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A High Accurate and Low Bias SNR Estimator: Algorithm and Implementation

Author(s): C. Gong | B. N. Zhang | A. J. Liu | D. X. Guo
A multi-angle aerosol optical depth retrieval algorithm for geostationary satellite data over the United States

Author(s): H. Zhang | A. Lyapustin | Y. Wang | S. Kondragunta | I. Laszlo | P. Ciren | R. M. Hoff
Relational Permanence Routing Protocol under Video Transmission for MANET

Author(s): T.Rajesh | M.Madhava Reddy | T.kishore Babu

Author(s): Ashish Bagwari | Pankaj Joshi | Vikas Rathi | Vikram Singh Soni
Human Pulse Detection Using Multiple Silicon Microphones toward Estimation of Physical Condition

Author(s): Shusaku Nomura | Yasushi Hanasaka | Yuudai Katsuda | Ryoma Hirota | Takashi Ishiguro | Kantaro Takada | Masaru Uryu | Hiroshi Ogawa
A Modeling of Multi-Echelon Suppliers’ Chain for Deteriorating Items

Author(s): Jonas Yu | Jen-Ming Chen | H.M Wee | G.A. Widyadana
Hand Motion Classification Using a Multi-Channel Surface Electromyography Sensor

Author(s): Xueyan Tang | Yunhui Liu | Congyi Lv | Dong Sun
State of The Art, Channel Assignment Multi-Radio Multi-Channel in Wireless Mesh Network

Author(s): Ashraf Alzubir | Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar | Adil Yousif | Albarraa Abuobieda
AURP: An AUV-Aided Underwater Routing Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Author(s): Seokhoon Yoon | Abul K. Azad | Hoon Oh | Sunghwan Kim
Cluster-based Data Gathering in Long-Strip Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): FANG, W. | LI, S. | LIANG, X. | LI, Z.
Iterated Viterbi detection methods for a 2-D bit patterned mediastorage

Author(s): Lin M. M. Myint | Pornchai Supnithi | Prinya Tantaswadi
Clasification Of Arrhythmic ECG Data Using Machine Learning Techniques

Author(s): Abhinav Vishwa | Mohit K. Lal | Sharad Dixit | Pritish Vardwa
MIMO OFDM System using Iterative Turbo Receiver

Author(s): Aparna Telgote | Shilpa Shende
Channelization and Frequency Tuning using FPGA for UMTS Baseband Application

Author(s): Mahesh M.Gadag | S. Ganesh Naik | Vinayak Miskin | Dundesh S. K
Performance Analysis of an OFDM system using Channel Coding Techniques

Author(s): Rupa Sonagi | Shubhangi Chaudhary | A.J.Patil

Study of Performance of the combined MIM0 MMSE VBLAST-OFDM for Wi-Fi (802.11n)

Author(s): Souhila Ferouani | G. Abdellaoui | F. Debbat | F. T. Bendimerad
QoS enabled Cluster Based Routing Protocols in MANETs

Author(s): Narendar Reddy Mandhadi | Lakshmi Rajamani
A Effective Method for Properties Access in MAC Layer of ZigBee

Author(s): Qi-Yong Pan | Jin Wu | Yi-Huai Wang | Jingfei Ni
Improving Business Type Classification from Twitter Posts Based on Topic Model

Author(s): Chanattha Thongsuk | Choochart Haruechaiyasak | Somkid Saelee
The counseling african americans to control hypertension (caatch) trial: baseline demographic, clinical, psychosocial, and behavioral characteristics

Author(s): Fernandez Senaida | Tobin Jonathan | Cassells Andrea | Diaz-Gloster Marleny | Kalida Chamanara | Ogedegbe Gbenga
Physical layer metrics for vertical handover toward OFDM-based networks

Author(s): Oularbi Mohamed | Socheleau Francois-Xavier | Houcke Sebastien | Aïssa-El-Bey Abdeldjalil
Multi-Channel Sub-Band Speech Recognition

Author(s): McCowan Iain A | Sridharan Sridha
Pulse Interval Modulation for Ultra-High Speed IR-UWB Communications Systems

Author(s): Herceg Marijan | Švedek Tomislav | Matić Tomislav
Fast Multi-Symbol Based Iterative Detectors for UWB Communications

Author(s): Zhou Qi | Ma Xiaoli | Lottici Vincenzo
Constrained power allocation schemes for coordinated base station transmission using block diagonalization

Author(s): García Armada Ana | Sánchez-Fernández Matilde | Corvaja Roberto
Joint Channel-Network Coding for the Gaussian Two-Way Two-Relay Network

Author(s): Hu Ping | Sung ChiWan | Shum KennethW
OFDM versus Single Carrier: A Realistic Multi-Antenna Comparison

Author(s): Tubbax Jan | Van der Perre Liesbet | Engels Marc | De Man Hugo | Moonen Marc
Multicarrier Block-Spread CDMA for Broadband Cellular Downlink

Author(s): Petré Frederik | Leus Geert | Moonen Marc | De Man Hugo
Multichannel SAR Interferometry via Classical and Bayesian Estimation Techniques

Author(s): Budillon Alessandra | Ferraiuolo Giancarlo | Pascazio Vito | Schirinzi Gilda
Joint Multi-baseline SAR Interferometry

Author(s): Fornaro G | Guarnieri A Monti | Pauciullo A | Tebaldini S
Compound Wiretap Channels

Author(s): Liang Yingbin | Kramer Gerhard | Poor HVincent | (Shitz) ShlomoShamai
Implementation and Evaluation of Multichannel Multi-Interface Routing Mechanism with QoS-Consideration for Ad-Hoc Networks

Author(s): Kajioka Shinsuke | Wakamiya Naoki | Satoh Hiroki | Monden Kazuya | Hayashi Masato | Matsui Susumu | Murata Masayuki
Miracle: The Multi-Interface Cross-Layer Extension of ns2

Author(s): Baldo Nicola | Miozzo Marco | Guerra Federico | Rossi Michele | Zorzi Michele
Energy-Efficient Reservation-Based Medium Access Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Kohvakka Mikko | Suhonen Jukka | Hämäläinen TimoD | Hännikäinen Marko
Multiple Input to Multiple Output Images Fusion Based on Turbo Iteration

Author(s): He Chu | Liu Meng-ling | Li Na | Sun Hong
Channel Assignment Algorithms for MRMC Wireless Mesh Networks

Author(s): Mohammad A Hoque | Xiaoyan Hong
Satellite Beam Handover Strategy to Improve Return Link Resource Utilization

Author(s): Jinyoung Jang | Minwoo Lee | Eunkyung Kim | Jaesung Lim
Multi-Path Routing and Channel Assignment Framework for Mesh Cognitive Radio Network (MRCAMC)

Author(s): Amjad Ali | Muddesar Iqbal | Adeel Baig | Xingheng Wang

Author(s): Mohammed Shahedul QUADER | Mohammad SHAMSUDDOHA | Akhter JAHAN | Alexandru NEDELEA
The impact of land surface temperature on soil moisture anomaly detection from passive microwave observations

Author(s): R. M. Parinussa | T. R. H. Holmes | M. T. Yilmaz | W. T. Crow
Development of a high spectral resolution surface albedo product for the ARM Southern Great Plains central facility

Author(s): S. A. McFarlane | K. L. Gaustad | E. J. Mlawer | C. N. Long | J. Delamere
Preliminary Reports on the Accuracy of Coronary CT-Angiography Using 64-slice Multi-slice Spiral CT (MSCT) in Iran

Author(s): "A. Arjmand Shabestari | M. Mozaffari | M. Tehrai | H. Baharjoo | I. Nazeri | I. Firouzi | S. Abdi | M. Hashemian | A. Zarrabi | M. Danesh Pajouh | M. Roshani | M. Kouhi | S.Z. Emami | H. Tavalla | M. Azadi "

Author(s): MH. Khalessi | M. Motesaddi Zari | P. Borghei S. Abdi
Line-Monitoring, Hyperspectral Fluorescence Setup for Simultaneous Multi-Analyte Biosensing    

Author(s): Zhiyi Liu | Heng Shi | Le Liu | Sunan Deng | Yanhong Ji | Suihua Ma | Hui Ma | Yonghong He
Study of nuclear structure influencing fusion reactions

Author(s): Khuyagbaatar J. | Nishio K. | Ackermann D. | Block M. | Heinz S. | Heβberger F.P. | Hofmann S. | Ikezoe H. | Kindler B. | Lommel B. | Makii H. | Mitsuoka S. | Nishinaka I. | Wakabayashi Y. | Yan S.
Multi-neutron transfer coupling in sub-barrier 32S + 90,96Zr fusion reactions

Author(s): Richard A. | Beck C. | Zhang H.Q. | Lin C.J. | Yang F. | Jia H.M. | Xu X.X. | Wu Z.D. | Jia F. | Zhang S.T. | Liu Z.H.
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Neeraj Kumar Nehra | Pranay Chaudhuri
Advertisement Data Management and Application Design in WBCs

Author(s): Zhanlin Ji | Ivan Ganchev | Mairtin O’Droma
Analysis of the Aerosol Optical Depth and the Air Quality in Qingdao, China

Author(s): Jinshan Zhu | Dahai Liu | Qingliu Zeng
A Novel Dynamic Proportional Fair Scheduling Based on Block Diagonal Geometric Mean Decomposition

Author(s): Qi Zhan | Guangxi Zhu | Li Tan | Peng Shang | Gang Su
A Cross-Layer Resource Allocation Algorithm with Dynamic Buffer Allocation Mechanism

Author(s): Gang Chen | Xinrong Wu | Wenqiang Zhang | Xiang Zheng
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Masato Oguchi | Hyung-Jin Choi | Tae-Jin Lee | Seong Keun Oh | Kwan-Ho You
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Hsing-Chung Chen | Franz I.S. Ko | Yung-Chen Chou | Shyan-Ming Yuan | Yaw-Chung Chen | Chin-Chen Chang | Jyh-Horng Wen | Shiuh-Jeng Wang | Yuh-Ren Tsai | Keh-Ming Lu
The Analysis of a Self-stabilizing MAC Protocol for Multi-channel Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s): Sheng-Hsuan Hsu | Ching-Chi Hsu | Shun-Shii Lin | Ferng-Ching Lin
Multi-channel Diffusion Tensor Image Registration via adaptive chaotic PSO

Author(s): Yudong Zhang | Shuihua Wang | Lenan Wu | Yuankai Huo
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Tianlong Gu | Shenghui Liu
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Yun Liu | Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Dongfeng Yuan | Yiqin Lu
The Research of Image Collection Method for Sediment Online-Detection

Author(s): Ying Xiao | Xuange Peng | Ming Leng | Bing Zhu
New Multi-Dimensional Mapping for MIMO-BICM-ID Systems

Author(s): Ali Reza Rabbani Abolfazli | Yousef R. Shayan
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sudhanshu Gaur | Geoffrey Ye Li | Li-Chun Wang | Neelesh B. Mehta
System-Level Impact of Multi-User Diversity in SISO and MIMO-based Cellular Systems

Author(s): Rahul N. Pupala | Larry J. Greenstein | David G. Daut
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fan Zhai | Homer Chen | Thomas Stockhammer | Touradj Ebrahimi
Applying Multi-Connection Video Streaming to WiMAX Broadband Wireless

Author(s): Salah S. Al-Majeed | Martin Fleury
Multi-channel Gabor Face Recognition Based on Area Selection

Author(s): Wenhui Li | Yifeng Lin | Huiying Li | Ying Wang | Wenting Wu
System outage probability analysis in uplink multi-hop cellular systems over composite channels

Author(s): Zhao Xibin | Wang Jun-Bo | Wang Jin-Yuan | Chen Ming | Feng Min | Sheng Ming
Enhancement of QoS in Mobile Network through Channel Allocation using Software Agents

Author(s): Nitin Muchhal | Swapnil Jain | Yogesh Sharma
An Efficient Paging Algorithm for Multi-Carrier CDMA System

Author(s): Sheikh Shanawaz Mostafa | Khondker Jahid Reza | Gazi Maniur Rashid | Muhammad Moinuddin | Md. Ziaul Amin | Abdullah Al Nahid
Multi-access drug delivery network and stability

Author(s): Mitatha S | Moongfangklang N | Jalil MA | Suwanpayak N | Ali J | Yupapin PP
A multi-sensor upper tropospheric ozone product (MUTOP) based on TES Ozone and GOES water vapor: derivation

Author(s): S. R. Felker | J. L. Moody | A. J. Wimmers | G. Osterman | K. Bowman
BER Performance Evaluation of FFT-OFDM and DWT-OFDM

Author(s): Swati Sharma | Sanjeev Kumar
Vector perturbation based adaptive distributed precoding scheme with limited feedback for CoMP systems

Author(s): Zhang Tiankui | Shen Xiaochen | Cuthbert Laurie | Xiao Lin | Feng Chunyan
Selective sensing and transmission for multi-channel cognitive radio networks

Author(s): Xu You | Li Yunzhou | Zhao Yifei | Zou Hongxing | Vasilakos Athanasios
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