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Mobile Visualisation for On-Site Collaboration

Author(s): Ozan Koseoglu | Dino Bouchlaghem
(S)Partners for Heart Health: a school-based program for enhancing physical activity and nutrition to promote cardiovascular health in 5th grade students

Author(s): Carlson Joseph | Eisenmann Joey | Pfeiffer Karin | Jager Kathleen | Sehnert Scott | Yee Kimbo | Klavinski Rita | Feltz Deborah
Using the social entrepreneurship approach to generate innovative and sustainable malaria diagnosis interventions in Tanzania: a case study

Author(s): Allen Lisa | Hetherington Erin | Manyama Mange | Hatfield Jennifer | van Marle Guido
Pre-Parallelization Exercises in Budget-Constrained HPC Projects: A Case Study in CFD

Author(s): Shamsheer Ahmed | Suma Bhat | Mohammed Isham | Waseem Ahmed | Ramis M. K.
New Role, New Country: introducing US physician assistants to Scotland

Author(s): Buchan James | O'May Fiona | Ball Jane
Anophthalmia and microphthalmia

Author(s): Verma Amit | FitzPatrick David
A process for developing an implementation intervention: QUERI Series

Author(s): Curran Geoffrey | Mukherjee Snigda | Allee Elise | Owen Richard
A process for instituting best practice in the intensive care unit

Author(s): George Elisabeth | Tuite Patricia
Multidisciplinary care planning in the primary care management of completed stroke: a systematic review

Author(s): Mitchell Geoffrey | Brown Robyn | Erikssen Lars | Tieman Jennifer
A Review of the Use of Dental Implants in Children with Tooth Agenesis

Author(s): A Moghareh Abed | Gh Ansari | M Tavakoli | M Adibrad
SAGA: A DSL for Story Management

Author(s): Lucas Beyak | Jacques Carette
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