s): Hakim-Weber Robab | Krogsdam Anne-M | Jørgensen Claus | Fischer Maria | Prokesch Andreas | Bogner-Strauss Juliane | Bornstein Stefan | Hansen Jacob | Madsen Lise | Kristiansen Karsten | Trajanoski Zlatko | Hackl Hubert
Buffy coat specimens remain viable as a DNA source for highly multiplexed genome-wide genetic tests after long term storage

Author(s): Mychaleckyj Josyf | Farber Emily | Chmielewski Jessica | Artale Jamie | Light Laney | Bowden Donald | Hou Xuanlin | Marcovina Santica
Fusion of metabolomics and proteomics data for biomarkers discovery: case study on the experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Author(s): Blanchet Lionel | Smolinska Agnieszka | Attali Amos | Stoop Marcel | Ampt Kirsten | van Aken Hans | Suidgeest Ernst | Tuinstra Tinka | Wijmenga Sybren | Luider Theo | Buydens Lutgarde
Detecting Periodic Genes from Irregularly Sampled Gene Expressions: A Comparison Study

Author(s): Zhao Wentao | Agyepong Kwadwo | Serpedin Erchin | Dougherty Edward
Measuring cancer care coordination: development and validation of a questionnaire for patients

Author(s): Young Jane | Walsh Jennifer | Butow Phyllis | Solomon Michael | Shaw Joanne

Analysis of spine loads in dentistry—impact of an altered sitting position of the dentist

Author(s): Max Wunderlich | Thomas Eger | Thomas Rüther | Andreas Meyer-Falcke | Dieter Leyk
The impact of dental care in oral health of children

Author(s): Anya Pimentel Gomes Fernandes Vieira | Jamile Pinheiro Karbage
Modelling post-fire vegetation recovery in Portugal

Author(s): A. Bastos | C. Gouveia | C. C. DaCamara | R. M. Trigo
HepatitisC Classification using Data Mining Techniques

Author(s): Huda Yasin | Tahseen A. Jilani | Madiha Danish
Predicting Missing Attribute Values Using k-Means Clustering

Author(s): Nambiraj Suguna | Keppana G. Thanushkodi
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