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Resistance of Abaca Somaclonal Variant Against Fusarium

Bee Propolis And Its Medicinal Uses

Author(s): Mrs. Lakshmi Sivasubramaniam | Madhumathi Seshadri
Facial Patch Surgical Technique in Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women

Author(s): F Khezri | A Samsami Dehaghani | M Ostovan | M Bahadorani
Mixed infections with Chlamydia and porcine epidemic diarrhea virus - a new in vitro model of chlamydial persistence

Author(s): Borel Nicole | Dumrese Claudia | Ziegler Urs | Schifferli Andrea | Kaiser Carmen | Pospischil Andreas
Cryptosporidium oocysts and Balantidium coli Cysts in Pigs Reared Semi-intensively in Zuru, Nigeria

Author(s): S. Yatswako | O.O. Faleke | M.L. Gulumbe | A.I. Daneji
Molecular G Typing of Bovine Rotaviruses in Iran

Author(s): A. Mayameii | M.R. Seyfi Abad Shapouri | M. Ghorbanpour | M.R. Haji Hajikolaei | H. Keyvanfar
A Rare Case of Cranial Osteomyelitis Caused by Proteus Vulgaris

Author(s): Hakan Uslu | Gökşin Şengül | Osman Aktaş
The Infection Rates of Trypanosomes in Squirrel Monkeys at Two Sites in the Brazilian Amazon

Author(s): Ziccardi Mariangela | Lourenço-de-Oliveira Ricardo
Coma in fatal adult human malaria is not caused by cerebral oedema

Author(s): Medana Isabelle | Day Nicholas | Sachanonta Navakanit | Mai Nguyen | Dondorp Arjen | Pongponratn Emsri | Hien Tran | White Nicholas | Turner Gareth
The TINC- A Herbal Fungistatic, Bacteriostatic, And Antiseptic

Author(s): Mohammad. Jamal 1*, T. K. Gahlot
Genetic Characterization of Cryptosporidium spp. among Children with Diarrhea in Tehran and Qazvin Provinces, Iran

Author(s): A Keshavarz | A Athari | A Haghighi | B Kazami | A Abadi | E Nazemalhoseini Mojarad | L Kashi
Malaria Situation Analysis and Stratification in BandarAbbas County, Southern Iran, 2004-2008

Author(s): AA Hanafi-Bojd1 | H Vatandoost | E Philip | E Stepanova | AI Abdi | R Safari | GH Mohseni | MI Bruhi | A Peter | SH Abdulrazag | G Mangal
Adaptation of a visualized loop-mediated isothermal amplification technique for field detection of Plasmodium vivax infection

Author(s): Tao Zhi-Yong | Zhou Hua-Yun | Xia Hui | Xu Sui | Zhu Han-Wu | Culleton Richard | Han Eun-Taek | Lu Feng | Fang Qiang | Gu Ya-Ping | Liu Yao-Bao | Zhu Guo-Ding | Wang Wei-Ming | Li Ju-Lin | Cao Jun | Gao Qi
Evaluation of the Activity of Plant Extracts in Boer Goats

Author(s): M. Worku | R. Franco | J. H. Miller
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