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Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of Centella asiatica (L) Urb.

Author(s): Frederico Pittella | Rafael C. Dutra | Dalton D. Junior | Miriam T. P. Lopes | Nádia R. Barbosa
Superoxide dismutase activity as a function of culture aging of B-16 mouse melanoma cells

An ethanolic extract of Uncaria tomentosa reduces inflammation and B16- BL6 melanoma growth in C57BL/6 mice

Author(s): Ana Laura Fazio | Diana Ballén | Italo M. Cesari | María Jesús Abad | Miriam Arsenak | Peter Taylor
Simvastatin impairs murine melanoma growth

Author(s): Favero Giovani | F Otuki Michel | Oliveira Karen | Bohatch Milton | Borelli Primavera | Barros Francisco | Maria Durvanei | Fernandes Daniel | Bydlowski Sergio
Luciferase expression and bioluminescence does not affect tumor cell growth in vitro or in vivo

Author(s): Tiffen Jessamy | Bailey Charles | Ng Cynthia | Rasko John | Holst Jeff
Efficient Gene Transfection into Mammalian Cells Mediated by Cross-linked Polyethylenimine

Author(s): Wei Dong | Shufeng Li | Guanghui Jin | Qiming Sun | Dingyuan Ma | Zichun Hua
DMEM enhances tyrosinase activity in B16 mouse melanoma cells and human melanocytes

Author(s): Panpen Diawpanich | Papavadee Klongpityapong | Sukitaya Veeranondha | Patricia Watts
Immunological tolerance and tumor rejection in embryo-aggregated chimeric mice – Lessons for tumor immunity

Author(s): Wagner Alexander | Holle Eric | Holle Lori | Yu Xianzhong | Schwamberger Günter
The effect of bacteriophages T4 and HAP1 on in vitro melanoma migration

Author(s): Dąbrowska Krystyna | Skaradziński Grzegorz | Jończyk Paulina | Kurzępa Aneta | Wietrzyk Joanna | Owczarek Barbara | Żaczek Maciej | Świtała-Jeleń Kinga | Boratyński Janusz | Poźniak Gryzelda | Maciejewska Magdalena | Górski Andrzej
Retinoid and thiazolidinedione therapies in melanoma: an analysis of differential response based on nuclear hormone receptor expression

Author(s): Klopper Joshua | Sharma Vibha | Berenz Andrew | Hays William | Loi Michele | Pugazhenthi Umarani | Said Sherif | Haugen Bryan
A pilot study on acute inflammation and cancer: a new balance between IFN-γ and TGF-β in melanoma

Author(s): Ma Yue-mei | Sun Tao | Liu Yi-xin | Zhao Nan | Gu Qiang | Zhang Dan-fang | Qie Shuo | Ni Chun-sheng | Liu Yi | Sun Bao-cun
Inhibition of B16 melanoma growth and metastasis in C57BL mice by vaccination with a syngeneic endothelial cell line

Author(s): Yoshiura Kenta | Nishishita Toshihide | Nakaoka Takashi | Yamashita Naohide | Yamashita Naomi
Co-activation of hedgehog and AKT pathways promote tumorigenesis in zebrafish

Author(s): Ju Bensheng | Spitsbergen Jan | Eden Christopher | Taylor Michael | Chen Wenbiao
Evaluation of Depigmenting Activity by 8-Hydroxydaidzein in Mouse B16 Melanoma Cells and Human Volunteers

Author(s): Sorgan Shou-Ku Tai | Ching-Gong Lin | Mon-Han Wu | Te-Sheng Chang
Stimulation of lymphocyte anti-melanoma activity by co-cultured macrophages activated by complex homeopathic medication

Author(s): Guimarães Fernando | Abud Ana | Oliveira Simone | Oliveira Carolina | César Beatriz | Andrade Lucas | Donatti Lucélia | Gabardo Juarez | Trindade Edvaldo | Buchi Dorly
Tumor suppressor protein SMAR1 modulates the roughness of cell surface: combined AFM and SEM study

Author(s): Kaul-Ghanekar Ruchika | Singh Sandeep | Mamgain Hitesh | Jalota-Badhwar Archana | Paknikar Kishore | Chattopadhyay Samit
The effect of low-level laser irradiation (In-Ga-Al-AsP - 660 nm) on melanoma in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Frigo Lúcio | Luppi Juliana | Favero Giovani | Maria Durnavei | Penna Sócrates | Bjordal Jan | Bensadoun Rene | Lopes-Martins Rodrigo
An evolved ribosome-inactivating protein targets and kills human melanoma cells in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Cheung Melissa | Revers Leigh | Perampalam Subodini | Wei Xin | Kiarash Reza | Green David | Abdul-Wahid Aws | Gariépy Jean
A/C magnetic hyperthermia of melanoma mediated by iron(0)/iron oxide core/shell magnetic nanoparticles: a mouse study

Author(s): Balivada Sivasai | Rachakatla Raja | Wang Hongwang | Samarakoon Thilani | Dani Raj | Pyle Marla | Kroh Franklin | Walker Brandon | Leaym Xiaoxuan | Koper Olga | Tamura Masaaki | Chikan Viktor | Bossmann Stefan | Troyer Deryl
The spectrum of resistance in SR/CR mice: the critical role of chemoattraction in the cancer/leukocyte interaction

Author(s): Riedlinger Gregory | Adams Jonathan | Stehle John | Blanks Michael | Sanders Anne | Hicks Amy | Willingham Mark | Cui Zheng
Activation of endogenous p53 by combined p19Arf gene transfer and nutlin-3 drug treatment modalities in the murine cell lines B16 and C6

Author(s): Merkel Christian | da Silva Soares Rafael | de Carvalho Anna Carolina | Zanatta Daniela | Bajgelman Marcio | Fratini Paula | Costanzi-Strauss Eugenia | Strauss Bryan
Anti-tumor activity of N-trimethyl chitosan-encapsulated camptothecin in a mouse melanoma model

Author(s): Liu Xian-ping | Zhou Sheng-tao | Li Xing-yi | Chen Xian-cheng | Zhao Xia | Qian Zhi-yong | Zhou Li-na | Li Zhi-yong | Wang Yu-mei | Zhong Qian | Yi Tao | Li Zheng-yu | He Xiang | Wei Yu-quan
Methylthioadenosine (MTA) inhibits melanoma cell proliferation and in vivo tumor growth

Author(s): Andreu-Pérez Pedro | Hernandez-Losa Javier | Moliné Teresa | Gil Rosa | Grueso Judit | Pujol Anna | Cortés Javier | Avila Matias | Recio Juan
In Situ Conversion of Melanoma Lesions into Autologous Vaccine by Intratumoral Injections of α-gal Glycolipids

Author(s): Uri Galili | Mark R. Albertini | Paul M. Sondel | Kim Wigglesworth | Mary Sullivan | Giles F. Whalen
Alpha-santalol, a chemopreventive agent against skin cancer, causes G2/M cell cycle arrest in both p53-mutated human epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells and p53 wild-type human melanoma UACC-62 cells

Author(s): Zhang Xiaoying | Chen Wei | Guillermo Ruth | Chandrasekher Gudiseva | Kaushik Radhey | Young Alan | Fahmy Hesham | Dwivedi Chandradhar
Cinnamon extract induces tumor cell death through inhibition of NFκB and AP1

Author(s): Kwon Ho-Keun | Hwang Ji-Sun | So Jae-Seon | Lee Choong-Gu | Sahoo Anupama | Ryu Jae-Ha | Jeon Won | Ko Byoung | Im Chang-Rok | Lee Sung | Park Zee | Im Sin-Hyeog
Targeting surface nucleolin with a multivalent pseudopeptide delays development of spontaneous melanoma in RET transgenic mice

Author(s): El Khoury Diala | Destouches Damien | Lengagne Renée | Krust Bernard | Hamma-Kourbali Yamina | Garcette Marylène | Niro Sandra | Kato Masashi | Briand Jean-Paul | Courty José | Hovanessian Ara | Prévost-Blondel Armelle
Role of the G Protein-Coupled Receptor, mGlu1, in Melanoma Development

Author(s): Janet Wangari-Talbot | James Goydos | Suzie Chen
SLT-VEGF Reduces Lung Metastases, Decreases Tumor Recurrence, and Improves Survival in an Orthotopic Melanoma Model

Author(s): Rachel Ackerman | Joseph M. Backer | Marina Backer | Sini Skariah | Carl V. Hamby
An embryo-specific expressing TGF-β family protein, growth-differentiation factor 3 (GDF3), augments progression of B16 melanoma

Author(s): Ehira Nobuyuki | Oshiumi Hiroyuki | Matsumoto Misako | Kondo Takeshi | Asaka Masahiro | Seya Tsukasa
Reduction of lung metastasis, cell invasion, and adhesion in mouse melanoma by statin-induced blockade of the Rho/Rho-associated coiled-coil-containing protein kinase pathway

Author(s): Kidera Yasuhiro | Tsubaki Masanobu | Yamazoe Yuzuru | Shoji Kaori | Nakamura Haruyuki | Ogaki Mitsuhiko | Satou Takao | Itoh Tatsuki | Isozaki Misako | Kaneko Junichi | Tanimori Yoshihiro | Yanae Masashi | Nishida Shozo
Metastatic Tumor Dormancy in Cutaneous Melanoma: Does Surgery Induce Escape?

Author(s): William W. Tseng | Niloofar Fadaki | Stanley P. Leong
Targeted Alpha Therapy Approach to the Management of Pancreatic Cancer

Author(s): Barry J. Allen | Syed M. Abbas Rizvi | Chang F. Qu | Ross C. Smith
Leptin promotes melanoma tumor growth in mice related to increasing circulating endothelial progenitor cells numbers and plasma NO production

Author(s): Amjadi Fatemehsadat | Javanmard Shaghaygh | Zarkesh-Esfahani Hamid | Khazaei Majid | Narimani Manijeh
Hyperthermia increases the metastatic potential of murine melanoma

Author(s): Oliveira-Filho R.S. | Bevilacqua R.G. | Chammas R.
Ultra-structural cell distribution of the melanoma marker iodobenzamide: improved potentiality of SIMS imaging in life sciences

Author(s): Guerquin-Kern Jean-Luc | Hillion François | Madelmont Jean-Claude | Labarre Pierre | Papon Janine | Croisy Alain
Use and comparison of different internal ribosomal entry sites (IRES) in tricistronic retroviral vectors

Author(s): Douin Victorine | Bornes Stephanie | Creancier Laurent | Rochaix Philippe | Favre Gilles | Prats Anne-Catherine | Couderc Bettina
Duplication and positive selection among hominin-specific PRAME genes

Author(s): Birtle Zoë | Goodstadt Leo | Ponting Chris
The fibrinolytic system facilitates tumor cell migration across the blood-brain barrier in experimental melanoma brain metastasis

Author(s): Perides George | Zhuge Yuzheng | Lin Tina | Stins Monique | Bronson Roderick | Wu Julian
Cell cycle regulation by the Wee1 Inhibitor PD0166285, Pyrido [2,3-d] pyimidine, in the B16 mouse melanoma cell line

Author(s): Hashimoto Osamu | Shinkawa Masako | Torimura Takuji | Nakamura Toru | Selvendiran Karuppaiyah | Sakamoto Masaharu | Koga Hironori | Ueno Takato | Sata Michio
Characterization of thimet oligopeptidase and neurolysin activities in B16F10-Nex2 tumor cells and their involvement in angiogenesis and tumor growth

Author(s): Paschoalin Thaysa | Carmona Adriana | Rodrigues Elaine | Oliveira Vitor | Monteiro Hugo | Juliano Maria | Juliano Luiz | Travassos Luiz
Role of p53 and CDKN2A Inactivation in Human Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Author(s): Alessia Pacifico | Giovanni Leone
Paradoxical antiproliferative effect by a murine mammary tumor-derived epithelial cell line

Author(s): Gurzov Esteban | Nabha Sanaa | Yamamoto Hamilto | Meng Hong | Scharovsky O Graciela | Bonfil R Daniel
A function blocking anti-mouse integrin α5β1 antibody inhibits angiogenesis and impedes tumor growth in vivo

Author(s): Bhaskar Vinay | Zhang Dong | Fox Melvin | Seto Pui | Wong Melanie | Wales Pauline | Powers David | Chao Debra | DuBridge Robert | Ramakrishnan Vanitha
Can Tumor Uptake Tc-99m MDP ?

Author(s): Yand Shun Fang | Yao Ming | Zeng Jun | Shi Zhen Yu | Zhao Lan Xiang | Dong Qiang Gang
Expression of CD44 on two lines of transplantable melanoma cells--relationship with cytokine secretion and tumor progression.

Author(s): Krystyna Kozłowska | Mirosława Cichorek | Małgorzata Zarzeczna | Sławomir Wójcik
Sarcophine-Diol, a Skin Cancer Chemopreventive Agent, Inhibits Proliferation and Stimulates Apoptosis in Mouse Melanoma B16F10 Cell Line

Author(s): Pawel T. Szymanski | Bhimanna Kuppast | Safwat A. Ahmed | Sherief Khalifa | Hesham Fahmy
A New Cytotoxic Sesquiterpene Quinone Produced by Penicillium sp. F00120 Isolated from a Deep Sea Sediment Sample

Author(s): Xiuping Lin | Xuefeng Zhou | Fazuo Wang | Kaisheng Liu | Bin Yang | Xianwen Yang | Yan Peng | Juan Liu | Zhe Ren | Yonghong Liu
GHGKHKNK Octapeptide (P-5m) Inhibits Metastasis of HCCLM3 Cell Lines via Regulation of MMP-2 Expression in in Vitro and in Vivo Studies

Author(s): Xiao Han | Dong-Mei Yan | Xiang-Feng Zhao | Matsuura Hiroshi | Wei-Guang Ding | Peng Li | Shuang Jiang | Bai-Rong Du | Pei-Ge Du | Xun Zhu
Cordyceps sinensis Acts As an Adenosine A3 Receptor Agonist on Mouse Melanoma and Lung Carcinoma Cells, and Human Fibrosarcoma and Colon Carcinoma Cells

Author(s): Noriko Yoshikawa | Arisa Nishiuchi | Erika Kubo | Yu Yamaguchi | Masaru Kunitomo | Satomi Kagota | Kazumasa Shinozuka | Kazuki Nakamura
Comparative Analysis of Protein Expression Concomitant with DNA Methyltransferase 3A Depletion in a Melanoma Cell Line

Author(s): Xiaoyan Liu | Shengnan Tang | Tonghua Li | Haoyue Wang | Jiangming Sun | Qian Qiao | Jun Yao | Jian Fei
Overexpression of hepatoma-derived growth factor in melanocytes does not lead to oncogenic transformation

Author(s): Sedlmaier Angela | Wernert Nicolas | Gallitzendörfer Rainer | Abouzied Mekky | Gieselmann Volkmar | Franken Sebastian
In vivo treatment with M8, a highly diluted tinctures complex, reduced the malignancy of a mouse melanoma model

Author(s): Lucas F de Andrade | Fernando SF Guimaraes | Gustavo Rossi | Rafael Zotz | Eneida J Da Lozzo | Celia RJ Franco | Carolina C de Oliveira | Dorly F Buchi | Edvaldo S Trindade
In vivo UVA irradiation of mouse is more efficient in promoting pulmonary melanoma metastasis than in vitro

Author(s): Pastila Riikka | Heinävaara Sirpa | Ylianttila Lasse | Leszczynski Dariusz
MIA is a potential biomarker for tumour load in neurofibromatosis type 1

Author(s): Kolanczyk Mateusz | Mautner Victor | Kossler Nadine | Nguyen Rosa | Kühnisch Jirko | Zemojtel Tomasz | Jamsheer Aleksander | Wegener Eike | Thurisch Boris | Tinschert Sigrid | Holtkamp Nikola | Park Su-Jin | Birch Patricia | Kendler David | Harder Anja | Mundlos Stefan | Kluwe Lan
Evaluation of in Vitro and in Vivo Depigmenting Activity of Raspberry Ketone from Rheum officinale

Author(s): Victor Chia-Hsiang Lin | Hsiou-Yu Ding | Shiou-Yi Kuo | Ling-Wei Chin | Jiumn-Yih Wu | Te-Sheng Chang
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