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Genotype determination for polymorphisms in linkage disequilibrium

Author(s): Yu Zhaoxia | Garner Chad | Ziogas Argyrios | Anton-Culver Hoda | Schaid Daniel
Multiple imputation methods for longitudinal blood pressure measurements from the Framingham Heart Study

Author(s): Kang Terri | Kraft Peter | Gauderman W James | Thomas Duncan
Integrative missing value estimation for microarray data

Author(s): Hu Jianjun | Li Haifeng | Waterman Michael | Zhou Xianghong
Changes in body mass index in Canadians over a five-year period: Results of a prospective, population-based study

Author(s): Hopman Wilma | Leroux Cristine | Berger Claudie | Joseph Lawrence | Barr Susan | Prior Jerilynn | Harrison Mark | Poliquin Suzette | Towheed Tanveer | Anastassiades Tassos | Goltzman David
Compensating for Missing Data from Longitudinal Studies Using WinBUGS

Author(s): Gretchen Carrigan | Adrian G. Barnett | Annette J. Dobson | Gita Mishra
A Comparative Study of Microarray Data Classification with Missing Values Imputation

Author(s): Kairung Hengpraphrom | ageemas Na Wichian | Phayung Meesad

Evaluation of regression methods when immunological measurements are constrained by detection limits

Author(s): Uh Hae-Won | Hartgers Franca | Yazdanbakhsh Maria | Houwing-Duistermaat Jeanine
Quantitative Assessment of Tissue Biomarkers and Construction of a Model to Predict Outcome in Breast Cancer Using Multiple Imputation

Author(s): John W. Emerson | Marisa Dolled-Filhart | Lyndsay Harris | David L. Rimm | David P. Tuck
Health implications of radiological terrorism: Perspectives from Israel

Author(s): Hagby Moti | Goldberg Avishay | Becker Steven | Schwartz Dagan | Bar-Dayan Yaron
Reverse engineering module networks by PSO-RNN hybrid modeling

Author(s): Zhang Yuji | Xuan Jianhua | de los Reyes Benildo | Clarke Robert | Ressom Habtom
Estimation of colorectal adenoma recurrence with dependent censoring

Author(s): Hsu Chiu-Hsieh | Long Qi | Alberts David
Comparison of techniques for handling missing covariate data within prognostic modelling studies: a simulation study

Author(s): Marshall Andrea | Altman Douglas | Royston Patrick | Holder Roger
Missing value imputation for epistatic MAPs

Author(s): Ryan Colm | Greene Derek | Cagney Gerard | Cunningham Pádraig
The effect of participant nonresponse on HIV prevalence estimates in a population-based survey in two informal settlements in Nairobi city

Author(s): Ziraba Abdhalah | Madise Nyovani | Matilu Mwau | Zulu Eliya | Kebaso John | Khamadi Samoel | Okoth Vincent | Ezeh Alex
Acupuncture for irritable bowel syndrome: A protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Author(s): MacPherson Hugh | Bland Martin | Bloor Karen | Cox Helen | Geddes David | Kang'ombe Arthur | Reynolds Julie | Stamuli Eugena | Stuardi Tracey | Tilbrook Helen | Torgerson David | Whorwell Peter
The search for stable prognostic models in multiple imputed data sets

Author(s): Vergouw David | Heymans Martijn | Peat George | Kuijpers Ton | Croft Peter | de Vet Henrica | van der Horst Henriëtte | van der Windt Daniëlle
Imputation strategies for missing binary outcomes in cluster randomized trials

Author(s): Ma Jinhui | Akhtar-Danesh Noori | Dolovich Lisa | Thabane Lehana
A genome-wide association study of serum uric acid in African Americans

Author(s): Charles Bashira | Shriner Daniel | Doumatey Ayo | Chen Guanjie | Zhou Jie | Huang Hanxia | Herbert Alan | Gerry Norman | Christman Michael | Adeyemo Adebowale | Rotimi Charles
A comparison of imputation procedures and statistical tests for the analysis of two-dimensional electrophoresis data

Author(s): Miecznikowski Jeffrey | Damodaran Senthilkumar | Sellers Kimberly | Rabin Richard
Pediatric trauma mortality by type of designated hospital in a mature inclusive trauma system

Author(s): Amini Rachid | Lavoie André | Moore Lynne | Sirois Marie-Josée | Émond Marcel
Imputation methods for missing data for polygenic models

Author(s): Fridley Brooke | Rabe Kari | Andrade Mariza de
Reuse of imputed data in microarray analysis increases imputation efficiency

Author(s): Kim Ki-Yeol | Kim Byoung-Jin | Yi Gwan-Su
Dealing with missing data in a multi-question depression scale: a comparison of imputation methods

Author(s): Shrive Fiona | Stuart Heather | Quan Hude | Ghali William
Selective attrition and bias in a longitudinal health survey among survivors of a disaster

Author(s): van den Berg Bellis | van der Velden Peter | Stellato Rebecca | Grievink Linda
Variable selection under multiple imputation using the bootstrap in a prognostic study

Author(s): Heymans Martijn | van Buuren Stef | Knol Dirk | van Mechelen Willem | de Vet Henrica
Estimating the role of casual contact from the community in transmission of Bordetella pertussis to young infants

Author(s): Wendelboe Aaron | Hudgens Michael | Poole Charles | Van Rie Annelies
Dental practice satisfaction with preferred provider organizations

Author(s): Aseltine Robert | Reisine Susan | Schilling Elizabeth | Kennedy James
Lifestyle variables and the risk of myocardial infarction in the General Practice Research Database

Author(s): Delaney Joseph | Daskalopoulou Stella | Brophy James | Steele Russell | Opatrny Lucie | Suissa Samy
Estimating past hepatitis C infection risk from reported risk factor histories: implications for imputing age of infection and modeling fibrosis progression

Author(s): Bacchetti Peter | Tien Phyllis | Seaberg Eric | O'Brien Thomas | Augenbraun Michael | Kral Alex | Busch Michael | Edlin Brian
Which missing value imputation method to use in expression profiles: a comparative study and two selection schemes

Author(s): Brock Guy | Shaffer John | Blakesley Richard | Lotz Meredith | Tseng George
Bayesian biclustering of gene expression data

Author(s): Gu Jiajun | Liu Jun
Multiple Imputation to Deal with Missing Clinical Data in Rheumatologic Surveys: An Application in the WHO-ILAR COPCORD Study in Iran

Author(s): M Mirmohammadkhani | A Rahimi Foroushani | F Davatchi | K Mohammad | A Jamshidi | A Tehrani Banihashemi | K Holakouie Naieni
Significance testing in ridge regression for genetic data

Author(s): Cule Erika | Vineis Paolo | De Iorio Maria
Imputation of missing values of tumour stage in population-based cancer registration

Author(s): Eisemann Nora | Waldmann Annika | Katalinic Alexander
Toward improved statistical methods for analyzing Cotinine-Biomarker health association data

Author(s): Koru-Sengul Tulay | Clark John | Fleming Lora | Lee David
Foreword of Special Issue on “E-Service and Applications”

Author(s): Jason C. Hung | Hsing-I Wang
KNN-DTW Based Missing Value Imputation for Microarray Time Series Data

Author(s): Hui-Huang Hsu | Andy C. Yang | Ming-Da Lu
A strategy analysis for genetic association studies with known inbreeding

Author(s): Cabras Stefano | Castellanos Maria | Biino Ginevra | Persico Ivana | Sassu Alessandro | Casula Laura | del Giacco Stefano | Bertolino Francesco | Pirastu Mario | Pirastu Nicola
Spatial and temporal patterns of malaria incidence in Mozambique

Author(s): Zacarias Orlando | Andersson Mikael
Study on Occupational Allergy Risks (SOLAR II) in Germany: Design and methods

Author(s): Heinrich Sabine | Peters Astrid | Kellberger Jessica | Ellenberg Diana | Genuneit Jon | Nowak Dennis | Vogelberg Christian | von Mutius Erika | Weinmayr Gudrun | Radon Katja
Assessing the association between all-cause mortality and multiple aspects of individual social capital among the older Japanese

Author(s): Aida Jun | Kondo Katsunori | Hirai Hiroshi | Subramanian S | Murata Chiyoe | Kondo Naoki | Ichida Yukinobu | Shirai Kokoro | Osaka Ken

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