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Mosquito Wars

Author(s): Peset, José Luis
Descriptions of Some Mosquito Larvae, With Notes on Their Habits

Author(s): John B. Smith | John A. Grossbeck
Mosquito Control in Massachusetts

Author(s): George S. Tulloch
Mosquito Investigations in Alaska

Author(s): George S. Tulloch
Knowledge of Malaria and Implications for Control in an Endemic Urban Area of North Central Nigeria

Author(s): I.K. Olayemi | I.C.J. Omalu | S.O. Abolarinwa | O.M. Mustapha | V.A. Ayanwale | A.Z. Mohammed | I.M. Bello | V.I. Chukwuemeka
Feasibility of home management using ACT for childhood malaria episodes in an urban setting

Author(s): Nsagha DS | Elat JBN | Ndong PAB | Tata PN | Tayong MN | Pokem F | Wankah CC

Author(s): Amul B. Patel, Hitesh Rathod, Pankil Shah, Viren Patel, Jignesh Garsondiya, Rasmi Sharma

Author(s): Amul B. Patel, Hitesh Rathod, Pankil Shah, Viren Patel, Jignesh Garsondiya, Rasmi Sharma
Mosquito Longevity, Vector Capacity, and Malaria Incidence in West Timor and Central Java, Indonesia

Author(s): Ermi Ndoen | Clyde Wild | Pat Dale | Neil Sipe | Mike Dale
Cuantificación relativa de genes relacionados con la respuesta inmune antiviral en una población venezolana de Aedes (stegomyia) aegypti

Author(s): Sergio Montaner | Zoraida Fernández Zoraida | Angélica Jiménez | Johanny Ruiz | Marifel Carrozza | José Rivero | Flor Herrera

Mobile Viruses

Author(s): Pranav R Shah | Yash Shah | Saurabh Madan
Mutación asociada a la resistencia a insecticidas piretroides en el mosquito transmisor de dengue (Aedes aegypti)

Author(s): Karla Saavedra Rodr guez | Gustavo Ponce Garc a | Ildefonso Fern ndez Salas | Ra l Torres Zapata | Adriana E. Flores Su rez
Detection of Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) in Mosquitoes from Pig Farms by PCR

Author(s): Xiaohong Yang, Lidan Hou, Jing Ye, Qigai He and Shengbo Cao*
Spatial distribution pattern of mosquito diversity in residential area along Lancang River in a natural protected territory, “Three Parallel River Region” of Yunnan Province, China

Author(s): Junqi Ge | Xiaohong Sun | Zhengda Gong | Guodong Liang | Jinghui Li | Xingming Feng | Liyun Zhang | Bin Li | Shihong Fu

Evaluación de estrategias comunitarias para el control de Aedes aegypti en Cali, Colombia Evaluation of community-based strategies for Aedes aegypti control inside houses

Author(s): Clara Beatriz Ocampo | Camila González | Carlos A. Morales | Mauricio Pérez | Dawn Wesson | Charles S. Apperson
Remote Sensing and Modeling of Mosquito Abundance and Habitats in Coastal Virginia, USA

Author(s): Haley L. Cleckner | Thomas R. Allen | A. Scott Bellows
Dengue Vaccines: Challenge and Confrontation

Author(s): Guey Chuen Perng | Huan-Yao Lei | Yee-Shin Lin | Kulkanya Chokephaibulkit
Screening for adulticidal bioactivity of South African plants against Anopheles arabiensis

Author(s): Maharaj Rajendra | Maharaj Vinesh | Crouch Neil | Bhagwandin Niresh | Folb Peter | Pillay Pamisha | Gayaram Reshma
Terra and Aqua satellites track tiger mosquito invasion: modelling the potential distribution of Aedes albopictus in north-eastern Italy

Author(s): Neteler Markus | Roiz David | Rocchini Duccio | Castellani Cristina | Rizzoli Annapaola
Durability associated efficacy of long-lasting insecticidal nets after five years of household use

Author(s): Kweka Eliningaya | Himeidan Yousif | Mahande Aneth | Mwang'onde Beda | Msangi Shandala | Mahande Michael | Mazigo Humphrey | Nyindo Mramba
A review of mixed malaria species infections in anopheline mosquitoes

Author(s): Imwong Mallika | Nakeesathit Supatchara | Day Nicholas | White Nicholas
Dissemination of Metarhizium anisopliae of low and high virulence by mating behavior in Aedes aegypti

Author(s): Reyes-Villanueva Filiberto | Garza-Hernandez Javier | Garcia-Munguia Alberto | Tamez-Guerra Patricia | Howard Annabel | Rodriguez-Perez Mario
Enhancing genome investigations in the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus via BAC library construction and characterization

Author(s): Hickner Paul | deBruyn Becky | Lovin Diane | Mori Akio | Saski Christopher | Severson David
Comparative susceptibility to Plasmodium falciparum of the molecular forms M and S of Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles arabiensis

Author(s): Ndiath Mamadou | Cohuet Anna | Gaye Ablaye | Konate Lassana | Mazenot Catherine | Faye Ousmane | Boudin Christian | Sokhna Cheikh | Trape Jean-François
Baseline results of the first malaria indicator survey in Iran at household level

Author(s): Mohammadi Mahdi | Ansari-Moghaddam Alireza | Raiesi Ahmad | Rakhshani Fatemeh | Nikpour Fatemeh | Haghdost Aliakbar | Ranjbar Mansoor | Taghizadeh-Asl Rahim | Sakeni Mohammad | Safari Reza | Saffari Mehdi
The genomic features that affect the lengths of 5’ untranslated regions in multicellular eukaryotes

Author(s): Chen Chun-Hsi | Lin Hsuan-Yu | Pan Chia-Lin | Chen Feng-Chi
Identification of mosquito repellent odours from Ocimum forskolei

Author(s): Dekker Teun | Ignell Rickard | Ghebru Maedot | Glinwood Robert | Hopkins Richard
The importance of considering community-level effects when selecting insecticidal malaria vector products

Author(s): Killeen Gerry | Okumu Fredros | N'Guessan Raphael | Coosemans Marc | Adeogun Adedapo | Awolola Sam | Etang Josiane | Dabiré Roch | Corbel Vincent
Methods to collect Anopheles mosquitoes and evaluate malaria transmission: A comparative study in two villages in Senegal

Author(s): Ndiath Mamadou | Mazenot Catherine | Gaye Ablaye | Konate Lassana | Bouganali Charles | Faye Ousmane | Sokhna Cheikh | Trape Jean-Francois
Awareness, attitudes and prevention of malaria in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé (Cameroon)

Author(s): Ndo Cyrille | Menze-Djantio Benjamin | Antonio-Nkondjio Christophe
Predictors of mosquito net use in Ghana

Author(s): Baume Carol | Franca-Koh Ana Cláudia
Emergence of Japanese encephalitis virus genotype V in the Republic of Korea

Author(s): Takhampunya Ratree | Kim Heung-Chul | Tippayachai Bousaraporn | Kengluecha Ampornpan | Klein Terry | Lee Won-Ja | Grieco John | Evans Brian
Falciparum malaria in young children of rural Burkina Faso: comparison of survey data in 1999 with 2009

Author(s): Beiersmann Claudia | Bountogo Mamadou | Tiendrébeogo Justin | De Allegri Manuela | Louis Valérie | Coulibaly Boubacar | Yé Maurice | Mueller Olaf
DnaJ homolog Hdj2 Facilitates Japanese Encephalitis Virus Replication

Author(s): Wang Robert | Huang Yu-Ru | Chong Ka-Man | Hung Chun-Yu | Ke Zhi-Long | Chang Ruey-Yi
Placental Plasmodium falciparum malaria infection: Operational accuracy of HRP2 rapid diagnostic tests in a malaria endemic setting

Author(s): Kyabayinze Daniel | Tibenderana James | Nassali Mercy | Tumwine Lynette | Riches Clare | Montague Mark | Counihan Helen | Hamade Prudence | Van Geertruyden Jean-Pierre | Meek Sylvia
Evidence for a useful life of more than three years for a polyester-based long-lasting insecticidal mosquito net in Western Uganda

Author(s): Kilian Albert | Byamukama Wilson | Pigeon Olivier | Gimnig John | Atieli Francis | Koekemoer Lizette | Protopopoff Natacha
On the Difference Equation

Author(s): Ding Xiaohua | Zhang Rongyan
Fusion of High Resolution Aerial Multispectral and LiDAR Data: Land Cover in the Context of Urban Mosquito Habitat

Author(s): Kyle A. Hartfield | Katheryn I. Landau | Willem J. D. van Leeuwen
Hypersensitivity Reaction to a Mosquito Bite in a Patient with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Author(s): Uri P. Dior | Shaden Salameh | Yonatan Gershinsky | Ruth Stalnikowicz

Author(s): A. Naghib Hazrati | E. Javadian
"Repellent Effect of Extracts and Essential Oils of Citrus limon (Rutaceae) and Melissa officinalis (Labiatae) Against Main Malaria Vector, Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae)"

Author(s): "MA Oshaghi | R Ghalandari | H Vatandoost | M Shayeghi | M Kamali-nejad | H Tourabi-Khaledi | M Abolhassani | M Hashemzadeh"
Effects of Anti-Mosquito Salivary Glands and Deglycosylated Midgut Antibodies of Anopheles stephensi on Fecundity and Longevity

Author(s): H Mohammadzadeh Hajipirloo | GhH Edrissian | M Nateghpour | H Basseri | MB Eslami | PF Billingsley
Effects of Post Ingestion and Physical Conditions on PCR Amplification of Host Blood Meal DNA in Mosquitoes

Author(s): MA Oshaghi | AR Chavshin | H Vatandoost | F Yaaghoobi | F Mohtarami | M Hashemzadeh | N Noorjah | MH Modaresi
The Subfamily Culicinae (Diptera: Culicidae) in Kerman Province, Southern Iran

Author(s): S Azari-Hamidian | MR Abai | M Mashayekhi | H Ladonni | H Vatandoost | AA Hanafi-Bojd | F Faghih-Naini | M Jedari
Age determination of malaria vector Anopheles stephensi by liquid chromatography (HPLC)

Author(s): H Edallat | i M Akhond | MR Abaei | M Abolhassani | MT Sadeghi | SM Kazemi | HR Basseri
Mosquito repellent activity of essential oils of Hyptis suaveolens

Author(s): Vineet Singh, Gaurav Shrivastava, Sharad Shukla, Atul shukla, Vikas Pandey*

Author(s): M. A. Oshaghi | K. Shemshad | M. R. Yaghobi-Ershadi | H. Vatandosst | M. R. Abaie | Z. Zare H. Amani
The TINC- A Herbal Fungistatic, Bacteriostatic, And Antiseptic

Author(s): Mohammad. Jamal 1*, T. K. Gahlot
Use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Shredded Waste Polystyrene (SWAP) Beads for Control of Mosquitoes

Author(s): A Soltani | H Vatandoost | H Jabbari | AR Mesdaghinia | AH Mahvi | M Younesian | AA Hanafi-Bojd | S Bozorgzadeh | MR Abai | A Pakari | H Shabkhiz
Fauna and Checklist of Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) of East Azerbaijan Province, Northwestern Iran

Author(s): MR Abai | S Azari-Hamidian | H Ladonni | M Hakimi | K Mashhadi-Esmail | K Sheikhzadeh | A Kousha | H Vatandoost
Differential Responses of Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae) to Skin Emanations of a Man, a Cow, and a Guinea Pig in the Olfactometer

Author(s): S -M Omrani | H Vatandoost | MA Oshaghi | F Shokri | MR Yaghoobi-Ershadi | Y Rassi | S Tirgari
Species Composition and Diversity of Mosquitoes in Neka County, Mazandaran Province, Northern Iran

Author(s): SH Nikookar | SH Moosa-Kazemi | MA Oshaghi | H Vatandoost | A Kianinasab
Malaria Situation and Anopheline Mosquitoes in Qom Province, Central Iran

Author(s): B Farzinnia | A Saghafipour | MR Abai
Isotherapic of Culex on the biological cycle of the mosquito Culex sp

Author(s): Patrícia Aparecida Mançano Cavalca | Cintia Miranda dos Santos | Bruno Reis | Carlos Moacir Bonato
The Knowledge and Experience of Dengue Mosquitoes among Housewives.

Author(s): Aryani Pujiyanti | Atik Triratnawati
Health Risk of Malaria Infection During Pregnancy: A Review

Author(s): 1 Azuonwu O, 2Amadi E.C, 1Wokem G.N,1Kalu N.E.
Vector abundance and species composition of Anopheles mosquito in Calabar, Nigeria

Author(s): C. Oringanje , A.A.A. Alaribe , A.O. Oduola , O.A. Oduwole , A.O. Adeogun , M.M. Meremikwu & T.S. Awolola
Rift Valley fever virus-infected mosquito ova and associated pathology: possible implications for endemic maintenance

Author(s): Romoser WS | Oviedo MN | Lerdthusnee K | Patrican LA | Turell MJ | Dohm DJ | Linthicum KJ | Bailey CL
The impact of mass drug administration and long-lasting insecticidal net distribution on Wuchereria bancrofti infection in humans and mosquitoes: an observational study in northern Uganda

Author(s): Ashton Ruth | Kyabayinze Daniel | Opio Tom | Auma Anna | Edwards Tansy | Matwale Gabriel | Onapa Ambrose | Brooker Simon | Kolaczinski Jan
Evaluating RNAlater ® as a preservative for using near-infrared spectroscopy to predict Anopheles gambiae age and species

Author(s): Sikulu Maggy | Dowell Kayla | Hugo Leon | Wirtz Robert | Michel Kristin | Peiris Kamaranga | Moore Sarah | Killeen Gerry | Dowell Floyd
Modelling the impact of vector control interventions on Anopheles gambiae population dynamics

Author(s): White Michael | Griffin Jamie | Churcher Thomas | Ferguson Neil | Basáñez María-Gloria | Ghani Azra
Is the current decline in malaria burden in sub-Saharan Africa due to a decrease in vector population?

Author(s): Meyrowitsch Dan | Pedersen Erling | Alifrangis Michael | Scheike Thomas | Malecela Mwelecele | Magesa Stephen | Derua Yahya | Rwegoshora Rwehumbiza | Michael Edwin | Simonsen Paul
False positive circumsporozoite protein ELISA: a challenge for the estimation of the entomological inoculation rate of malaria and for vector incrimination

Author(s): Durnez Lies | Van Bortel Wim | Denis Leen | Roelants Patricia | Veracx Aurélie | Trung Ho Dinh | Sochantha Tho | Coosemans Marc
Functional processing and secretion of Chikungunya virus E1 and E2 glycoproteins in insect cells

Author(s): Metz Stefan | Geertsema Corinne | Martina Byron | Andrade Paulina | Heldens Jacco | van Oers Monique | Goldbach Rob | Vlak Just | Pijlman Gorben
Reduction in host-finding behaviour in fungus-infected mosquitoes is correlated with reduction in olfactory receptor neuron responsiveness

Author(s): George Justin | Blanford Simon | Domingue Michael | Thomas Matthew | Read Andrew | Baker Thomas
Migration - utopia or myopia?

Author(s): Peter Osborne
Managing Land Use Transformation and Land Surface Temperature Change in Anyigba Town, Kogi State, Nigeria

Author(s): Ifatimehin Olarewaju Oluseyi | Musa Salihu Danlami | Adeyemi John Olusegun
Dengue — Quo tu et quo vadis?

Author(s): Rubing Chen | Nikos Vasilakis
Epidemiological aspects of japanese encephalitis in bellary, karnataka, india

Author(s): Anuradha SK | Surekha YA , Sathyanarayan MS , Suresh S , Satish P | Mariraj J , Krishna S , Ravikumar RF
Arm-specific dynamics of chromosome evolution in malaria mosquitoes

Author(s): Sharakhova Maria | Xia Ai | Leman Scotland | Sharakhov Igor
Daily Plasmodium yoelii infective mosquito bites do not generate protection or suppress previous immunity against the liver stage

Author(s): Pollock Tzvi | Leitao Ricardo | Galan-Rodriguez Cristina | Wong Kurt | Rodriguez Ana
Mapping hypoendemic, seasonal malaria in rural Bandarban, Bangladesh: a prospective surveillance

Author(s): Khan Wasif | Sack David | Ahmed Sabeena | Prue Chai | Alam Mohammad | Haque Rashidul | Khyang Jacob | Ram Malathi | Akter Jasmin | Nyunt Myaing | Norris Douglas | Glass Gregory | Shields Timothy | Haq Md | Cravioto Alejandro | Sullivan David
Role of the repartition of wetland breeding sites on the spatial distribution of Anopheles and Culex, human disease vectors in Southern France

Author(s): Cailly Priscilla | Balenghien Thomas | Ezanno Pauline | Fontenille Didier | Toty Céline | Tran Annelise
Dissecting gene expression in mosquito

Author(s): Stamboliyska Rayna | Parsch John
Laboratory selection for an accelerated mosquito sexual development rate

Author(s): Oliva Clelia | Benedict Mark | Lempérière Guy | Gilles Jérémie
Contribution of midgut bacteria to blood digestion and egg production in Aedes aegypti (diptera: culicidae) (L.)

Author(s): Gaio Analiz de | Gusmão Desiely | Santos Adão | Berbert-Molina Marília | Pimenta Paulo | Lemos Francisco
Ecological factors associated with dengue fever in a central highlands Province, Vietnam

Author(s): Pham Hau | Doan Huong | Phan Thao | Tran Minh Nguyen
Urban malaria and associated risk factors in Jimma town, south-west Ethiopia

Author(s): Alemu Abebe | Tsegaye Wondewosen | Golassa Lemu | Abebe Gemeda
A comprehensive gene expression atlas of sex- and tissue-specificity in the malaria vector, Anopheles gambiae

Author(s): Baker Dean | Nolan Tony | Fischer Bettina | Pinder Alex | Crisanti Andrea | Russell Steven
Development of environmental tools for anopheline larval control

Author(s): Imbahale Susan | Mweresa Collins | Takken Willem | Mukabana Wolfgang
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